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					                   Roswell SeniorNet Learning Center
                     Executive Committee Meeting
                            January 4, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 10 AM on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 in the computer
room of the Roswell ARC. In attendance were J.C. Campbell, Tony Cobourn, Marge
DeBennedetto, Bert Emma, Dick Evans, Julie Fogel, John Gordon, Susan Humphreys,
Bob Nelson, Trish Newberry, Emory Reese, Linda Southard, and John Szedon.

The Executive Committee Meeting minutes of August 31, 2004 were approved as

Treasurer’s Report:

Emory Reese presented the attached financial report, dated December 30, 2004. There is
approximately $11,739.28 in the treasury. Obligations incurred, but not paid, include
SeniorNet annual membership and Roswell Park fees for winter 2005 session students
whose classes begin January 2005, which is approximately $1,060.

In reviewing year over year Income Vs Expenses, it was noticed that printing expenses
were significantly larger for 2004. After some discussion, it was determined that this is
due to reprinting of manuals to upgrade the manuals in 2004. There was also concern for
excessive spillage and the renegotiation of our printing contract. However, it was noted
that Roswell SeniorNet continues to net over $2,000 year over year.

Emory reported that the Roswell SeniorNet 501(c)3 application has been approved – we
are now a tax-exempt organization. The officers were provided a copy of the 501(c)3
acceptance letter in case of need. This designation needs to be advertised locally. It was
suggested that possibly we could seek a Roswell public relations firm to do pro bono
work for us given our tax-exempt status. This status will be noted in future printings of
the Roswell Recreation & Parks catalogs, as well as, our student manuals.

Currently we have 52 student enrolled for the Winter 2005 session. However, a sign-up
board usually produces last minute enrollees in classes once it has been posted in the
ARC lobby. Julie Fogel will post this sign-up reminder.

There is a need for an audit committee to audit the 2004 records. Volunteers will be
requested at next week’s quarterly meeting.

President’s Report:

Julie Fogel stated that no one has come forward to each the eBay mini-course and that
she will take on this challenge. Julie will run the mini-course pilot on Thursday, January
13 - session one from 10 AM-12 PM and session two from 1 PM-3 PM. She welcomes
anyone to attend this pilot.
There is still a vacancy for a publicity coordinator and Julie thought that a committee
might be a better way to manage this concern.

Julie announced that Tony Cobourn has volunteered to become our Volunteer
Coordinator. The executive committee thanked Marge DeBennedetto for all her hard
work that she has put in to this area over the years.

Julie issued a challenge to the course coordinators to review the Computer Fundamentals’
Instructor’s Guide for possible incorporation into their courses. This instructor’s guide
was developed by Julie to incorporate additional week-by-week information into the
student manual.

Technology Coordinator Report:

John Gordon expressed his thanks to all, especially Bert Emma, Julie Fogel, Linda
Southard and the ARC staff for assisting in the redesign of the computer room and the
alcove setting. John announced that all the new IBM hardware is in place and working.

John stated that there are several new items related to the instructor’s desk – wireless
keyboard and mouse & a new podium. The ceiling lights at the front of the room have
been rewired to a separate wall switch on the front right wall. The projector has been
mounted to the ceiling

Ghost software has been installed in an attempt to make all student screens identical.
John has requested to be notified with any differences noted in the student screens.

All tables are in place, with some adjustable (with some labor involved) for wheelchairs.
He is awaiting the delivery of 8 chairs provided by City or Roswell.

There are still several outstanding items – tying down the “rats nest” of cords and then
addressing the need for new universal power supply equipment.

John requested to be notified by e-mail of any problems or concerns. He will prioritize
them for action.

Manual Coordinator Report:

Trish Newberry reported that the Kinko’s contract will expire on January 15, 2005 and
will be negotiating a new contract for further needs. The Winter 2005 manuals will be
completed prior to the expiration of the contract.

Trish expressed concern regarding completing the Course Managers’ manual printing
form and the pagination of each chapter.

Bert Emma presented new front and rear manual cover designs that incorporate sponsor
logos (Roswell Recreation & Parks and IBM), customized course software logo(s), local
and national SeniorNet information. It was suggested to add our new 501(c)3 status to
the cover. Bert will add this information and send out to the executive committee for
review and approval.

There is no date for the next printing at this time.

Lab Coordinator Report:

John Szedon stated that he had a good response for commitments to the Winter 2005 lab

John would like to create a list of any and all persons interested in being a part of the lab

John stated that prior to the lab sessions, he sends out a reminder of their commitment
along with suggestions on how to manage the lab. A suggestion was made from the floor
that the lab staff wear their navy SeniorNet shirts for visibility and differentiation.

Other Coordinator Reports:

Julie reported that John Rittenburg stated that all classes are staffed and ready.

Marge stated we have 6 new volunteers and that 3 volunteers have left Roswell SeniorNet
for a net of 70 volunteers. She thanks Tony Cobourn for taking over this position. Please
notify Tony via his e-mail: of any changes of address (snail mail,
and especially e-mail).

Bob Nelson reported that all media is in place in the cabinets. Please contact Bob if you
have a question or concern regarding the floppy disks or the CDs.

John Gordon reported for Helen Gordon that our website is up to date. All coordinators
and officers need to notify Helen of any changes via e-mail.

Bert reported that he had a team meeting to review and update the current manual for the
Internet & E-Mail course. All changes are incorporated with the exception of student
practice e-mail addresses. He hopes to get this information from the city of Roswell.

Bert reported that the Typing/Keyboarding manual is a reference guide and needs
revising. He plans to do this in the near future.

JC stated that the Photoshop Elements class was successful this past fall quarter, but due
to demand was extended an additional week. It will now be a 9-week course.

Linda Southard reported that the HVAC system is still out of balance and she will make it
a priority item.

Linda demonstrated the intercom system by the door for quick communication with the
front desk. The room clock, presently not working, will be reset after the battery is
Linda announced that the ARC is sponsoring a Volunteer Appreciation luncheon on
Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at the ARC from 12 PM – 2 PM. RSVP to the office by
next week.

Other Business:

Elections will be held at the Quarterly meeting. Dick Evans has agreed to run for
treasurer, Susan Humphreys for secretary and Julie Fogel for president.

There is a need for a Curriculum Manager.

Julie presented a suggestion to have an open house once a quarter to introduce reluctant
seniors to the computer. Tempt reluctant users with solitaire/games during the open

Linda stated that there continues to be a need for volunteers to teach computers to the
Developmentally Disabled students in the Roswell area. Presently this area is not being

The concern for private teaching of SeniorNet students was discussed. If the private
student registers and pays the SeniorNet course fees, then the instructor will volunteer his
or her time and can use a SeniorNet course manual and the computer room, if available.
If the private student just pays a fee to the instructor for individual learning, then the
SeniorNet manual and classroom cannot be used. Julie will maintain a list of instructors
available for individualized instruction.

As there was no other business to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 12:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Humphreys