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					                              His House Christian Fellowship
                                    Campus House Application

Thanks for your interest in living in one of the His House campus houses next year. We currently have four
campus houses which hold a total of 30 residents: The Women’s House (1012 S. University), the Men’s House
(1028 S. Main St.), the Bird House (124 W. Bellows), and the Lighthouse (1028 S. Washington). Please follow
the application instructions below and turn in your application no later than Sunday, November 15th. Feel free
to contact Leslie at cmu@hhcf.org or 989-772-0013 with questions.

Instructions:         • Due by November 15th, 2009.
                      • Complete the Campus House Application/Spiritual Inventory.
                      • Read and agree with the statements on the Campus House Conduct Agreement.
                      • Return the Application/Spiritual Inventory and the Conduct Agreement to the Back
                        Table or the church office located at 211 W. Broomfield St.
                      • You will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application and be
                        contacted for an informal interview by the house leaders. The interviews will most
                        likely be held the November 16-21.

Rental Term:          August 16th, 2010 – May 20th, 2011

Lease Agreement:      $250 Security deposit due upon acceptance into the campus house.

                      $250 House Prep/Activity Fee due May 14th, 2010. The Activity fee covers participation
                      in the Campus House Retreat, Fall Retreat, and Winter Retreat.

                      $3200.00 Rent. This amount applies to the residents at 1028 S. Main, 1012 S. University,
                      and 124 W. Bellows and includes utilities. On-time payment incentives may reduce rent
                      by up to $400. The Lighthouse residents pay similar rent plus utilities.

                      Upon acceptance, you will be contacted to sign a formal lease agreement.
                               His House Christian Fellowship
                          Campus House Application/Spiritual Inventory
The campus houses exist to provide an intentional community for Christians to live together in order to
encourage, build up and help one another grow in their relationship with Christ. The residents of the houses
typically serve as the leadership core for the campus ministry.

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Current Address:

Phone Number (        )                                     E-mail
Date of Birth
Major Area of Study
Hours of work per week
Home Church
Minister’s Name
Are you currently involved in any other Campus Ministries or Churches at CMU? If so, which ones, and to
what extent?

Parent’s Names

Phone Numbers (           )

How did you find out about His House Christian Fellowship?

Describe your current involvement?

Why do you want to live in the campus house?
What do you expect the campus house to offer you?

What do you expect from the other residents of this house?

How actively involved do you plan to be in the activities and ministries of His House?

When and how did you become a Christian?

Have you been baptized as a believer?

What is one of your greatest spiritual strengths?

Describe an area of your life in which you need to grow?

                                             Character References

Give three character references (include name, address & phone):


I am interested in living in the house beginning:

                                         Please return this application to:
                                              211 West Broomfield
                                            Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
                                                    (989) 772-0013

                            You will be contacted to set up an informal interview.
                               His House Christian Fellowship
                               Campus House Conduct Agreement

                                             Living Arrangements

You are not only being rented a place to live, but also a place to minister to college students. Living in the
campus house provides you with the opportunity to experience living in a Christian community, plus the
opportunity to work together to impact the lives of people on and around the C.M.U. campus with the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. Do you understand and agree to this?                                                  Yes  No

Personal property should be maintained and operated in a way that is consistent with the nature and purpose of
the house (i.e. no loud/late or inappropriate music). His House Christian Fellowship assumes no liability or
responsibility for the personal property of the residents. Residents are advised to purchase renter’s insurance if
loss of property is not covered under their parents’ homeowners’ policy. Personal property stored outside the
resident’s room must be labeled and stored in an approved location. Property left at the campus house after
checkout will be disposed of and costs incurred will be deducted from the renters’ deposit. Do you agree to
this?                                                                                              Yes  No

Since the world evaluates our message by the care we take in presenting it, it is important that the house be
maintained in an attractive condition. It is the responsibility of each person to complete specific cleaning and
cooking responsibilities on time and to the glory of God. Residents are also responsible for stewardship of the
campus house, including lawn care and snow removal at 1028 S. Main, 1012 S. University, and 124 W.
Bellows. Do you agree to do your part in making the house an attractive living residence?           Yes  No

No house pets are allowed at any time. Do you understand and agree to this?                       Yes  No

Do you understand the cooperative cooking arrangements and the importance of eating together as a house?
                                                                                             Yes  No

                                         House, Rooms, & Furnishing

The Campus Houses are an integral part of the campus ministry. Therefore, the first floor of the houses are
public areas, open to all students in our ministry and from the college campus. The second and third floors are
the living quarters for the residents. Do you understand and agree to this arrangement?          Yes  No

The rooms in 1028 S. Main, 1012 S. University, and 124 W. Bellows are furnished, and the furnishings are to
remain in the rooms unless approved by the Campus Minister. Use of your own furniture should be approved by
the Campus Minister. Do you understand and agree to this?                                     Yes  No

In order to help us exhibit the character quality of responsibility, the furnishings must be kept in reasonable
condition. Undue damage is the responsibility of the residents. All maintenance problems should be directed to
your House Manager who will in turn let the Campus Minister or Landlord know. Absolutely no painting or
remodeling is to be done without permission of the Campus Minister or Landlord. Do you agree to this?
                                                                                                     Yes  No
If a friend will be visiting you or staying in your room in your absence, you must notify the House Manager. Do
you understand and agree to this?                                                                 Yes  No

                                     Christian Conduct and Spiritual Life

In order to offer this residence as a Christian housing unit, specific guidelines are set to achieve this goal. Do
you understand that your conduct must be consistent with the Christian lifestyle while living here?
                                                                                                      Yes  No

Since we are Christians and represent Jesus Christ, we need to avoid all appearance of evil. Therefore, use of
tobacco in any form, alcoholic drinks, and illegal drugs are to be excluded from the lives of residents. Neither
should there be any use of profanity at any time. Guests of the residents are the responsibility of the resident
and must be consistent with the witness of the house. Violation of these rules means you may be asked to move
out. Do you understand and agree to this?                                                          Yes  No

Members of the opposite sex are welcome at the campus houses, however they are not allowed on the second
and third floors, or in residents’ bedrooms for any reason, so as to provide privacy and avoid the appearance of
evil. Reasonable visiting hours will be established by the residents. Do you understand and agree to this?
                                                                                                   Yes  No

It is expected that the residents will make every effort to be involved in the weekly Thursday fellowship
meetings and Sunday church services, the statewide Fall and Winter Retreats, the House Residents’ Retreat,
house activities, house meetings and other activities sponsored by the campus ministry. Currently, fellowship
meetings are Thursdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 9:30 am and 11:15 am, and house devotions and dinners are
arranged weekly within each house. Habitually neglecting these functions, or having a negative attitude towards
them, will mean you may be asked to move out. Do you understand and agree to this?                 Yes  No

The Campus Houses at 1028 S. Main, 1012 S. University, and 124 W. Bellows are owned and operated by
Michigan Christian Campus Ministries, known as His House Christian Fellowship on campus. Their purpose is
to provide college students an opportunity for intensive spiritual growth within the context of a Christian
community. Also, 1028 S. Washington, although not owned by His House Christian Fellowship, is operated
under that same purpose. Are you comfortable with this purpose?                                    Yes  No