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2009, Issue 1                                                                                                                           Owner’s Journal

                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT
                              “Island Park Village Resort provides quality service and recreational experiences for its members
                                        and their guests in a safe, ethical and environmentally friendly manner.”

    TO The MeMbeRs Of Island PaRk VIllage ResORT:
       The Directors of Timbers Condominium Owners’ Association                 The board members are pleased to
    (Timbers) and the Island Park Village Resort Association (IPVA)          report that the financial audit for the
    continue their commitment to be good stewards of the resort. One         fiscal year ending September 30, 2008
    of our goals is for you to have an enjoyable vacation experience         was completed in December 2008.
    here at Island Park Village Resort. Our manager and his staff will       The report shows our financial health
    do their best to make your stay unforgettable.                           remains stable. Mike Fitzgerald, CPA,
       Let us remember that Island Park Village Resort is a multi-           performed the audit and held an exit
    use resort consisting of privately owned homes, wholly-owned             interview with board representatives
    condominiums and timeshare condominiums. Lot owners and                  and the management company.
    condominium owners are members of IPVA. Condominium                         Several years ago the boards
    owners are members of both IPVA and Timbers. We all share the            began posting copies of their
    benefits and recreational opportunities the resort has to offer.         meeting minutes on our website.
       This resort belongs to all of us and if you have a suggestion for     We encourage you to visit our
    an activity or a recreational experience that you would like to see at   website at
    the resort, please let us know. Our manager has many new activities         Thank you for your continued support of our resort.
    to offer and we look forward to enhancing your vacation.                 Please enjoy your vacation!

                                                     new golf Course enhancements Completed
                                                     was contracted to do the work. This was in           the course compared to earlier years. Many
                                                     the planning stages for almost two years, but        volunteers donated their time to help with
                                                     thanks to the help from the Greens Committee,        the Marshall program to make it so successful.
                                                                  players will be pleased when they       Improvements are also being planned for a pro
                                                                  come to play this summer. John          shop located in the clubhouse on the north side.
                                                                  Murray, PGA professional and golf       New point-of-sale software registers have been
  Several improvements to the                                    course manager for IPVR, stated          installed at the clubhouse to speed up check-
golf course were completed last                                  that these improvements were long        in for the players this summer. Island Park
fall. Improvements were needed                                   overdue. The money collected to          has also purchased additional carts this year!
for added drainage in several low areas, along       do this project came from each golfer; $1 was        Several times throughout last year there were
with many green and tee updates as well.             placed in the improvement fund from each             not enough carts to offer golfers. Additionally,
More improvements in the lower fairways will         golfer who played, which includes the public,        there are plans to increase the play rate this
continue to occur, to enhance play even more in      members of IPVR, and resort employees.               summer. These added enhancements to the
the low areas. TimberStone Landscaping from            Over 10,500 rounds were played in 2008             course and clubhouse will make it even more
Eagle Idaho, who specializes in golf courses,        with many compliments on the condition of            enjoyable to play!

 Island Park VIllage Resort                                                         U Resort of Distinction Professionally managed by Trading Places International
  employee spotlight                                  Manager’s Corner
   Each one of our 23 employees deserves huge            Another beautiful spring is upon us at Island Park. It’s time to switch gears for warm
thanks from all of us this past season. From          weather once again after a great winter season full of snow and outdoor activities.
maintenance to snow removal, housekeeping                First on my list is to mention a big Thank You to all those who volunteered their
to clubhouse personnel and the front desk             services during maintenance week in May. I certainly enjoyed working together with you
staff, each department makes a difference             on your resort.
each day while you are here. It’s difficult to           Last fall during the annual meeting, I spoke the words: “Maintenance, maintenance,
choose just one employee, with many of them           maintenance.” A lot of work has been done and much more is planned for this summer
starting early and working late to maintain the       around the resort. Many deck repairs have already been completed and window
resort this past winter.                              replacements are currently being completed in select buildings. The window replacement
   Janice Richey has                                  project will take two more years until total completion within the Timbers condominiums.
been selected as the                                  My focus, with the board of directors’ support, is the rising cost of our utilities. The
spotlight employee this                               windows will surely help cut costs in the winter time. Enhancements in the timeshare
past season. Janice is our                            units include the installation of the remaining new sofa sleepers (which was a three-year
activities coordinator at                             project to complete). Also, a third of the mattress sets have been upgraded along with
the clubhouse, and IPVR                               select end tables in the living rooms. I would like to welcome any member who is an
would like to thank her for her dedication            interior designer to give me a call with design ideas for upcoming improvements. In the
over the years and her enthusiasm each day.           next couple of years we will be discussing cabinetry and designs; your services may be
Janice has added a variety of new activities for      very helpful in the near future.
you to enjoy during your next visit and strives          A large repair/enhancement project has been completed at the clubhouse. Each of you
to make each activity memorable for you               will surely enjoy the new surroundings in the pool area. Also, the relocation of the fitness
and/or your family. Thank you Janice! You             equipment downstairs for the summer hours will make room for a new pro shop on the
come to work with a smile and the ambition            north side of the clubhouse. Stop in and experience this new area on the patio and enjoy
to enhance activities every day for our guests        the view!
and owners. It’s great to have you aboard!               For those owners arriving soon, please take the time to stop in at the front desk to
                                                      introduce yourselves, or feel free to join me for breakfast every Wednesday at the Log
                                                      Cabin. It would be great to see you!
last Mailing of
this newsletter                                          Randy Sonley
                                                         Resort Manager
   The resort has reached a period in time
where the expense of the actual printing,
stationery and postage of the newsletter has
become an expensive burden for our owners             Resort Moving Toward going green!
to fund the distribution of the newsletter.              “Going Green” is a term many of us have heard over the past couple of years. Saving
   Beginning September 2009, the resort will          energy, recycling, and reducing waste in our local landfill is a must-do in our area.
be posting the newsletter on our website in              After working with representatives from the local landfill this past year, we are proud
the “Owners Corner.”                                  to now offer you a recycling center here at IPVR! It is located near the garbage truck; you
   Please also visit the site for board meeting       will see recyclable material such as glass, aluminum cans, plastic and cardboard. More
minutes and current conditions here in Island         recyclables may be added such as magazines and newspapers as support grows locally.
Park. Communication is very important                 In addition, nearly all of our light fixtures are using fluorescent-type bulbs within the
today and we will continue to have newsletters        timeshares and clubhouse. This project has taken several years to complete but is reducing
available at the front desk if you prefer to          our electrical needs each month. We have also installed automatic light sensors to enhance
read a hard copy during your stay. This will          safety and reduce usage in our closed stairways. This summer, the resort is also evaluating
ensure a costs savings for our owners and             the use of all paper products and reducing the need for Styrofoam material served with
continue prompt delivery of communication.            our food items.
Newsletter postings are scheduled every                  Help us by doing your part – please recycle and turn off the lights when not in use!
June and September. Thank you for your
understanding. Please visit
                                                   “NO PET” Policy For safety and health reasons, no pets or animals of any kind are allowed
                                                   at the resort. They are not permitted in the units or on the resort common property. A fee of $100 per night
                                                   will be charged to any owner or guest who violates this rule. Service animals required to perform some
                                                   of the functions or tasks that cannot be performed by the individual guests are not considered to be pets.
                                                   Management & Board of Directors
               AssOCIAtIOns AnnOunCements                                                         new activities
                                                                                                  Planned for summer
               Announcement of Annual meetings and solicitation                                      Several new activities are continuing
                                                                                                  this summer. Our early continental
               of nominations for Directors
                                                                                                  breakfast in the Log Cabin every
      The annual meetings of the members of the Island Park Village Association, Inc. and the     Wednesday has been successful this past
   Timbers Condominium Owners’ Association, Inc. will be held Saturday September 19,              season. Come join us for a hot meal or sit
   2009 at the same place as last year. The official notice of the annual meetings, including     by the fire and enjoy your morning cup
   the time and place, agenda, and other pertinent material, will be mailed to members in         of coffee and some conversation. We are
   good standing in mid-August.                                                                   continuing to offer horse-drawn wagon
      One important item of business at each of the meetings will be the election of directors.   rides to Big Springs every Wednesday
   The bylaws of the Island Park Village Association require that “The business of this           this summer. We are pleased to be
   corporation shall be managed by a board of five (5) directors, of which at least two (2)       working with Dry Ridge Outfitters on
   shall be timeshare owners and at least two (2) shall be lot owners. Directors must be          offering this great activity through the
   owner-members of the corporation.” The term is five years. This year there will be an          summer months. Bring your camera!
   election for one IPVA director, who must be a timeshare owner.                                 Several other craft activities will continue
      The bylaws of the Timbers Condominium Owners’ Association require that “The                 at the clubhouse as well, and yes, the
   directors of the association shall be not less than three (3) and not more than seven (7),     children’s movie showings will continue
   as the board, in its discretion, may determine from time to time.” The term of office is       - they were a big hit last summer.
   two (2) years. Three directors are to be elected this year. Nominees may be either a whole        A new Frisbee golf course has been
   condominium or a timeshare owner.                                                              added this summer. We are very excited
      Both boards meet at the same time for discussions, to establish policies and/or make        about this new sport for the whole family
   recommendations to their respective members concerning the business and financial              to enjoy. This sport is quickly growing
   affairs of the resort. If you would like to serve, or you know of a member who would           in popularity in the U.S. and we are
   make a good director, please submit nominations by July 10, 2009:                              glad to bring it to the Island Park area.
      By mail: Island Park Village Resort – Board Nominations                                     This sport will have a low course fee,
      4153 N. Big Springs Loop Road                                                               and Frisbee rentals will be available at
      Island Park, ID 83429                                                                       the clubhouse.
      By email:                                                             Come out and enjoy these new
      Subject Board Nominations                                                                   activities this summer!
      By fax: Island Park Village Resort – Board Nominations

                                                                                                  did you know?
Check-In/Check-Out Reminder                                                                       4 Free wireless Internet is available
                                                                                                    at the clubhouse and front desk!
   Check-in: 4pm • Check-out: 9am
                                                                                                  4 We love having any interested
   This past year, we have seen an increase in the number of owners and guests
                                                                                                    volunteers work at the clubhouse!
arriving early and checking out late. This trend poses a real challenge on your
                                                                                                  4 Video rentals are available at the
housekeeping staff. The staff will always clean and inspect each room as early as possible.
                                                                                                    front desk. We have many new
There is nothing more stressful than traveling long distances only to find that your room isn’t
ready yet. You should be proud that your housekeeping staff is not skipping any steps in order
                                                                                                  4 Bottled water is for sale at the
to accommodate an early check-in. With that said, we remind everyone that it is important to
                                                                                                    front desk!
check-out on time to ensure the staff can properly change the room for the next arrival. There
                                                                                                  4 Dollar-off coupons for the IMAX
have been several occasions this past season where management has had to step in to speak with
                                                                                                    theater are available at the
an owner or guest after a great week vacationing, and encourage them to please check-out. The
front desk staff and management will always accommodate those owners or guests that need
                                                                                                  4 Free book exchange is located just
special assistance or extra time during the check-out period.
                                                                                                    inside Housekeeping!
                                                                                                  4 You can pay your maintenance
   let us know...              when you move, change your phone number, get married or
                                                                                                    fees, snow removal fees and
   divorced, or when there is any other significant change in your personal status.                 water fees online! Visit www.
   Please contact Trading Places International immediately to prevent delays in receiving your
   annual maintenance fee billing, newsletters, etc.
                                                                                                                                                                              FIRST CLASS

                                                                                                                                                                          US pOStAge
                                                                                                                                                                              Permit #262
                                                                                                                                                                               Billings, MT
    23807 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 100
        Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
       Write to Board Members c/o TPI
            at the above address.
Corporate Office:             949-448-5150
FAX:                          949-448-5140

   “The Island Park Village Resort Association disclaims any
responsibility for claims made or the performance of goods and
              services advertised in this newsletter.”

     Island Park VIllage resort
     Front desk:       208-558-7502

QuICk reFerenCe lIst For tPI

oWner serVICes                                                    uPCOmInG ACtIVItIes AnD eVents
888-290-2740 x 100                                                Please visit for more details.
Book use time • Book bonus time                                  Saturday, June 13                                                Wednesday, July 29
Bank your week (RCI, II, TPI)                                    Kid’s Free Fishing Day. Stoddard Mill Creek Pond in              Island Park Quilt Guild will meet at Diane Sielinsky’s home
Inquire about your contract • Learn booking rules                Shotgun.                                                         at 1:00 p.m. All interested people are welcome. Please call
Check use time confirmations                                                                                                      Diane at 558-7609 or Marty at 558-9007 or call 558-7751
                                                                 Saturday, June 20                                                for more information.
Accounting will help with maintenance fees and                   Henry’s Fork Day. Celebrate the Henry’s Fork Foundation’s
assessment billings: 949-643-7643                                25th anniversary at the Last Chance Fisherman’s Access.          Thursday, August 20
                                                                 Festivities include breakfast, a casting competition, social     Island Park Area Chamber of Commerce
eXCHange                                                         hour, a silent and live auction, and prime rib dinner. Support   Golf Tournament, 11 a.m. at Island Park
800-365-7617                                                     your local conservation group by attending! Call 652-3567 for    Village Resort. Sign up your team with Arden Sellars at Island                                       more information and/or reservations for dinner.                 Park Lodge, 558.7281.
NEW online options at
• Deposit your week - ONLINE                                     Wednesday, June 24                                               Wednesday, August 26
• Check exchange availability - ONLINE                           Island Park Quilt Guild will meet at Diane Sielinsky’s home      • Island Park Quilt Guild will meet at Diane Sielinsky’s home
• Exchange your week - ONLINE                                    at 1:00 p.m. All interested people are welcome. Please call      at 1:00 p.m. All interested people are welcome. Please call
• Print confirmations - ONLINE                                   Diane at 558-7609 or Marty at 558-9007, or call 558-7751         Diane at 558-7609 or Marty at 558-9007 or call 558-7751
• View your history - ONLINE                                     for more information.                                            for more information.
• Join VEC - ONLINE                                                                                                               • Island Park Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting &
Computers not for you? Call us and we’ll help you with           Saturday, July 4                                                 Elections. 12:00 p.m. at The Trouthunter. Hear the chamber’s
your deposits and exchanges.                                     • All American Sawtelle Stampede half marathon, 10k, 5k          annual report. Vote for new board members and the Chamber
                                                                 and 1k (kids) run or walk. Call 208-558-7281 for more            Member of the Year. Entertainment, door prizes, and fun. No-
traVel                                                           information, or e-mail                   host dinner. RSVP to The Trouthunter, 208-558-9900.
800-365-6569                                                     • Island Park Bills Island Parade                                         • Hungry Bear Market July 4th Car Show & Fireworks               Friday - Monday, September 4 - 7
Air, car, hotel, cruise, and tour reservations                   • Lakeside Lodge Fireworks, BBQ, & Boat Regatta                  Antique & Craft Show at Buffalo Run Campground in Last
                                                                 • Henry’s Lake Foundation Day                                    Chance. Huge selection of great deals! Vendors, if you would
rental                                                                                                                            like a booth, contact Earl Sitton at 406-714-7640 for more
800-365-9190                                                     Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, July 10-12                           information.                                        Island Park Library Friends Arts & Crafts Fair. Buffalo Run
Rent additional time                                             Campground in Last Chance.                                                      Sunday, September 13
List your IPVR unit for rent                                                                                                                     Island Park Lodge’s annual Wine Tasting Party.
Up to 70% off last-minute rentals... visit                       Friday - Sunday, July 24 - 26                                                   A benefit for the Island Park Area Chamber                                   Antique & Craft Show at Buffalo Run Campground in Last                          of Commerce, 3:00 p.m. at the lodge. More
                                                                 Chance. Huge selection of great deals! Vendors, if you would                    details? Call 208-558-7281.
resales                                                          like a booth, contact Earl Sitton at 406-714-7640 for more
                                                                 information.                                                     Wednesday, September 23
TO BUY OR SELL a timeshare contact Jaime Phillips
at (208) 221-2647                                                                                                                 Island Park Quilt Guild will meet at Diane Sielinsky’s home
                                                                 Saturday, July 25                                                at 1:00 p.m. All interested people are welcome. Please call
resort ManageMent                                                Island Park Community Fund-raiser. Sawtelle Mountain
                                                                 Resort Park.
                                                                                                                                  Diane at 558-7609 or Marty at 558-9007 or call 558-7751
                                                                                                                                  for more information.
As your management company we are dedicated to
making your resort the best it can be.

 Island Park VIllage Resort                                                                            U Resort of Distinction Professionally managed by Trading Places International

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