Project no GOCE-CT-2003-505539 Project acronym ENSEMBLES Project

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					                            Project no. GOCE-CT-2003-505539

                              Project acronym: ENSEMBLES

 Project title: ENSEMBLE-based Predictions of Climate Changes and their Impacts

Instrument: Integrated Project

Thematic Priority: Global Change and Ecosystems

   D5.1 Workshop on RT5 key issues and research priorities for years 1.5-5 of

                          Due date of deliverable: August 2005
                         Actual submission date: September 2005

Start date of project: 1 September 2004                    Duration: 60 Months



  Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme (2002-2006)

                                              Dissemination Level
 PU    Public                                                                                          
 PP    Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)
 RE    Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services)
 CO    Confidential, only for members of the Consortium (including the Commission Services)
            Joint RT4/RT5 Workshop: 5-6 September
                 ENSEMBLES General Assembly
               Divani Palace Acropolis, Athens

                         Draft Agenda

1. Welcome and agree agenda                        RT4/RT5

2. Review overall aims of RT4 and RT5
     Present outline plans for months 13-30
     RT4/RT5 leaders

3. RT4 Coordinated Experiments                        Julia
     Discussion on planned experiments, data archive etc.

4. Discussion on Tropical issues for WP4.2/WP5.2
     Report on WCRP Monsoon modelling workshop           Julia
     Partner presentations?

5. Discussion on Predictability issues for WP4.4/WP5.3
     Partner presentations?

6. Discussion on Extreme Events issues for WP4.3/WP5.4
     Partner presentations?

7. Discussion of key science issues for Years 2-5
     RT4/RT5 leaders
     What are they?
     How to exploit the synergies between RT4 and RT5?
     Can we extend the coordinated experimentation?