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					     Coordinator’s Meeting of 8th October was a big help, and each                                   St Teresa’s
have had meetings with parishioners giving service to look ahead for the                                Parish
coming year. Ideas to improve timing of that meeting next year were
great, and others to act on so far are:                                                                Led beyond safe
seasonal liturgy meetings for readers, Spirituality and Worship                                            harbours
     Priest to give more notice when need hospitality or ministries                                 into new and sacred
     co-coordinators to ask for volunteers from the pulpit                Parish Priest’s Report for Open Forum November 9th 2009
     leaflets to inform about ministries at rear                          Since the last Forum on June 11th life has carried us all through
     the House Team are evolving with the Year Plan and wall chart        sorrows and joys, ups and downs. British troops are still at war,
integrating the different dates and needs of ministries and services       and e still no lasting settlement in Israel/Paelstine. The global
     Viv Shaw and Andrew Southworth are the Parish Reps on the            financial squeeze has hurt our neighbours, young and elderly.
Pastoral Area Working Group (the PAWG) to develop plan for the future      Swine flu has made its mark. And temporarily changed
in spirit of Leaving Safe Harbours…report on Agenda                        fundamental aspects of mass. Climate Change Concern
     Church Improvements have progressed so most of the lighting          continues, and we look to the Copenhagen summit as the next
completed, and the new sound system now at stage of teething challenges!   battle and hope! In the life of the Church since the last Forum we
                                                                           have joined in on the national events of the visit of the relics of
                                                                           St Therese, welcomed the new Archbishop of Westminster, and
   AGENDA to date for Parish Open Forum                                    learnt of the Pope’s response to Traditional Anglicans request to
   Matters from Parish Priest’s Report…..                                  cross over, and his visit to the U.K. next September.
   Details of Costs of Church Improvements
   Fundraising Update with Details                                         Through it all it is so impressive to me to see how a Christian
   Report on Pastoral Area life                                            parish like ours involves itself in the delights and tragedies,
   Parishioners’ Questions…..                                              local and global, with the resource and willingness to be host to
   Looking o the Listening procedures in parish life:Evaluate The Forum    both such fun (and sun!) as the parish celebration day in July
                                                                           and such sorrowing by so many in the local community at the
   We look to Advent and Christmas after the Forum, and with the           funeral of baby Maisy Bolus; to share in the sombre quiet of
   improvements in the church building, how will we celebrate this year:   Remembrance day and the carnival
                                                                           fervour of the Upholland Pageant.
   An open invitation is for all to come on Wednesday 25th November at
   7,30 to prepare with prayer, reflection on Scripture, practical         The Parish Open Forum is part of our parish life to help
   suggestions.                                                            develop what we share, and to talk together about living as
                                                                           Christians together. Do make the most of it, let’s find new ways
                                                                           to use this opportunity.
   As ever, many thanks to everyone for such dedicated participation       ACTION completed arising from last Forum:
                                                                                 Clarification of details of lighting costs: see agenda
                                                                                 notice board with parish service providers
   Fr Tony Slingo                                                               “ Parish Focus Team” chosen name for the advisory group
    update of website summaries                                             Sharing in Mutual Service
    projector postponed as an item on the church improvements                    The level of service by parishioners is so heartening, and
    I decided against a rota for the offertory at mass                              such is the development most teams are seeking to recruit
    Flowers Team with rota developed                                             The Cemetery is managed by Elizabeth Dodd and has
    Nominations received for the next chair of Forum: I decided on Julian   Progressed is extending grave space to other parishes and pre-
    Finch to whom Chris Osborne will hand over                              selling spaces to parishioners for a limited period
    Prayer Tree suggestion on Children’s Liturgy plan for this year
Still Outstanding from Forum:
      CDS for hymns eg at 6.00pm mass
                    Anything I have missed?                                 Worship and Spirituality
                                                                                 Fr Barry Matthews supplied ministry over the summer
I continue to think of the Full Life of the Parish as composed of                   this year
5 facets and will summarise some events under these headings:                    Next year we will use the Year C Lectionary cycle
      Formation           Community              Service                            throughout
              Spirituality           Leadership                                  There is a Pastoral Area Pilgrimage in February in the
Formation in Faith                                                                  footsteps of St Paul
To attract and teach new Catholic Christians; to sustain each other in           St Peter’s High School Mission will give us a chance to
continuing conversion and learning on the way to holiness.                          develop Youth Ministry in the parish and maybe Pastoral
       Our catechists continue great work in the RCIA, Holy                        Area
Communion: this is a vital need to develop in future                             The Co-ordinators meeting has led me to offer for all
     Home is a Holy Place is developing the spirituality of family         parishioners a Spiritual/Reflection day in our premises in
Life and vocation, led by Lois Rowlands and an emerging team                addition to the Ministers’ Spiritual Awayday
     Children’s Liturgy will lead the Advent mass on 20th December              We have newly printed cards for the Baptism and
with the Children at the Crib linked by the Christening Team.                       Christening Welcome liturgy
     The Christening Team will extend contact with families with a              Ministers of the Word plan to hold reflection sessions
gathering every 3 months, and Easter as well as Christmas                           before each liturgical season
Sharing in Community
    Phil Sandelands has a Christmas Bingo planned for Dec 3rd
    The PAWG have a Variety Night planned for Jan 22nd                     Shared Leadership
    Everybody’s Welcome visit homes so well: please let the office         Listening to each other day to day, and also through the Parish
      know when prayers no longer needed                                    Open Forum, the Co-ordinators Team, and the Parish Focus
    Ecumenical Life included the Pageant (now every 3 years)               Team the Priest can be more assured of following the Spirit in
      One World Week Haloween and Remembrance                               the whole of parish life, when decisions are made, or actions
    Web site: we leave on 3 weeks newsletters ; invitation to              and customs reviewed.
      ministries to do a video; extend to use for forms eg weddings