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					 Project Plan Overview                                                            Version Number: 2.1

                                                 Project Plan Overview Document

 Name of Project: PROSPERO
 Lead Institution: Queen Mary, University of London

 Version control

 Version           Date of release   Status/Notes

 1.0               01/10/2003        Draft

 1.1               27/11/2003        Draft

 2.0               09/12/2003        Release 1

 2.1               21/01/2004        Updated Release 1

JISC 1-01 Programme
Project Plan Overview

 Project Details:
 Project Title:           PROSPERO (Processes to Support Personal Development Planning Online)

 Project Director:        Dr Stephen Sommerville, ODL Unit Maths 501 Queen Mary University of London E1 4NS,email:, tel: 020
                          7882 5229, fax: 020 7882 7837

 Project Manager:         Mr. Ian Smith, Research and Development Manager, ODL Unit, Queen Mary, University of London, E1 4NS, e-mail:
                ,tel: 020 7882 7837, fax: 020 7882 7837

 Technical Advisor        Mr. Tom King, L:earning Technology support manager, ODL Unit, Queen Mary, University of London, E1 4NS, e-mail:
                 ,tel: 020 7882 5258, fax: 020 7882 7837
 Project Administrator:   Tom Lodge, ODL Unit Maths 501 Queen Mary University of London E1 4NS,email:, tel: 02078827568, fax:

 Research Assistant       Ms. Priya Patel, ODL Unit Maths 501 Queen Mary University of London E1 4NS,email: ,
                          tel: 020 7882 7568, fax: 020 7882 7837
 Start Date:              1 August 2003                             End Date:                                 31 July 2005

 Lead Institution:        Queen Mary, University of London

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                  2
Project Plan Overview

 Consortium Members:    Main contact at each institution and institutional contact details (address, email, telephone, fax)

                        BT Academy
                        David Slingo, BT Academy PP 2A8 Elder House, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR e-mail: tel: 01908 205725

                        Paul Dovey, Education & Training Department, 150 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1RX

                        FE COLLEGES

                        Initial partners (2003 – 2004)
                        Truro College, Cornwall [and Cornwall “Link into Learning”]
                        North Devon College, Barnstaple, Devon
                        College of North London (CoNL)
                        Solihull College

                        Subsequent additional partners (2004 – 2005)
                        People’s College, Nottingham
                        Swansea College
                        York College
 Project URL: 

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                         3
Project Plan Overview

 Project Briefing:
 Aim:                                                                                      1. Project Advisory/Steering Group:
 PROSPERO aims to investigate requirements for interoperability between FE, HE and         JISC Programme Manager - Paul Bailey
 employer’s learning systems, to ensure that learners can make use of LIP compliant        BT – David Slingo, BT Academy
 personal development records. The project will investigate the range of PDP data          ODL - Stephen Sommerville / Ian Smith / Tom Lodge / Priya Patel
 that might be stored and utilised, and will pilot and evaluate its usage amongst groups   FE – Various: Vice-Principals, Directors of IAG.
 of ODL students.                                                                          CWU - Paul Dovey, SE Regional Learning Centre Co-ordinator
                                                                                           TU Consultant: Dave Ward, Link into Learning, Cornwall.
 The two main objectives are:
                                                                                           2. Project Team: (Main institutional contact in bold)
  1. Requirements investigation and specification into mechanisms for supporting           Project Manager: Mr. Ian Smith, Research and Development Manager, ODL
       creation, management and enrichment of PDRs.                                        Unit, Queen Mary, University of London, E1 4NS.
  2. Evaluation and refinement of support procedures for the maintenance,                  Project Director: Dr Stephen Sommerville, ODL Unit Queen Mary, University
       development and integration of private and shared components of the Learner         of London, E1 4NS.
       Profile as it is used in the contexts of FE, HE and employment-related              Research Assistant (+ technical advisor): Tom Lodge, ODL Unit, Queen
       processes.                                                                          Mary, University of London, E1 4NS
 Milestones (reporting dates):                                                             Research Assistant: Priya Patel, ODL Unit. Queen Mary, University of
 31/01/04: Outputs from Requirements Analysis                                              Technical Advisor: Tom King, ODL Unit Queen Mary, University of London,
 31/05/04: Outputs from Requirements Specification + Prototyping progress report           E1 4NS.
 31/08/04: Equivalence framework design doc + PLE prototype, Case study 1                  BT Learning Manager (ALS contact):David Slingo, BT Academy PP 2A8 Elder
                                                                                           House, Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR.
 31/10/04: PDP Data flow diagrams. Output from development of equivalence module.
 31/01/05: Project progress report.
                                                                                           3. External evaluator: DCS Industrial Panel for Research and Curriculum
 31/05/05: Case study 2
 31/07/05: Final project report

                                                                                           4. External Partners (e.g. SR and VLE Suppliers)
                                                                                           BCS (Suppliers of the IMS core data)
                                                                                           Docent / Accenture (Academy Learning System)

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                                  4
Project Plan Overview

 Project Matrix:
 Project Description              Key Indicators                   Means of verification               Assumptions/Risk                         Reporting Date
 (in terms of goals/Objectives)
 Year 1
 1.1 Requirements Analysis        D1.0 Requirements Analysis       Interviews with main actors in      Co-operation from FE colleges for        (31 Jan 2004)
                                  Document                         FE, HE, and employers.              involvement in analysis.
                                                                   Documentation from PDP                                                       Revised: 29 Feb, 2004
                                                                   projects, documentation held at
 1.2 PLE Prototyping              A limited PLE framework,         Demonstration of working            Resources / Time required for            31 Oct 2004
                                  providing basic functionality.   prototype.                          software development
                                                                                                       IMS specifications issues
 1.3 Requirements                 D1.1 Full specification          Information on prototype            Co-operation with FE colleges /          31 May 2004
 Specification                    document                         development. Information from       employers
                                                                   requirements analysis and
                                                                   investigation into current
                                                                   processes in FE colleges and
                                                                   the workplace
 2.1 Equivalence Framework        D2.0 Documentation - the         ISM data. ISM data:                 Access to ISM data in suitable format;   30 Sept 2004
                                  outline of decisions made,       decomposition of subject            frameworks for skill-set / syllabus
                                  description of framework         modules into constituent            mapping are not standardised
                                                                   syllabus descriptors and learning
                                                                   outcomes to specify a mapping
                                                                   to skill sets, competencies and
                                                                   functional roles.
 2.2 Generation of Equivalence    D2.1 Equivalence module          Consultation with BCS.              Resources / Time required for            31 October 04
 Module                                                                                                software development

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                                 5
Project Plan Overview

 3.0 PDP Data flow                D3.0 PLE PDP Processes &   Analysis of learner requirements,     Assumes homogeneity in use of PDP        31 October 04
                                  Data-flow document         processes and data for use of         across differing employer /
                                                             PDPs                                  educational contexts – risk of failing
                                                                                                   to find adequate fit between learner
                                                                                                   requirements and planning processes
                                                                                                   derivable from the evidence gathered.
 3.1 PDP Procedures & Policy      D3.1 PDP Policy document   Requirements analysis,                Assumes access to diverse learner        [Completion by]:
                                                             evaluation of student usage of        opulations – agreement of FE             mid-November, 2004
                                                             prototype PLE                         providers for participant observations
 Year 2
 4.1 PLE Development              PLE Software               Demonstration of second               Software development overrun.            31     May 05
                                                             generation software prototype
 4.2 Integration of PDP systems   D4.1 Integration           Results of small-scale trials of      Software development overrun             31     May 05
                                  documentation              integration and data transfer – in    Lack of Co-operation of FE colleges /
                                                             terms of normal cases,                employers. Insufficient comparison
                                                             exceptions, technical and             systems available; lack of access to
                                                             administrative overhead               documentation for partner systems
 5.1 Longitudinal Study           D5.1                       Usage patterns, suggestions,          Access of long duration to learners      31 May 05
                                                             problems, of all main actors.         engaged in ODL programmes.
 5.2 Testing / Evaluation         D5.2                       User / practitioner evaluations,      Access to practitioner systems,          31 July 05
                                                             integration testing, data formats     diversity of user samples, version
                                                             – conversion / translation,           management for data format
                                                             compliance tests, migration and       standards, unforeseen cross-platform
                                                             interoperatbility                     incompatibilities
 5.3                              D5.1                       Final report write up; collation of   Synthesis and cross referencing with     31 July, 2005
                                                             project deliverables                  other 01/03 projects

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                              6
Project Plan Overview

JISC 1-01 Programme     7
Project Plan Overview

 Risk Assessment
 Risk                   Impact   Prob.   Score       Controls/Actions (How you will manage the risk)
                        (1-5)    (1-5)   (impact +

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                    8
Project Plan Overview

 Limited Control over the ALS                           2             2       4               In the worst case, it will not be possible to translate between an ALS
                                                                                              proprietary format, and the PDP standard. This will require an adjustment to
                                                                                              the use of cross-institutional data.

 Specifications not sufficient for project purposes     4             1       5               Develop use cases for submission to CETIS / CRA, to demonstrate a case
                                                                                              for particular specification. In the meanwhile, use locally developed

 PLE software development overrun                       4             3       7               Modular development. Early provision of a framework prototype
                                                                                              architecture, with minimal reliance between individual modules (each of
                                                                                              which may support a particular facet of PDP)

 ISM Core data unusable format                                                                Early meetings with BCS ISM representatives, investigation into similar
                                                        1             1       2               attempts by other institutions. Problem scoping.

 Skills mapping framework, resource squeeze                                                   Identify realistic scope for this project to ensure that framework can be
                                                        3             1       5               supported.

 Commitment of BT managers (or willingness to                                                 Focus on those departments where there has traditionally been good
 participate in pilot)                                  (4)   1       1       (5)   2         support for the ODL degree. [BT Manager Forum agreement obtained –
                                                                                              November, 2003]
 Support from FE colleges
                                                        3             4       7               Work with subset of colleges in the first phase of the project. In worst case,
                                                                                              restrict to only the trade union workplaces.
 Unable to fill staff posts (RA / SRF)                  (5)           0       (5)
                                                                                              [Posts now filled: (January, 2004)]

 Project Activities Plan
 Task/Activity                                    Timing / Deadline       Effort (estimate)            Assigned to               Progress/Comments

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                                       9
Project Plan Overview

 Requirements Analysis                           31 January 2004      (1.5 FTE)                                   [20 January, 2004: two site visits
  Decide upon framework for investigation.                                                Steve Sommerville /    completed; student questionnaires
    i.e. criteria, methods of investigation, /                                             Tom Lodge / Priya      developed and sample tested at
    data capture actors to be involved,          Complete by 15                            Patel                  residential schools; further data capture
    strategy for obtaining data.                 February, 2004                                                   techniques need exploring and
  Perform investigation, obtain data, on-                                                                        implementing]
    site investigations.                         Sample of 3 sites
  Create Requirements Analysis                  completed by 31
                                                                                                                  [Collection and analysis of site
    Document                                     January, 2004                                                    documentation begun and on track.]

                                                                                                                  [RA framework draft delayed by
                                                                                                                  intervening JISC report deadline]
 Requirements Specification                      31 May 2004 -        (1.0 FTE)            Tom Lodge / Priya
  Development of Specification from               st
                                                 31 Augsut, 2004                           Patel / Ian T. Smith
                                                                                                                  [20 January, 2004: Suggested interim
    Requirements Analysis                                                                                         overlap between RA and RS pending
  Creation of Specification document                                                                             finalisation of RA documentation].

                                                   st                                                                th
 PLE Prototyping                                 31 October, 2003 –   External technical   Tom Lodge / Tom        [20 January, 2004: Investigation and
  Analysis of current open source CMSs                               development          King (ODL support      analysis complete.]
     that can be developed to build online       30 December, 2003                         staff)
     prototype.                                                                                                   [Implementation frameworks and IDE’s
  Development of functionality to support              th
                                                  -- 30 September,                         Tom Lodge / Tom        installed and development in progress]
     initial PLE requirements                    2004                                      King / Pryia Patel
 Prototype design documentation                  – 31 October, 2004
                                                     th                                                              th
 Equivalence Framework Creation                  30 September 2004    External             BCS / Steve            [20 January, 2004: monitor emerging
                                                                                           Sommerville            SFIA, ISM, IMIS skills matrices]

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                      10
Project Plan Overview

 Task/Activity                                      Timing / Deadline   Effort (estimate)   Assigned to              Progress/Comments

    Feasibility analysis / task scoping
                                                    29 February 2004    1.48 FTE            Priya Patel / Tom
    Categorisation of skills / functions / roles
                                                    28 May 2004                             Priya Patel / Tom
     and their relationships to curriculum                                                  Lodge / Steve            [Requires inputs from RDA / SSCs and
     objectives and learning                                                                Sommerville              ODL Module Development Teams]
    Establish trial mappings between ISM
                                                    31 July, 2004
     matrix functional roles and syllabus                                                   T Lodge / P. Patel / T   [Collaboration with FE partners via ODL
     descriptors and outcomes for Foundation                                                King. / (ODL Module      Projects Officer and LC co-ordinators]
     degree modules (including WBL)                                                         Development)
    Define generic equivalence framework
     and its role in PDP.                           31 July, 2004                           T Lodge / Steve          [Depends on granularity of analysis from
    Documentation                                                                          Sommerville / Ian        RA and RS stages]
                                                    31 August, 2004                         Smith
 Equivalence Module Creation                                            1.15 FTE

    Development of code to according to
                                                    31 August, 2004                         Priya Patel / Tom        [Requires ODL Module Development
     initial specification in equivalence                                                   Lodge                    input to migrate from module specific
     framework phase.                                                                                                data formats]
    Integration of code into a PLE module /
                                                    31 October, 2004                        Tom Lodge / Priya
     testing.                                                                               Patel

 Mapping of PDP data to LIP                                             1.15 FTE            Tom Lodge / Priya
  Investigate PDP / LIP translation                  st
                                                    31 October, 2004                        Patel / Tom King

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                          11
Project Plan Overview

 PDP Data flow                                                     11.0 FTE   Tom Lodge / Priya   [Requires re-visits to FE, LC and
  Investigation into PDP methods /               st
                                                31 October, 2004              Patel / Tom King    employer sites to evaluate proposed
    translation of PDP activities to online                                                       PDP procedures against current best
    PLE                                                                                           pactice].
  Documentation

 PDP Procedures & Policy                        15 July 2004       1.10 FTE   Ian Smith / Priya
  Analysis of current PDP procedures and                                     Patel
 Investigation of new PDP procedures / policy
 and translation of current procedures to
 online system.

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                     12
Project Plan Overview

 As part of the project planning activities JISC would like to be able to predict the support requirements of each project in relation to the expertise of the Support
 Project, CETIS, other JISC Services (e.g. TechDis) and where additional expertise may need to be sought (e.g. DPA issues).

 Project External Support Requirements
 Task/Activity                                    Timing                     Effort                       Nature of support

    Releasing LIP 1.2                            November 2003                                           Documentation
    Consultation                                 Ongoing                    2 days consultation          Technical: Information and advice on development of
                                                                                                          interoperable PDP data.

 JISC                                             Meetings /
                                                  Dissemination                                           Dissemination, advice
                                                  Ongoing                                                 Technical: Documentation on IMS, Mailing lists, Workshops

 Glenaffric                                       Ongoing                    2 Days Consultation          Project Support

 BT Academy                                       April 2004 – March         Periodic technical           Co-operation on migration and interoperability: PDP and ALS
                                                  2005                       consultation                 learning records.

 BCS / E-Skills UK / IMIS                         March, 2004 –              Consolidation of skills      Negotiation of collaboration upon integration of equivalence
                                                  October, 2004              matrices and data            framework into PDP data formats
                                                                             formats for equivalence

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                                      13
Project Plan Overview

 Dissemination Plan
   Time                          Dissemination Activity                        Target Audience                          Purpose                        Check
   Ongoing    Project website - Forums                                      HE / FE institutions       Awareness / Understanding
                                                                            involved in any PDP
  Feb 2004    QMUL Learning & Teaching Day                                  QMUL staff involved in     Project Launch, internal collaboration
                                                                            innovation in teaching &
  Aug 2004    QMUL 'Bulletin' - submission of article on PROSPERO & PDP     QMUL / wider academic      To further the understanding of PDP and
                                                                            community                  the motivations behind its introduction.
   Oct 2004   FE demo of 'PLE' prototype                                    FE institutions            More specific understanding of the use of
                                                                                                       the PLE within FE.
   Ongoing    Advice and guidance sessions with workplace-based learners    Current and prospective    Evaluation of PDP practices and HR
              (in the Learning Centres) and with line managers of current   ODL Foundation and         processes involved in PDP use – integration
              students – on using PDPs / integration into HR practice /     BSc. Degree students in    of PDP use into learning development
              training on support software for PDP use.                     workplace learning         planning.
                                                                            centres + their line
                                                                            management staff.
   Ongoing    Demonstrations of LiP / interoperability and PDP access and   TU Learning Reps / FE      Awareness and evaluation of best practice.
              control at residential courses for FdSc tutors, trade union   tutors / new learners.
              learning representatives and new student intakes.                                          Target audience:    TU Learning Reps / FE tutors / new learners.
   Ongoing    Posters at workshops and conferences in the online and e-     Researchers and            Input into specifications / Awareness and
              learning community, demonstrations of prototype software at   practitioners within the   evaluation of best practice.
              JISC workshops                                                JISC, CRA, CETIS and
                                                                            related communities.
   Ongoing    Presentations at JISC workshops.                              Other 01/03 projects       Integration of QM project with other 01/03

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                           14
Project Plan Overview

 Evaluation Plan Summary
 Timing        Evaluation Activity                Question(s) being addressed            Stakeholders                   Methodology                    Check
 Ongoing       Project website                    Overall project progression            JISC, QMUL, Glenaffric         Regular reporting with
                                                                                                                        support for comments
 Early - Nov   Requirements Analysis              Is sufficient volume and quality of    QMUL, BT, FE providers         Consultation and evaluation
 - Jan 04                                         information obtainable from current                                   of capture and analysis
                                                  and prospective students?                                             methods (comparative)
 Up to Feb     Requirements Analysis              Accuracy of Requirements Analysis.     QMUL, BT, FE providers         Regular consultation with
 04                                               Whether the document sufficiently                                     students and staff from
                                                  represents the requirements of the                                    stakeholders to discuss
                                                  main 'actors'                                                         the actual procedures
                                                                                                                        active within those
 Jan - Apr     Requirements Specification, case   Are there generic or homogenous        CRA, JISC, Learning Centres,   Comparative evaluation of
 04            studies and use-case scenarios     use and management processes           employers                      use cases / walkthroughs
                                                  associated with creation, update and                                  and specification
                                                  use of transferable data to and from                                  documentation, in
                                                  PDRs.                                                                 consultation with
                                                                                                                        stakeholders and subject
 Jun - July    Equivalence Framework definition   Are effective mappings from syllabus   FE partners, QMUL, BCS,        Case studies and report
 04            and scope                          and learning outcomes to vocational    JISC                           backs, using ISM matrix
                                                  skill sets feasible and usable?                                       and observation reports
                                                                                                                        from learning centres (trade
                                                                                                                        union learning reps)

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                        15
Project Plan Overview

 May 04 -      PLE Prototyping                       ALS export - Whether data can be         BT,QMUL, FE partners             Test export and validation
 Sep 04                                              successfully transferred from the BT                                      of sample student data with
                                                     ALS in a format suitable for PLE                                          consent from BT

                                                     MLE export - Whether data can be                                          Test export and validation
                                                     successfully exported from FE and                                         of sample student data with
                                                     HE MLEs in a format suitable for PLE                                      consent from FEI
                                                     import                                                                    partner

 Oct 04 -      Integration Testing for PDP and LiP   How much transparency and ease of        QMUL, employer and FE            Longitudinal Study data and
 Feb 05        interoperability                      use is supported by current prototype    partners / learners in the       reports used iteratively to
                                                     PDP / PLE software - especially for      Learning Centres.                refine integration tests for
                                                     ease of integration and re-use?                                           interoperability, data export
                                                                                                                               and import functionalities.
 Oct 04 -      Benefits to, and usage by students    To what extent are students making       Students                         Feedback from longitudinal
 Feb 05                                              use of PDP? How much does it                                              study.
                                                     benefit them? What are the main
                                                     elements that are being used?
 Feb 05 -      PLE Development                       Import: whether the PLE can              QMUL                             Organised test suites for
 May 05                                              successfully import IMS LIP data                                          the import of cross-
                                                                                                                               institutional compliant data
                                                     Usability / success of design and        QMUL
                                                     approach                                                                  Longitudinal study

 We also intend to work with another JISC 101 project to provide mutual support to the evaluation process. We hope that this will create a context within which to
 evaluate some of the project outcomes.

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                                  16
Project Plan Overview

 Exit Strategy/Business Plan
 An exit strategy or business plan for continuation beyond the end of funding should be drawn up at the start of the project and reviewed periodically.

 Distribution of Open source PLE software:

 We intend to develop a institution-neutral personal learning environment that encompasses the work of the project. We would wish to distribute, at
 least the version developed under JISC funding, under a GNU public license or similar.

 Phasing in of PLE into a 'live' system:

 The ODL Unit intends to engage all of its student population in PDP using the developed PLE supported by recurrent costs. Further development may be
 carried out to customise its use at QMUL, but the "pluggable" architecture should mean that an institution-neutral code base can still be maintained.

 Further funding may be sought to test the applicability of using a PLE representing a CPD framework such as ISM in other domains such as nursing,
 management or engineering.

 Personalised Learning

 The unit hopes to be in a position to consider the usage of PLE data, to create a more personalised online learning experience for the student (for example
 appropriate usage of data to tailor a VLE to the individual)

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                            17
Project Plan Overview

 Project Budget
 Please provide a project budget break down for each of the funding periods as shown in the Schedule of Funding Arrangements dated 14 March 2002.

 Period to Aug 2003 – July 2004
 Budget Headings                            Total budget allocated                    Further information
 Staff                                               £27,303                          ITS, STS, TL, TK – already HEFCE funded.
 Travel and subsistence                              £4,136
 Equipment                                           £2,450                           Server upgrade + RA. PC.
 Dissemination activities                            £660                             Excl. T&S, but include. Media production
 Evaluation activities                               £840
 Other (please specify)                              £1763                            BCS ISM Licences
 Total                                               £37,152                          JISC instalments: £46,860

 Period to Aug 2004 – July 2005             C/Fwd: £9,708
 Budget Headings                            Total budget allocated                    Further information
 Staff                                              £27,273                           Project Manager, STS, TL, TK - already HEFCE funded
 Travel and subsistence                             £4,368
 Equipment                                          £1,050                            Server licences only
 Dissemination activities                           £1,300                            Excl. T&S, but include. media production
 Evaluation activities                              £1,400
 Other (please specify)                             £1,175                            BCS ISM Licence renewal + VAT
 Total                                              £36,566                           Totals: (Yrs 1,2): £73,718

JISC 1-01 Programme                                                                                                                                 18