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                                      5 Biggest Weight Loss Obstacles for Busy Moms
                                                                 By Justin Yule

    As a personal trainer I've had the opportunity to train hundreds of busy moms over the course of my
fitness career.

Mother's are without a doubt the most selfless clients I have ever worked with, almost to a fault.
Honestly, I wish they would just be a little more selfish sometimes and give their personal, physical and
mental health a bit more of a priority.

Many good mothers miss the boat when it comes to their fitness. In general, they tend to think that it's
okay to put all of their personal ambitions aside for the good of their friends and family. But in reality,
moms are not as effective as they could be when deviating from a healthy lifestyle.

After all, a mom who doesn't workout and doesn't eat the right foods at the right times will not be
running on all cylinders.

Here's the number one question I ask busy mom's who are overweight, stressed out and tired who just
can't find the time to workout:

Do you want your children to grow up and be just like you?

That usually hits a nerve, and that's my point. Parents, especially moms, are the biggest example for
their children. If you don't take care of yourself you're not taking care of your kids.

In retrospect, I have identified the 5 anchors that tend to hold most moms back from getting the better
body they so desperately are seeking. Here they are, in no particular order:

Obstacle#1- Too Many Missed Meals- Especially Breakfast!

Many moms are simply on a roller coaster ride from dawn until dusk, dealing with the stresses of
parenting and/or challenging careers. Mornings can be very challenging when you're feverishly
multi-tasking to get the kids fed and off to school. Not to mention the fact that many busy moms today
have to deal with their own demanding, high-stress jobs.

So missing breakfast becomes a reality, often leading to a host of other missed meals and snacks

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

throughout the day. This leads to cataclysmal series of events that deprive your physique of lean,
toned body mass while simultaneously priming your body to overeat junk food later in the day and
store ugly, unwanted fat. Furthermore, this starvation protocol creates low levels of blood sugar. This
zaps your energy and leaves you feeling foggy, irritated, and lethargic all day long.

There's always room for breakfast, you just need to make the time!

Obstacle#2- Failing To Make The Daily Workout Appointment

This one is simple, yet oh so powerful. Think about it. Moms never miss an appointment for their kids.
 Why? Well yes, it's because they love them, but more importantly, it's because they love their kids
enough to religiously schedule their appointments!

If you are a busy Mom who is serious about your fitness, then you absolutely need to take the same
approach with your workouts.

In addition, you need to be sure that you schedule in your daily workouts when you are most likely to
do them rather than when you prefer to do them. For example, I'd rather workout in the afternoon, but
with my schedule it makes more sense for me to get my workout done first thing in the morning. This
way the stresses of work never get in the way of my fitness.

In my experience, most Moms work best when doing their workouts either first thing in the morning
while the kids are still sleeping, or right after they drop their kids off from school. It seems that too
many unexpected obstacles come in the way of an afternoon or evening workout for the typical mother.
 But, regardless of when the best time may be, just schedule it in and stick to it like it's a family

Obstacle#3- Eating What the Kids Like

I've heard it a million times,

"My kids are very picky about what they'll eat, and I just don't have time to make them what they want
and what should be eating?"

Are you serious lady! Did you hear what you just said?

Mom's, I know you're super-busy and sometimes it's just easier to give the kids what they want, but
what are you teaching your kids about nutrition? And, who's in charge here anyway? By the way, how
did your kids discover "what they want?" Most likely by you buying quick-fix foods to give them in the
first place.

Don't get me wrong. I can see the struggle. I have the utmost respect for moms. I know I couldn't do

But, moms get into serious trouble with the frequent snacking practices of their children and it's tough
to pass on food when it's always in your face. A couple goldfish here, a couple goldfish there, and
before you know it you just killed the whole dam bag!

So, my advice, teach your children healthy alternatives. Children emulate their parents. If they see you

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eating healthy foods they'll want to eat them as well. And remember, you're the one paying for the

In the event that you're participating in a day care event, play date or you just need to give your kids
some "fun" food be sure to guard your mouth with lock and key.

Ask yourself every time you bring something close to your lips the following question: "Will this help me
burn fat and build muscle?"

You might also ask, "Will this help my child be strong and healthy?"

Obstacle#4- Too Much Cardio While Pushing a Stroller

Interval training burns nine times more body fat than long, slow, boring cardio. Aerobic training burns
calories but it simply doesn't increase your metabolism like interval training does. And the true power
of interval training comes from the intensity of each work period.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to see moms being active. It's great to get outside and move with your
kids! However, we need to be honest about the fact that it's not really feasible to train with intensity
while pushing a stroller. Fast arm movement is the key to getting your wheels moving during sprints,
so if you are pushing a stroller you're losing out on some much needed speed to maximize your

Furthermore, I don't think it's safe to perform sprints while pushing a stroller (although I was probably
the type of baby who would enjoy the ride ). I know that I certainly wouldn't trust my clumsy-self doing
intervals with a baby's safety literally in my hands. So, get out and push a stroller, maybe even jog a
little, but don't think that you are getting anywhere close to the same kind of benefit that you can get
hands-free and in open space with high-intensity intervals.

Obstacle#5- Too Many Glasses Of Wine In The Evening

Nobody wants to hear that a glass or two of wine at night is going to stop your fitness goals in its
tracks. But the reality of the matter is that alcohol has the double-edged sword of both paralyzing the
fat-burning process while simultaneously creating fat within the body. Plus alcohol tends to lower
inhibitions leading to the consumption of other junk food. Not good!

So I say, "zip it" to all of those morons who say: "consuming several glasses of wine a day is healthy
because it has anti-oxidants and that keeps you from getting sick." This is just a bunch of babble from
drunken doctors who are trying to convince themselves that it's okay to drink regularly and be healthy,
but it's not!

Fruit and veggies have more anti-oxidants and tons of other health benefits, so we just need to cut the
nonsense that wine is an integral part of a healthy diet.

Now, I want to be sensitive to those busy, hard-working moms who have a glass of wine at the end of
the day to unwind and take some of the load off of their shoulders because I get that. But I also know
there are other healthier ways to de-stress that don't have such a negative effect on your body
composition. Try stretching, foam rolling, taking a bath, reading a book, etc.

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So please remember- if you booze, you WON'T lose!

One last thing - any guy who thinks his wife has it easy at home while he's out busting his tail "on the
job" is a moron. Do the research and you'll see that the value of a stay-at-home mom is a pretty high
price tag, and that price skyrockets for the working mom. So, guys, go kiss your wife, say THANK
YOU, and tell her you love her. While you're at it, give your mom a call and tell her the same.

Justin Yule, B.S., CPT is a local Chaska, MN and Online fitness boot camp instructor and personal
trainer.  He is also the author of The Science of Getting Fit: 6 Proven Steps to Achieve Your
Weight Loss & Fitness Goals. You can learn more at http://www.JustinYule.com . To book him to
speak at your local club, business, or organization, please contact him by email at jyule2@gmail.com
or by phone at 952-956-2016.

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                                          Lose Weight By Changing Your Perspective
                                                               By Marvin J Markus

 Losing weight can be an emotional roller coaster. Some days you lose weight and some days you
don't, some days you want to eat a box of cookies and other days you are effortlessly following your
plan with no obstacles in the way. Looking at the glass half full when it comes to weight loss isn't
always easy and can make losing weight even more difficult.

There are daily obstacles that you will come in contact with that are apart of being alive, and living life.
Even when we logically know what we need to do to lose weight, we are faced with events that make
managing our weight and where calorie deficits don't always equal weight loss.

The stress that this causes can be a huge downside to losing weight, especially when we tend to eat
more and store more fat when stress is involved. Your body reacts to stress by slowing your
metabolism and increasing our cravings for high-fat and sugary foods that make sticking to your
healthy eating program even more difficult.

The first thing you can do to manage your stress is to exercise, and secondly you have to change your
perspective on weight loss. If your personal weight loss expectations are extremely high you are more
likely to fail from stress alone. First, you must believe that you will lose weight. Once you accept that
you can accomplish your goals you will believe you can accomplish them and once you believe you will
start behaving in ways that make weight loss possible.

If you think like someone who looses weight and reaches goals, you will become that person too.
Secondly, it is helpful to not put so much pressure on yourself with the day-to-day ups and downs on
the scale. I know how tempting it is, to want to step on the scale every morning to see a weight loss.
Weight loss is motivation, but what happens if you work really hard for a few days and you don't see
weight loss, or even worse, the scale goes up?

Will you stop trying to lose weight and call yourself a failure? Will you think weight loss is impossible
and all your hard work is for nothing? The truth is, you will not always lose weight even if you are doing
the right things. Gaining muscle, hormones, and body fluctuations all play a part in your weight on a
daily and weekly basis. Keep this in mind and remind yourself that you will see weight loss only if you
stick with your eating and exercise program.

Once you lower your expectations you will discover that being too hard on yourself will only keep you
overweight. There may be days where you slip-up and eat too much, or you may even fall into a weight
loss plateau, the most important lesson is to keep going, to keep moving forward. If you think that
people who have been successful with weight loss got that way because they never slipped up or
always had consistent weight losses, you are wrong. Life happens to them too, the only difference is, is
that they know how to move forward.

Marvin J. Markus recommends http://www.TheDayOffDiet.com as the easiest to follow and most
effective diet plan.

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