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					                                                 ADDENDUM TO APARTMENT LEASE

1.    RENT PAYMENTS – To be mailed first class and arrive on or before the due date to 1026 Sherman Ave., Madison, WI 53703.
      Lessee agrees that late payments are subject to a fee equal to 5% of the monthly rent or $50.00, whichever is less. If a check fails
      to clear the bank, a service fee of $40 will be charged to the Lessee, and shall be treated as delinquent rent. The service fee for the
      NSF check is in addition to any applicable late fees.
2.    UTILITIES – If Lessee has agreed to pay utility charges, and there is a joint meter, it is agreed that Lessee will be responsible for
      ½ the total bill if the building is a 2-unit, or 1/3 the total bill if the building is a 3-unit. Lessor will put the joint meter on a budget-
      payment plan with Madison Gas & Elec. And Lessee will include their share of the utility payment with each month’s rent.
      Failure to make timely utility payments shall be treated in the same manner as delinquent rent.
3.    PETS – Lessee agrees that under no circumstances shall pets or animals/reptiles (including those of visitors) be allowed in or
      about any dwelling. Lessee further agrees that in the event a pet is brought into Lessee’s dwelling, Lessee shall pay a charge of
      $10.00 for each day such animal remains in the dwelling as well as 100% of all damages caused by same. Assessment of such a
      charge by Lessor shall not be deemed a waiver of the foregoing prohibition.
4.    WATERBEDS – Lessee agrees that there shall be no waterbeds allowed without Lessor’s prior written consent. Lessee further
      agrees that in the event a waterbed is brought into Lessee’s dwelling, without authorization, Lessee shall pay a charge of $10.00
      for each day such bed remains in the dwelling as well as 100% of any damage which may be caused by the waterbed. If
      authorization is given to have a waterbed, Lessee shall be required to provide an insurance binder showing Lessee is covered for
      any damage which might occur from use of the waterbed. Assessment of a charge by lessor shall not be deemed a waiver of the
      foregoing prohibition.
5.    HALLWAYS – Any damage done to common/shared hallways by Lessee or guests shall be the responsibility of all Lessees
      sharing that hallway, and any such damages may, at Lessor’s option, be deductible from Lessee’s security deposit.
6.    ATTACHMENTS – Nothing whatsoever shall be attached or affixed to interior or exterior of building without prior written
      consent of Lessor. This includes, but is not limited to, outside antennas/wires, air conditioners, portable washers/dryers, waterbed
      heaters, aquariums, refrigerator/freezer, etc.
7.    HOOKUPS – Lessee agrees to install telephones only where there are existing hookups unless prior written authorization is
      given by Lessor. Lessor must approve cable TV hookups. The lessee shall be responsible for any and all service connection fees
      or charges and for any changes to the existing wiring or service.
8.    SMOKE DETECTORS – Madison General Ordinance 34.14(12) provides that it is the responsibility of the Lessee to inform the
      Lessor in writing of any malfunction of any smoke detector, including the need for a battery. The Lessor shall have 5 working
      days upon receipt of the notice to repair or replace the smoke detector or battery. Lessee shall keep the smoke detector in place at
      the location in which it was installed and with the battery in place. If a smoke detector(s) is not in the installed position at the end
      of the lease term, Lessor will replace the same at Lessee’s expense. Please note that interfering with fire alarm systems or
      tampering with or removing without authorization, smoke detectors or fire extinguishers is a crime in the State of Wisconsin.
9.    FURNISHINGS – Furnishings are not to be removed from the dwelling without written consent from Lessor.
10.   LIGHT BULBS, VACUUM CLEANERS, ETC – Lessee shall provide their own vacuum cleaner and shower curtain(s).
      Lessor will furnish one light bulb for each light fixture. Lessee shall maintain each fixture with like bulb during lease period.
      Lessor will furnish curtains/blinds for living room, kitchen and bathroom areas only.
11.   GRILLS – No use of charcoal grills on fire escapes, porches or near combustible material (per fire ordinance).
12.   BICYCLES/OUTDOOR FURNITURE – Bicycles are not to be attached to stair railings or stored in hallways or porches (refer
      to Madison Fire Ordinances). Only outdoor lawn furniture allowed on porches.
13.   PLUMBING – In accordance with Line 41 of the lease, Lessee has 7 days to notify Lessor of any plumbing malfunctions in their
      dwelling. Lessor shall insure that all plumbing is functioning properly when premises are received by Lessee. From this point,
      Lessee shall be responsible for any maintenance necessary to keep drains open and free of grease, hair, garbage, etc. Lessor
      advises that Lessee provide their own toilet plunger so as to avoid a possible emergency call for overflows. Never flush sanitary
      napkins, tampons, facial tissue, paper towels, cotton swabs or dental floss down toilet. Any damage caused by the misuse of the
      toilet will be the responsibility of the Lessee, and may be deducted from the security deposit if not previously paid.
14.   VISITORS – Written permission of Lessor is required if anyone other than the named tenants is to reside in the leased premises.
      At no time shall occupancy exceed zoning limitations. Despite the foregoing, nobody is allowed to reside at the Rooming House
      located at 609 E. Gorham Street, unless they are named on the lease with the landlord
15.   SUBLETS – Subletting allowed only with prior written consent of Lessor. Consent will be granted with the following
      conditions: (a) all rent for dwelling must be paid up to date; (b) prospective lessee must have an acceptable credit history and/or
      signature of credit-worthy guarantor; (c) in a partial sublet, all remaining Lessees must approve (disapproval must be
      substantiated in writing); and (d) a $25 sublet fee is to be paid at the time written authorization is given. Lessee understands that
      Lessor’s authorization to sublet shall not release Lessee’s obligations as set forth in the lease in the event the sub-lessee fails to
      comply with the same.
16.   CHECK-IN FORMS – Lessee will be provided with check-in and check-out forms at the time keys for dwelling are issued. If
      check-in forms are not returned to Lessor within seven days, Lessee shall be deemed to have acknowledged that the dwelling was
      received in satisfactory condition and in good repair.
17.   RENTER’S INSURANCE – Lessee is responsible for the safety of their possessions from any and all hazards, including fire,
      theft and the elements. In this regard, it is highly recommended that Lessee Purchase renter’s insurance from a reputable
      insurance firm. Any storage space in the building provided by Lessor is furnished gratuitously and is not a part of the leased
      premises. The Lessor shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property stored in any such storage space. Lessee, in
      making use of such space, does so at their own risk.
18.   RECYCLING – Lessee agrees to abide by any rules or regulations which are now or may become law requiring the recycling of
      or separating of Lessee’s trash. If lessee fails to comply with mandatory recycling there is a $10.00 fee per occurrence.
19.   DOORS/LOCKS – Lessee may not change or re-key locks on the premises without the prior approval of the landlord, except in a
      case of emergency when necessary to protect or preserve the premises or to protect the health or safety of the lessee. In such a
      case, a key shall be provided to the landlord within 48 hours, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and the landlord shall have the
      right to replace the altered lock. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to use, at all times, the locks provided on their apartment doors
      and windows. Lessee shall make duplicate keys only as specified in paragraph 20, below. Any and all locking doors shall be
      tightly closed immediately after going into or out of the building. Lessee agrees not to hold open any locking door for any
      person(s) who are neither tenants of the building nor guests of the Lessee. Lessee shall promptly inform the authorities of the
      presence of harassment by any unauthorized person(s) in any of the common areas of the building.
20.   ACCIDENTAL LOCKOUT/LOST KEYS – If Lessee is locked out of their dwelling, Capital Lock and Security is the only
      locksmith authorized by Kozak Apartments to duplicate keys. They are able to duplicate keys from code or from a roommate’s
      key with authorization from Lessor. There is, of course, a fee for this service, which shall be paid by the lessee. They are located
      at 1302 Regent St. (255-1201). A 24-hour emergency service is also available.
21.   REPAIRS – Lessee agrees that in the event it is necessary for Lessor to enter Lessee’s apartment for the purpose of performing
      emergency repair or maintenance, that Lessor shall not be obligated to give Lessee prior notice of intent to enter apartment. The
      foregoing shall also apply to repairs requested by Lessee. Such repairs shall be made as soon as practical (contingent upon the
                                                                                                                  ADDENDUM TO KOZAK LEASE.DOC 4/9/03.
    nature and extent of the repair(s)) during usual working hours. Lessee shall confirm all requests regarding maintenance in
    writing. Calls of a non-emergency nature will be limited to 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

22. PARKING – All off-street parking is paid parking by permit only. If parking is available and is desired by Lessee, Lessee may
    make arrangements with Lessor for use of same. (All motor driven vehicles in parking lots must display a parking sticker or be
    subject to fines and towing charges.) Off-street parking, if available, is rented on a 12-month basis unless agreed to in writing for
    a shorter duration. Absolutely no parking in driveways or on lawns or terraces. Additionally, no parking of mopeds, or
    motorcycles without prior written consent from Lessor.
23. LESSEE CONDUCT – All Lessees are responsible for their own conduct and for that of their guests. The lessee herein
    covenants to occupy the premises in a quiet and peaceable manner and not to unduly interfere with the peaceable occupancy of
    other residents and neighbors. There shall be no improper noises or odors in the premises. At no time shall any Lessee nor their
    guests use any roof surface of the building for recreation or any other activity. AT NO TIME SHALL ANY LESSEE OR THEIR
    or anyone who causes damage to property or injury to any person by virtue of their conduct shall be held liable for any and all
    damages done. Lessee shall be responsible for all negligent acts of Lessee and guests of Lessee.
24. VACATE PREMISES – Outgoing Lessee agrees to vacate the premises and return to Lessor by noon of the day the lease
    expires, all keys provided, plus any duplicate keys which may have been cut during the lease period. Lessee agrees that if all such
    keys are not returned by the said time and date, Lessor shall have the right to change the door locks and to charge the Lessee for
    all expenses associated therewith. Lessee also agrees that at the end of the lease period, Lessee shall insure that dwelling is left in
    a clean and tenantable condition and in good repair. Including the refrigerator emptied and cleaned, freezer compartment
    defrosted, oven/broiler cleaned and broken items such as windows, screens, etc. repaired. Expenses incurred from neglected
    items will be deducted from the security deposit. If follow-up cleaning is necessary, a minimum charge of $20.00 will be made
    with a rate of $20 per hour thereafter. You are responsible for anything above normal wear and tear. If outgoing Lessee has not
    vacated the premises at the end of the lease term, Lessee will be charged 20% daily of the expired monthly rent as well as any
    additional costs incurred, caused by failure to vacate at the end of the lease term. Lessee agrees that at the time the dwelling is
    vacated, Lessee shall not give any keys to any party other than Lessor or his agent.
25. NO SMOKING IN THE COMMON AREAS – M.G.O. 23.05 prohibits smoking in common areas of buildings.
26. SECURITY DEPOSIT CREDIT – If you have provided a security deposit greater than one-half month’s rent M.G.O. 32.07(3)
    requires a credit based on interest earned on your security deposit. The interest rate will be the announced escrow rate (by the
    Wisconsin Department and Financial Institutions) in effect at the time your security deposit is paid on the first day of your

This addendum is incorporated by reference into the Lease between the parties. Any provision set forth in this Addendum which are
contrary to the provisions of the attached Lease shall be deemed to supersede the conflicting provision.

This lease agreement is governed by Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 704 and regulated by Wisconsin Admin. Code AG. Chapter 134 and
Chapter 32 of the Madison General Ordinances.

FURNITURE INVENTORY (To be completed within 7 days of check-in)
____Dining Room Table  ____Desk                ____Chest of Drawers                      ____Drapes                ____Refrigerator
____Dining Room Chairs ____Desk Chairs         ____Dresser                               ____Mini-Blinds           ____Air Conditioner
____Sofa               ____Bunk Bed            ____Coffee Table                          ____Window Shades         ____Fire Extinguisher
____Living Room Chairs ____Bed Frame (Single)  ____End Table                             ____Bookcase              ____Smoke Detector
____Area Rug           ____Mattress (Single)   ____Bar Stools                            ____Stove                 ____Other__________

The Undersigned hereby acknowledges the above inventory and will report damages of furniture within 7 days of occupancy and
agrees not to remove any item of furniture or equipment from the dwelling. Any request to Lessor to remove or add any piece of
furniture after inventory has been completed will be done so for a fee of $10.00 per piece.

Date ______________________________                          Lessee___________________________________




                                                             By: Kozak Properties, LLC, its Agent
                                                             By: _____________________________________

                                                                                                            ADDENDUM TO KOZAK LEASE.DOC 4/9/03.

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