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					              Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden
              International Office

Dear Partner,

Umeå University (Sweden) has already opened the on-line application for the Spring Semester (January-
June 2010). Please advise all students that they must apply before November 1st. Late applications
will not be accepted under any circumstances!
If the students cannot meet our dead-line they should consider deferring their stay to the following
semester (Fall Semester 2010).


Exchange student Application Procedure 2009-2010 students/application


   1. Read the instructions on how to apply carefully and then proceed to fill out the on-line
      application form.

   2. When the on-line application has been filled out it must be submitted electronically. You apply
      for both courses and housing on the same form. You will find the application form to the
      right of the application instructions under related information.

   3. Print the on-line application form, then sign it and also have it signed by your home international
      office/Erasmus Coordinator certifying your participation in this exchange program with
      destination Umeå University. An application that is not signed will not be processed!

   4. Send the printed version of the on-line application form together with the transcript of records of
      your previous study results (provided by your home university) by post to the International
      Office at Umeå University (address: see above in the letter head).

In order for you to find appropriate courses you have to look at our online course catalogue:

VERY important

   -     Make sure you do not apply for courses that are given in the same weeks in daytime 100%
         tempo normal studies, as they will clash in schedules.
   -     Consider the prerequisites (eligibility) for the courses before choosing.
   -     To be a full-time student you need to apply for courses up to 30.0 hp/ECTS per semester.

Language course in Swedish

Please also note that there's a language course in Swedish given as well (15 hp/ECTS). This one you
also apply to on the application form, if you should be interested in taking it. You can take this
course "on top of" the 30 Swedish credits you are taking in other courses. Since this course at the
moment isn’t visible in our online course catalogue, please just write “Swedish course beginner’s level”
or “Swedish course continuation level” on your application form. This is important if you want to take
this course!
So (once more) we want you to send us the following documents by POSTAL MAIL:

* The printed version of the on-line application duly signed by you and the Coordinator at your home
institution (see above
* The transcript of records of your previous study results provided by your home University.
* Two passport photographs with white background.
* Your Learning Agreement (signed by your home university)

There are no Intensive Courses in Swedish arranged here in Umeå, but you may apply for an EILC
course. In order to do that you need to get in touch with the Erasmus coordinator at your home

The Application Deadline: November 1st, 2009 – for Spring Semester 2010

All exchange students that enter Sweden must be covered by a valid medical insurance. Well in advance
you have to find out to what extent your domestic insurance policy is valid in Sweden.
All EU citizens should make sure to bring an E 106 form or a European Health Insurance Card from their
home country in order to insure that they get the proper benefits should they have to visit the hospital.

We also advise the students to purchase home or renters insurance for their stay in Umeå.

Recommended arrival days are January 17th or 18th as the Orientation Course will be held the 18th
of January from 2 pm until approximately 4.30 pm (time may be subject to change). Any housing
related questions should be addressed to housing@adm.umu.

Earliest access date to our accommodation is January 17th!

More information on housing can be found here:

After having applied (and sent in your Transcripts) the Department/-s here in Umeå will evaluate your
application and then around mid-December you will receive your Letter of Acceptance and other useful
information such as:

* Offer of Housing - a guide on how to make the first payment in order to secure your
  room reservation.
* Maps and tourist information.
* Information about the Orientation Course for new international students that's given   the week before
  the Semester starts.
* Other necessary information.

If you have any questions you can also check our FAQ in order to find out if you might find the answer to
your questions there (

You can also find important information in our Student Handbook:

However, if you have any other questions or so, you are of course welcome to get back to us!

For a campus weather update:

Best regards from Umeå,

Mrs. Monika Larsson                                      Mrs. Eivor Lundgren
International Coordinator                                International Coordinator
Incoming exchange students                               Incoming exchange students
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Telephone: +46 (0)90 786 6087                            Telephone: +46 (0)90 786 9741