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I enjoy smoking but I also want to quit smoking
It is a fact that 100% of smokers have frequent thoughts to quit smoking. 95% of them
must have tried and failed as it was the same with me too. Sometimes we are saddened
about not being able to quit smoking. The disability to quit smoking sometimes irritates
us. Even we try to reduce the count hoping we can quit it completely one day. But I
assure you this method is not going to work at all.

It is easy to quit smoking in initial stages but it is not the same for people who have been
in to the habit for years. It is more worse for chain smokers.

Normally smokers do it for a mental relax. Hectic work hours will urge them to have a
smoke in between for a quick relax. As they feel the relax smoking becomes a habit very
soon. The count of cigarettes get increased day by day. Once it becomes a habit and you
know it is a bad habit you want to quit it. But by then quitting becomes tougher. You try
it but fail miserably. Later you want to quit but don't even dare to try as you find it
impossible. You're afraid you may fail again. You admire people who have quit smoking.

In my own experience to quit smoking I couln't withstand more than a day. But one day
an idea sparked in my mind and impossible become possible. I quit smoking.

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