1 Stairs Steps Exterior by sofiaie



                                                                                        Evenly spaced
                                Window & Doors
Minneapolis                                                                             Securely attached
                                       Bug and rodent proof
Housing Inspections Services                                                            Handrails if 4 or more risers on attached
                                       Working hardware

                                    Free of defects
                                                                                        Snow shoveled at all building exit doors
                                Walls Exterior

           Property                    Soffit and fascia in good repair
                                       House numbers in front and back

                                       (visible from public way)
                                                                                        In good repair
                                     Siding is weather tight and intact
                                Paint                                                   Not open to trespass

                                       Wood surface weather-protected                   Secured with lock(s)

                                       NO peeling, chipping, caulking,               Exterior surfaces weather-protected
                                       flaking or otherwise deteriorated paint   Fences
                                Foundation                                              Well maintained
                                       Structurally sound                               Wood surfaces weather-protected
                                       Free from holes or gaps                          Finished side out toward neighboring
                                                                                        properties/selvage ends down
                                    Proper grading
                                Roof                                             Yard

                                       Free of leaks                                    Grass and weeds cut

                                       Structurally sound                               Proper grading

                                    No loose or missing shingles                        No litter/debris, tires, auto parts,
                                                                                        construction debris or other
                                Gutters & Downspouts
                                                                                        miscellaneous debris in yard
                                (pertains to existing)
                                       Good condition                                   Proper ground cover in yard area
  A practical guide
                                       Properly attached and drain water                Firewood (no more than 2 cords) must be
  to what                                                                               neatly stacked on a NON-rotting, well-
                                       away from structure
  Rental Licensing Inspectors                                                           supported base at least 8 inches above
  look for…                                                                             the ground and 6 feet from any structure
                                       Tuckpointing/mortar in good repair
                                                                                 Garbage & Recycling
                                    Flue liner in good repair
                                                                                        Proper containers
                                                                                        NOT overflowing
                                       Good repair
                                                                                        Lids closed
                                       Guard railings required if over
                                       30” above grade                                  Compost is properly contained
                                                                                                 EXTERIOR DOORS FROM HABITABLE SPACE
                                                                                                 TO OUTSIDE REQUIRE:
     Refrigerators and freezers for removal          Grippable handrails                             Storms or screens unless exterior door
     must have doors removed
                                                     Floor covering should be intact and             has an R-value greater than 2
    Cigarette butts ARE garbage                      secured to floor                                Storm/screen doors maintained in good
Vehicles/Parking                                 Sleeping Rooms                                      condition with functioning closers
     No commercial vehicle parking allowed           Proper egress or door open                  Kitchen
     Parking only on approved parking surfaces       to the outside required                     THE HOUSING CODE REQUIRES:
     in approved locations
                                                     Floor space shall be no less than               Either a ceiling fixture and
     No abandoned, unlicensed,                       70 square feet with a 7’ minimum width          2 separate remote outlets
     or inoperable vehicles                                                                            OR
                                                     Proper light and ventilation
     No excessive vehicles                                                                           3 separate and remote outlets
                                                     Window treatments required
     (max 2 vehicles/dwelling unit)                                                                  Required to have at least one (1)
                                                     Minimum of 2 duplex electrical outlets or
     Car repair prohibited (except minor                                                             20-amp circuit
                                                     1 duplex outlet and 1 switched overhead
     repairs to occupant-owned vehicles)             light fixture required per sleeping room        Hot (120 degrees) and cold running water
                                                    Operable smoke detectors                         Kitchen sink must be properly
Interior                                         Windows
                                                                                                     connected to sanitary sewer
Walls & Ceilings                                                                                     Kitchen must NOT be used for
                                                     No broken/cracked glass
                                                                                                     sleeping purposes
     In good repair                                  Easily openable
                                                                                                     No dripping faucets
     No loose wallpaper                              Capable of being held in position
                                                     by window hardware                              Drains must function properly,
     Free from holes
                                                                                                     free of obstructions
     No loose plaster                                Locks required 24 feet above grade
                                                                                                     Cabinets must be in good repair
     No flaking, chipping, caulking or               Openable windows must have screens
     peeling paint                                   in good repair                                  Supplied or provided appliances
                                                                                                     must be in good working condition
     Free from water damage                          Storm windows required except on
                                                     double pane glass or better                     Gas appliances must be connected
    Minimum ceiling height 7’                                                                        properly with approved fittings/connectors
Floors                                               Weather tight
     In good repair                                  Window frame must be free of
                                                                                                 THE HOUSING CODE REQUIRES:
                                                     cracked, chipped, peeling, chalking, or
     No holes                                        flaking paint and caulk                         A tub or shower properly installed,
     Structurally sound                                                                              maintained and in good repair with
                                                                                                     caulking intact
    No trip hazards (i.e. torn carpet)               Secure
Hallway/Landing                                                                                      A washbasin properly installed, main-
                                                     Fits frame                                      tained and in good repair with caulking
     Clear pathway
                                                     Proper hardware                                 intact
     Handrails/guardrails securely attached
                                                     Weather tight and rodent proof                  Properly installed toilet with all
     Continuous guardrails required on                                                               components intact and properly secured,
                                                     Exit and entrance
     open sides of landings/stairways 30” or                                                         maintained and functioning
     more above grade                                Doors require deadbolt locks

     Faucets must have a minimum 1 inch gap     Plumbing
     above the spill line                          Faucets must be a minimum 1 inch               If multiple units of a 3 unit or greater
     One light fixture required                    above spill lines on all fixtures              building lead into a common area, doors
                                                                                                  leading from the units shall have 1 3/8”
     Bathroom cabinets must be in good repair      All plumbing must be installed and
                                                                                                  thick solid bonded wood core doors
                                                   maintained to code
     No leaking faucets
                                                                                                  All smoke detectors shall be installed to
     Water-impervious flooring                     Gas flex connectors must be Underwriters
                                                                                                  requirements with working batteries and
                                                   Laboratory (UL) listed and approved
     Either an openable window or                                                                 functional connections
     mechanical venting required                   Adequate hot and cold running water
                                                   must be provided to all sinks and tubs         Locate at least one smoke detector on
     Hot and cold running water required                                                          each level, not including crawl spaces
     to each fixture                               All household drains must connect              and uninhabitable attics
                                                   to sanitary sewer
     Window treatments required                                                                   Locate a smoke detector within close
                                                   Waste lines must be properly installed,        proximity to sleeping rooms
                                                   “S” traps not allowed, no flexible style
Electrical, Mechanical &                           waste lines                                    Smoke detectors should not be located
                                                                                                  closer than three (3) feet from the door to
Plumbing                                           Hand held showers must have                    bathroom or kitchen. Any smoke detector
Electrical                                         backflow prevention                            located within twenty (20) feet of a
     Adequate service and outlets                  No leaking faucets or pipes                    cooking appliance must be equipped with
                                                   Unused gas lines must be capped                a silencing switch or be photoelectric.
     Properly installed service panel
                                                   All pipes must be free from defects            All smoke alarms shall be listed and
     Fixtures must be intact and properly
                                                   and obstruction, and properly secure           installed in accordance with the
                                                   and supported                                  provisions of this code and the
     Extension cords can not be used                                                              household fire warning equipment
     in lieu of permanent wiring                                                                  provisions of NFPA 72.
     Cover plates required on all outlets,      Fire Protection                                   All smoke detectors shall be installed
     switches and junction boxes                   Storage of paint, paper, boxes, rags or        per the manufacturer’s installation
     All wiring must be intact and                 other combustible/flammable material not       instructions and its listing. Hard-wired
     properly maintained                           allowed within 10 feet of gas-fired appli-     smoke detectors shall be wired to
Mechanical                                         ances (furnaces, water heaters, etc…)          a proper unswitched circuit.

     Heating facility must be properly             Path of egress shall not be blocked
     installed and maintained                      by debris, storage, trash, snow, ice or      Occupancy
                                                   other obstruction
     Maintain 68 degree temperature when                                                          Occupied sleeping rooms must have
     outside temperature is under 60 degrees       Third floor units require                      proper egress window or door opening
     within a 24-hour period                       a second means of egress
                                                                                                  to the outdoors
     Temporary heating devices shall               All stairways require continuous,
                                                                                                  Minimum ventilation of opened window
     not be used as primary source of heat         grippable handrails
                                                                                                  area must be greater than 8 percent
     Fuel burning facility must be connected       Buildings with 3 or more units                 of floor area
     to an approved chimney, flue or vent          require fire extinguishers
                                                                                                  Please refer to posted rental license
     You may be required to provide service                                                       for correct zoning/occupancy limits
     records of any heating systems

   Cellars/crawlspaces shall not be used           Minneapolis Code Ordinances
   as habitable space
   Basements must meet all permit construc-
   tion requirements for light, ventilation,             64             85               87
   egress, etc. prior to being used as habit-            99           101               111
   able space                                           244           227               228
   Attics must meet all construction require-           229           249               310
   ments for light, ventilation, egress, etc
                                                        385           427               478
   prior to being used as habitable space
                                                        535           541               543
                                                        546           547               548
Permit Requirements                                                                                         Visit our Web site at
   Electrical, plumbing and mechanical work                                                       www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/inspections/
   in rental property requires a licensed               Please visit our Web Site at                to review other need-to-know topics:
   contractor.                                          www.ci.minneaoplis.mn.us/                    Rental license standards
   Any structural alterations require a permit.                                                      Reinspection fee
   When interior alterations, repairs or                                                             Rental property management—
   additions requiring a permit occur, the
                                                                                                     best practices
   dwelling unit must be provided with                  or call 612-673-5858 to review
                                                                                                     Healthy home & lead hazard control
   smoke alarms located as required for new                other need-to-know topics:
   dwellings and the smoke alarms must be                                                            Smoke detectors
   interconnected and hard wired. Excep-           Buying & Selling Property                         Boarded building and
   tion: smoke alarms in existing areas shall          Truth-in-Housing requirements                 vacant building registration
   not be required to be interconnected and            for 1 & 2 Family Dwellings                    Property checklist of possible
   hard wired where the alterations or repairs         Buying a boarded or condemned building.       code violations
   do not result in the removal of interior wall
                                                   Rental Property Owners                            Rental license application
   or ceiling finishes exposing the structure.
                                                       Rental License Info                           4BB–tax classification
   Any change in structure or building
   configuration requires a permit                     Rental License Forms                          “Graffiti”
                                                   Forms, Fees & Applications                        Citizens Inspections Program
   New dwelling units within existing build-
   ings require zoning approval, plan review           Fee schedules and forms to print
   and proper permits PRIOR to habitation              from your computer
   See the section “When Do I Need a               Report a Problem
   Permit?” at the Web site listed on the back         Items that need repair in your neighbor-
   page for other requirements or clarifica-           hood or in your rental unit                                Housing Inspection Services
   tion                                            Contact Us                                                     250 S. 4th St. – Room 300
                                                                                                                  Minneapolis, MN 55415
                                                       How to call, write, fax, or
                                                       visit the Inspections Division                             (612) 673-5858

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