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You Rent, You Don’t Own A Home—Why Should You Have Renters Insurance?
By Pearl Carroll & Associates
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Could you afford to replace everything you own? Take a moment and think about it: everything you own—dish
towels, silverware, furniture, etc. Even if most of your possessions may be inexpensive, could you really afford to
replace all of them, all at the same time? Most of us could not.

You may be thinking, “Won’t the landlord’s insurance cover this?” No, it won’t. A landlord’s policy covers losses
to the structure itself and any items they may have in the house, but not yours. Therefore, we recommend you
purchase renter’s coverage. The coverage is inexpensive and offers you liability coverage as well.

Do you have a roommate? If so, they should have their own renter’s policy as well, as your policy will not cover
items they own and their policy would not cover items you own. A renter’s policy will also protect you in the
event you damage or destroy the landlord’s building. Without renters insurance, you could be held liable for the
total loss.

Renters insurance is reasonably priced and should not be overlooked by anyone who is serious about protecting
their assets. Whether or not your homeowners insurance is with the NPA Member Insurance Program, to
be sure that you have the proper coverage for such an event, call Pearl Carroll today at 866.450.4191. If your
coverage is not currently through NPA Member Insurance, we will review your current homeowners policy with
you and offer you a quote with one of the carriers in our program. The advice is free and there is no obligation to
purchase our coverage.

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