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Note Top Vacation Destinations are Hot for Timeshare Resale


									For Immediate Release:

     Note: Top Vacation Destinations are Hot for Timeshare Resale
West Palm Beach, FL Sept. 16, 2009 - Here are the most popular destinations – if a seller has a
timeshare to sell in one of these areas, the market could be great! Creative Vacation Solutions will
showcase the sellers’ property to one of the broadest markets on the Web and off!

Forbes Magazine gathered information about the most popular vacation destinations from some
of the top travel sites, based on actual bookings. It’s no stretch to see that favorites are likely to
be in demand in the timeshare resale market too. One can guess what the most popular are?

Some might assume its all fun in the sun, beach destinations. While they are high ly represented
on the list, buyers will find plenty of urban -based major cities. Creative Vacations Solutions
markets all of them at their w ebsite which draws potential
buyers using the most varied and sophisticated marketing/advertising techniques available today.

The number one vacation destination is Orlando. Savvy buyers look for companies that offer
substantial enough inventory that they have a real choice. Buyers wouldn’t want to go to a store
that just had one or two items – well neither would your potential buyers! Orlando is a top resale
destination at Creative Vacations Solutions with more properties available there than any other
Florida destination.

Top destination number two is New York City, followed by Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los
Angles and Chicago. All areas are well represented with a particular emphasis on perennial
favorite Las Vegas. While the other cities are often a once in a lifetime visit, Las Vegas remains
a city people enjoy visiting time and time again. Potential buyers know they can enjoy their
timeshare themselves, loan it to friends, trade it for other destinations and even rent it for
additional revenue when needed. If a seller is looking to sell their Las Vegas timeshare, they
need not look any further than Creative Vacations Solutions fo r the best setting for showcasing
their gem, as are such favorites like Oahu/Waikiki, San Diego and the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Wherever a seller’s timeshare is located, one of the best destinations for resale is Creative
Vacation Solutions. Creative Vacation Solutions incorporates traditional techniques like direct
mail and advertising in local and national markets as well as broadcasts, email campaigns and
events that include one to one opportunities and as well as informational seminars.

Customized Consultation
Creative Vacation Solutions is a dominant force in the vacation ownership business. Whether the
customer is buying, renting, or selling, Creative can facilitate all their needs with its dedicated sales team
that has over 100 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry. Call 1-866-984-TRVL for a
waiting representative to field your call or click on .

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