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					                   Energy R&W Association                                   Inside this Issue
                                                                             Fright Night, EFCU Member Service
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                                                                             Travel, Vendor Schedules, Renais-
                   September 2009                                           sance Festival........................Page 3

 Big Upcoming Events:
 September 10 - 12:00-1:00 Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Germantown Auditorium
 Join with ERWA and the Creig Northrop Team for Tips on Buying, Selling and Saving in Real Estate. You'll
Learn How to:
 • Price Your Home to Sell
 • Stage Your Home
 • Negotiate the Best Price when Buying
 • Claim the first-time buyer $8,000 tax credit
 • Get Prequalified
 • Save on Closing Costs
 • Minimize Moving Expenses
 • Get the Best Interest Rate
 • And Much, Much More !!
 For reservations, e-mail your name, org. code, and phone number to
 Germantown Special Interest Vehicle Show
 September 16, 11:30 to 1:00 East Parking Lot Germantown. Bring your special classic, custom, limited edition,
Green, or very fuel-efficient vehicles to the East Parking Lot of the Germantown Facility and tell us what you love
about your vehicle and how great it is! Forrestal vehicle owners--you are welcome too! Germantown is just a
short hop via the I-495 and I-270, and the campus is beautiful. ERWA will provide a barbeque lunch to partici-
pants and to ERWA Members (while supplies last). Rain date is Wednesday, September 23rd.

 Future Events - Mark Your Calendars!
 The 21st Annual DOE/ERWA Golf Tournament on October 19. Got a little Tiger in you or are you the King or
Queen of the slice? Whatever your skill level, come have fun at the annual golf tournament at the Worthington
Manor Country Club located in Urbana, Maryland. This 7,034 yard Ault-Clark Signature course is a frequent U.S.
Open Qualifying site with a distinctive slope rating ranging from 116 to 144.
 • Captain's choice scramble format.
 • 10:00 A.M. Shotgun start.
 • Plan on Arriving at 9:00 A.M.
 • All sign-ups & payments are due by October 9th.
 • Registrations after 10/9 on a space available basis
 • Worthington Manor--US Open Qualifying Course: 1999,
2000, 2004, 2006, 2009 & 2011
 • Cost: $72.00 for ERWA Members
 $76.00 - Tournament & ERWA Membership
 Please make your checks payable to ERWA. Cost includes
golf, golf cart, tournament prizes and refreshments.
 To register contact: John Panek (301) 903-4295 or Dawn Tolley (301) 903-2668.

Upcoming Events
  Look for information in the upcoming ERWAYS for additional planned Germantown events, like our 2nd Service
Vendor Fair, scheduled October 21. Planning to retire? Learn about Social Security Benefits from a Social Secu-
rity representative (November). Also, attend our Holiday Bizarre (December) for those who hate the crowded
shopping malls.
If you haven't joined ERWA, you are missing out on great events, great deals, and
discount tickets to Fun!
                                                                                                                 Page 1
                                                 ERWA NEWS

 Fright Night at the...

  Experience your personal “Night at the Museum”. Are you a Halloween
                                                                                   EFCU Member Service
junkie--do you enjoy the fun of dressing up and freaking out your friends          Advisory Committee
and neighbors--then the Museum of Crime and Punishment has an event                Meetings
for you! From 1916-1960, 125 men were executed in the Tennessee elec-                Germantown: Wednesday, Sep-
tric chair. In 2008, the chair made its way to the National Museum of              tember 9, 2009 from 12:00 noon -
Crime & Punishment... and so did its ghosts. This Halloween season the             1:00 pm in Room Z-231
museum will no longer be just a storage house for criminal artifacts; it will
become a hunting ground for these dead men walking.                                  Forrestal: Tuesday, September
                                                                                   15, 2009 from 12:00 noon - 1:00
 Hear the screams... Smell the fear... See the horror... and if you're lucky...    pm in Room GH-019
they won't TOUCH you!                                                                President & CEO Ronald P. Roy
                                                                                   would like to hear, for strategic
 Experience "Fright at the Museum"
                                                                                   planning purposes, what new prod-
 Ghosts Can Be Seen:                                                               ucts, services or delivery systems
 Wed. , Oct. 21 - Sat., Oct. 24                                                    members would like the credit
 Wed., Oct. 28 - Sat., Oct. 31                                                     union to offer within the next five
 Terrifying Times:
                                                                                     Drinks and cookies will be provid-
 Wed./Thurs. - 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm                                                  ed. Feel free to bring your own
 Fri./Sat. - 6:30 pm - 12:00 am                                                    lunch.
                                                                                     RSVP via email at mrktg@ener-
 Sorry--This is a special event and discount tickets                      or by calling 301 670-
are not available. Visitors must be over the age of 17. Tickets can be purchased   1354. Please remember to leave
on-line for this special event at:                                                 your name, number and choice of must be over the           location.

Maniacs Win Regular Season and Tournament Championship
                                                                 The 2009 Softball Season has come to an end
                                                                (see final Standings Page 3). The Maniacs won
                                                                both the Division Championship and the Tourna-
                                                                ment Championship for the second consecutive
                                                                year. The Maniacs went through the double-
                                                                elimination playoffs without a loss and did it in
                                                                rather impressive fashion out scoring its oppo-
                                                                nents 46-7 in the three games. The Maniacs
                                                                beat Fast Flux 21-6 in the decisive game; kick-
                                                                started by Jeff Morrison’s first inning three-run
                                                                home run and all-around contributions from the
                                                                entire team. This was the Maniacs 4th Tourna-
                                                                ment Championship in the last 5 years. The
                                                                Maniacs finished the season 17-1 including the
                                                                playoffs with its only loss coming by one run.
                                                                The Maniacs beat the Ballers 19-9 in the regular
                                                                season finale to take regular season champi-
                                                                onship. Pictured above, you’ll see Commissioner
Joe Gazda of Fast Flux presenting the tournament trophy to Maniacs Coach Tim Fox.
  The softball commissioners would like to thank everyone who helped make the season a success. We’d also
like to encourage as many people as possible to join our league; we can form new teams if necessary. Players
range in age from 18-62 with all different levels of skill.
                                          ERWA NEWS
New York Shopping                     September FORS Vendors
 Saturday, September 26, 2009         09/01      -   Lotions, Perfumes, Oil Burners & Oil (Scott)
 Cost: $63.00 per person (bus         09/01-02   -   Perfumes & Neckties (Gidda)
only)                                 09/02-03   -   Handbags & Gold & Silver Jewelry (Irick/Hollinshead)
 Tour Includes:                       09/03      -   Book Fair
 • Round trip transportation via      09/04      -   Jewelry, Gifts & Shaklee Products (Mayo/Spencer);
deluxe motorcoach                                    Professional Art Services (Jackson)
 • Discount shopping coupons for      09/08      -   Women's Apparel & Hats (Clark);
Macys and many other NYC stores                      Sterling Silver Jewelry (Sabin)
 Departs:                             09/09      -   Plus Size Women's Clothes, Towels & Wash (Hawkins)
 • Alexandria, VanDorn Metro at       09/10      -   Sterling Silver Jewelry (Sabin)
6:00 am                               09/11      -   Plus Size Women's Clothes, Towels & Wash (Hawkins);
 • Bethesda, Grosvenor Metro at                      Mary Kay (Gibbs)
6:40 am                               09/14      -   Jewelry & Gifts (Shama); Diamond & Gold Jewelry (Cheng)
 • Brokenland Parkway & Rt 32         09/15      -   NO VENDORS - DOE Activity
Park & Ride (West Lot) at 7:15 am     09/16-17   -   Watch Sales & Repair (Goldengraben/Blum)
Please contact the ERWA Travel        09/16      -   Sterling Silver Jewelry (Amir)
Coordinator, Nancy, at 3-6570.
                                      09/17-18   -   Seasoning & Jewelry & Oils (Clark)
                                      09/18      -   Women's & Men's Apparel (Addison)
  For Additional Vendor               09/21-22   -   Jewelry & Gifts (Lerman)
        Savings                       09/21      -   Raw Shea Butter, Soaps & Oils (Bruno)
                                      09/22-23   -   Women's Clothes & Purses (Griffin)
   Visit the ERWA                     09/23-24   -   Women's Apparel & Jewelry (Armstrong)
  Updated Web Site                    09/24      -   Sports Memorabilia & Pictures (Twitty) then click      09/25      -   Ladies Apparel (Miller); Women's Apparel & Hats (Clark)
      on the energy button.           09/28-29   -   Jewelry (Tsao)
                                      09/28      -   Pictures and Frames (People)
2009 DOE Final                        09/29-30   -   Ladies' Shoes (Cassinis/Cassamassa)
Soft Ball Standings                   09/30      -   Hand Made Jewelry (Weinstein)
TEAM           W      L       PCT
                                      September GTN Vendors
Maniacs        14     1       0.933
Ballers        13     2       0.867   09/01 - Sky Loom Native American Jewelry (Gurksnis)
Fast Flux      8      7       0.533   09/02-3 - Bella Jewelry (Taylor)
Crushers       6      9       0.400   09/04 - Tastefully Simple (Fowlkes)
Outlaws        4      11      0.267   09/07 - Labor Day Holiday
Savages        0      15      0.000   09/08 - Leather Goods (Katz)
                                      09/09 - Barb's Baubles (Omholt)
Reminder                              09/10 - Sparking Ideas (Sabin)
                                      09/11 - Mary Kay (Prevost)
Maryland                              09/14 - Southern Living at Home (Schwartzman)
Renais-                               09/15 - Tastefully Simple (Bassler)
sance                                 09/16 - Pampered Chef (Barnes)
                                      09/17 - Handcrafted Wire Jewelry (Wiseman)
Festival                              09/18 - Mary Kay (Prevost)
Crownsville,                          09/21 - Unique Seats (Hayden); Nahid Jewelry (Brelian) (New Vendors)
                                      09/22 - Women's Girl's Accessories and Sports Products (Cooper)
9 Weekends                            09/23 - Light My Fire (Poston)
Only!                                 09/24 - Pursenalities (Nicola)
August 29 thru                        09/25 - Sparkling Ideas (Sabin)
October 25, 2009                      09/28 - Apparel (Lashley)
Discount tickets available at the     09/29 - Men's and Women's Accessories (Gidda)
ERWA shops.                           09/30 - Vikki's Golden Treasures (Rome)

                                                                                                       Page 3
    The Advertiser                            For Sale: 3 piece living room furniture.
                                            (1) loveseat (1) sofa/pull out bed and
                                                                                         gage kept, $25,000 make offer, Mark
CARPOOLS/VANPOOLS                           (1) large Chaise lounge, color: mint           FOR RENT: Large bright lower level of
                                            green with multi-colored large pillows.      GTN townhouse, pvt BA, ½ mile to
  Van Pool Riders Wanted! Laurel, MD
                                            Interested please call: 301 503-2846         DOE, MC, MARC, stores, N/P, N/S,
(BW Parkway & Rt. 197) Mall Area,
Washington DC. Depart Laurel 6:45AM,          Cutco Cutlery: the world's finest cut-     $700 (util incl) 301 908-5715
Arrive Laurel 5:50-6:10PM Contact           lery. Kitchen knives, sets, flatware,          Must sell Timeshare with Wilderness
Shirley 202 586-2218. METRO                 sport knives, and more. Contact Jessie       Presidential Resorts Call Marissa @
CHECKS ACCEPTED AS PARTIAL                  Dorsey, 301 991-1423, for a demo.            301 748-1659 for details, asking $8000.
PAYMENT!                                      100% Alpaca Bears and yarn for sale,         Must sell Timeshare with Wildness
  VP Mt Vernon/Alex. to FOR, 7:00-          natural colors. Personalized Golf Mark-      Presidential Resorts. Call Agnes @ 301
4:30, Lew @ 6-1512 - Free with              ers (pewter) In stock only $4, Lisa Ger-     952-1454 for details, asking $4000.
Metrochecks.                                man 301 829-0599.                              Germantown Lake View Townhouse
  CP needs driver/rider from Reston to      SERVICES                                     for rent. Wide view of Lake Seneca
FORS, 7-4:30 AWS, Jim 7-1370.                 Dog Walking: Bonded and Insured            and Black Hills Regional Park, 3 bed-
                                            couple available for mid-day dog             room, 2.5 bath, deck, fireplace, hard-
  CP Hagerstown to FOR, 6:30-4:00
                                            walks/pet sitting. References available.     wood floor. Close to Shopping, Bike
Jim 6-4441 or Peter 6-8116.
                                            Call 301 540-7292 for more info.             Trail, Lots of Parking $1750/month,
  CP seeking rider/driver from either                                                    Available Aug 15. Call Greg at 301
Sydenstricker or Rolling Valley Park          Stork Express: Announce the arrival of
                                            a newborn in a BIG way! 7 ft. tall lawn      916-6030.
and Ride (Burke/W. Springfield) to For-
restal. 7:00-4:30, first Friday off. Call   storks with personalized keepsake bun-
Elise 6-7239 or Tom 6-3276.                 dle, delivery included. Call 301 540-         "September twenty-second,
                                            7793 for more info.                           Sir, the bough cracks with
  CP needs rider/driver from Frederick
to FORS, 7-4:30 AWS, Melinda 6-0012.        HOMES/Vacation - Sale/Rent                    unpicked apples, and at
FOR SALE                                      FOR SALE 07 Jeep Wrangler 4wd
                                            Unl. Sahara 4dr Auto/AC/Power/Sat             dawn the small-mouth bass
  For Sale - County Competitor Dres-                                                      breaks water, gorged with
                                            6cd/mp3/7 speakers hard/soft top. 3.5
sage Saddle, 17", wide tree. $650. 803
                                            yrs/45k+ miles left on warranty, gar-         spawn." - Robert Lowell

                      ERWA                                                   ERWA HOTLINE 301 903-8500
  ERWA President: Ruth Watkins                                     How to Submit ADs & Articles
  ERWA Offices: Germantown; E-101, 301 903-5440                    Due to a shortage of space CP/VP and other continuously run-
Wed., Thurs., and Fri. 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Forrestal;           ning Ads may NOT always appear in each issue. Please try to
GE-139, 202 586-0330, Thurs., 11:30 am to 1:30 pm                limit ALL Ads to three issues and be as brief as description
  Mailing Address: USDOE, ERWA, Room E-101,19901                 allows. Also, if your continuously running Ad (CP/VP for example) is
Germantown Road Germantown, MD 20874, or 1000                    no longer needed, let us know.
Independence Avenue SW, Washington, D.C. 20585-                     Office phone number for CP/VP ads & gov. business ONLY. Home
1290                                                             number ONLY for personal ads—INCLUDING AREA CODE. Per-
  FORS Directors: Shirley Cambrel at 202 586-3173 or             sonals run one issue, then must be re-submitted. For Ads and Arti-
Deborah Bullock at 202 586-2126.                                 cles please send Disk in MS WORD or Word Perfect with any WP
  ERWAYS Editor: E-066 GTN or                    file extension (example AD.WP5 or WP6), send E-mail to
                                                       , or typed legible copy to: Editor, E-066/GTN.
                                                                 Include your name & current ERWA membership number. Your disks
  ERWA Club and Activity Contacts                                will be returned asap. NEWSLETTER DEADLINE IS ONE MONTH
                                                                 IN ADVANCE (e.g., Jan. 1st for the Feb issue). - ED.
 Travel Nancy Dowicki 301 903-6570 GTN
 Toastmasters Dan Marsick 301 903-3954 GTN,
 Eric Thomas 202 586-2242 FORS
                                                                                     U.S. Department of Energy
 Vendor Hotline 301 903-1222 GTN
                                                                                Energy R & W Association
 Softball Joe Gazda 202 586-2075 FORS
 Golf John Panek 301 903-4295 GTN                                            Membership Application
 Chess Club John Dowicki 301 903-7729 GTN                          Name

                                                                   Phone #                           Rt. Sym.
 "DOE and ERWA do not endorse products or servic-
es advertised in ERWAYS nor endorse or guarantee                   Duty Station (Bldg.)
products purchased from lobby vendors."                            Send $4.00 & this completed form to:
                                                                   ERWA Membership, E-066 GTN.
                                                                   Membership good for 1 year from issue date.
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