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									                              South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs
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                     Mailing Address: 3600 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29204 Toll-free: 800.922.1594
                                     Website: Fax: 803.734.4299

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                     SCDCA PUBLICATIONS                                               CREDIT & FINANCES
    General Information                                           Your Access To A Free Credit Report
    How To Be An Informed Consumer (Catalog)                      Fair Credit Billing
    Consumer Action Handbook                                      Fair Debt Collection
    Just The Facts On…                                            Equal Credit Opportunity
    Why Consumer Affairs                                          Credit & Your Consumer Rights
    How to File a Complaint                                       Ready, Set, Credit
    Nigerian E-mail Scam                                          Getting Credit Over Age 62
    Lemon Law                                                     Managing Your Debts
    Prepaid Legal                                                 Fiscal Fitness: Choosing A Credit Counselor
    Discount Medical Plan Organizations                           Choosing and Using Credit Cards
    Cont. Care Retirement Communities                             Credit, ATM, & Debit Cards
    Auto Title Loan                                               Focus on Finances: Preparing For Your Future
    Flood-Damaged Vehicles                                        How To Dispute Credit Report Errors
    Pay Day Lending                                               Credit Repair: Self-Help May Be Best
    Mortgage Foreclosure                                          Questions About Credit & Direct Marketing
    Motor Club Services                                           Home Buying & Credit
    Pre-need Burial Contracts                                     Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need To Know
    Sweepstakes/Lottery Scams                                     Credit Reports: Information Providers
    Physical Fitness Clubs                                        Building A Better Credit Report
    Consumer Credit Counseling                                    Electronic Check Conversion
    Cosmetic Contact Lenses                                       Getting Credit (for Kids & Teens)
    Credit Repair                                                 The Real Deal: Playing the Buying Game (Kids/Teens)
    Newsletters                                                   Once Upon A Dime (Kids/Teens)
    Consumer Alert                                                The Story of Money (Kids/Teens)
    Fraud Alert                                                   Visa Series: Money Skills for Life (CD Includes):
    Special Publications                                          Introducing A Program To Teach Financial Responsibility
    What SC Consumers Need To Know About Debt Collection          What You Need To Know About Managing Your Credit Cards
    Consumer Credit Sales                                         Learn To Create & Stick To A Budget
    Special Report on Hurricane Preparedness                      What You Should Know About Using Debit Cards
    Savvy Consumer's Guide To…                                    How To Prevent & Solve Financial Difficulties
    Beware of Unlicensed Health Plans                             How to Safeguard Your Cards
    Stretching Your Energy Dollars                                Your Credit History & How It Affects Your Future
    Long Distance Shopping Guide
    The National Do-Not-Call Registry
    Wireless Local Number Portability
    Insurance Scoring Taming Telemarketers
    Understanding Your Phone Bill
                    HOME/ REAL ESTATE                                    TELEMARKETING/TELEPHONE
High-rate, High-fee Loans                                    Straight Talk About Telemarketing
Knee Deep in Debt                                            Unsolicited Mail/Telemarketing/E-mail
Reverse Mortgages                                            Guide to Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule
Home Sweet Home Improvement                                  Timeshares and Travel Fraud
Buying & Selling: Timeshare Tips                             Putting Telephone Scams On Hold
Mortgage Discrimination
Mortgage Servicing: Making Sure Your Payments Count                              MISCELLANEOUS
Repairing Your Home After Disaster                           Free and Low-Cost PC Offers
Need A Loan? Using Your Home As Collateral                   Need A Lawyer? Judge for Yourself.
Home Equity Loans                                            Advertising Consumer Leases
Savings Starts At Home                                       Understanding Taxes
Energy-Efficient Home Applicance                             Help Wanted: Finding A Job
Mortgage Re-Financing                                        How To Right A Wrong
Mortgage Lock-In
When Your Home Is On the Line: Home Equity Lines of Credit                       SCAMS/RIP-OFFS
                                                             Is It Too Good To Be True: Home-Based Business
                         AUTOMOBILES                         If You've Got the Look…Look Out!
Auto Service Contracts                                       Ditch The Pitch
Renting a Car                                                Small Businesses Targeted By Big Scams
Buying A Used Car                                            Students Getting Stung Trying To Find Money For College
Get A Car Loan                                               Prenotification Negative Option Plans
Taking the Scare Out of Auto Repair                          Lotions & Potions: Multilevel Marketing Plans
Keys to Vehicle Leasing                                      The Gifting Club "Gotcha"
Vehicle Repossession                                         Taking the "Bait" Out of Rebates
Questions & Answers About Auto Loans                         Federal & Postal Job Scams: Tip-Off to Rip Offs
                                                             Investment Risks
                            INTERNET                         Magazine Subscription Scams
Going Shopping? Go Global!                                   Could Biz Offers Be Out For Your Coffers
Problems With Online Holiday Purchases?                      Prize Offers: You Don't Have to Pay to Win
Are you Leaving Footprints in Cyber Space?
Shop Safely Online                                                           RETIREMENT/SENIORS
Dot Com Disclosures                                          Who Cares: Info About Healthcare Products & Services
Internet Auctions: A Guide For Buyers & Sellers              Aging/Parents & Adult Children Together
How To Protect Kids' Privacy Online                          Funerals - A Consumer's Guide
You've Got Spam: How to "Can" Unwanted E-mail                Complying With The Funeral Rule

                         IDENTITY THEFT
AVOID Identity Theft
To Buy or Not To Buy: ID Theft Products
Identity Crisis: Delivering Justice (DVD)
ID Theft Prevention and Victim Assistance
Info Compromise & Risk of ID Theft
Records Provided to ID Theft Victims

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