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medium term planning


									Medium Term Planning
Subject: Art / Design Technology                                          Term/No. of weeks 6
Time allocation 6 weeks (12 hours)
Key Learning Objectives
Art and Design ‘Take a seat’ objectives
    To collect visual and other information from a range of sources including the work of other artists and ICT
    To identify features / types of chairs
    To match ideas to the purpose of the design
    Communicate ideas about a chair imaginatively
    To explore and develop ideas for a design
    To experiment with materials and techniques to construct a model chair, adapting and improving as necessary
    To identify the success of a design and comment on its appeal, interest and suggest improvements
Design Technology objectives also met through this project
    To generate ideas for a produce by considering the audience and purpose for the design
    To develop ideas and plan what to do, suggesting a sequence of actions and suggesting alternatives
    Select and use appropriate tools and techniques
    Measure, mark out, cut and shape a range of materials, assemble, join and combine components and materials
    Use finishing techniques to strengthen and improve the appearance of a product
 Recognise that the quality of the product depends on how well it is made and how well it meets its intended purpose.
Week                                               Activities                                            Resources

1              Discuss chairs in common use in different places.                                    Selection of
               Look at pictures showing chairs eg. The Chair by Vincent Van Gogh and                interesting chairs from
                artwork in the Artwork Gallery. Discuss.                                             home / school / other
               Look at chairs in school and/or in the Photo Gallery, discuss their materials        sources to begin a
                and function. Complete Who, What, Where, Why, How? worksheet.                        class gallery.
               Use 'What is a chair?' interactive with its quiz to introduce the nature of chairs   The Chair by Vincent
                and design influences.                                                               Van Gogh
               Encourage children to bring in interesting (miniature) chairs from home to add       Bedford Bytes
                to class gallery. NB: The chairs from the class gallery can be sketched at any       website
                time as an extension task for quicker workers using a variety of different media.
2              Children use Photo Gallery to retrieve individual pictures of chairs.                Optional: ICT suite
               Children download these pictures to put into an imagined Room Setting                Bedford Bytes
                considering purpose and function of chair.                                           website
               NB: Alternatively these pictures could be downloaded and printed out                 Paper and sketching
                beforehand for pupils to use.                                                        pencils / crayons
3              Visit to Cecil Higgins Art Gallery to view chairs in historical context.             Cecil Higgins Art
               Children to choose favourite chair / chairs to sketch in sketchbook noting           Gallery visit
                materials and colours and labelling accordingly.                                     Sketch books/ pencils
4              Use 'Chair Details' interactive to explore the Gallery’s chairs and consider         Optional: ICT suite
                details of design.                                                                   Bedford Bytes
               Working individually children design a chair for a special occasion or an            website
                interesting character reflecting that person’s character eg, Headteacher, an         Sketchbooks or
                event, storybook character.                                                          design sheets from
               Children need to discuss and consider suitable materials to use.                     website.
               Develop initial ideas in sketchbooks or in the Design Booklet.
5            Making                                                                                  Boxes, cardboard
               Children produce scaled down models of chairs from designs                           tubes, paper, egg
               Children make frame of chairs out of card, reclaimed materials.                      boxes and other
               Children use material of choice to cover their chair frame (eg. art-roc, fabric,     suitable reclaimed
                tissue), leave to dry.                                                               materials
               Children paint / use finishing techniques of choice to complete their chair.         Card, Glue
                                                                                                     Masking tape
             NB: This lesson will need to be split into 2 x 1 hour sessions to allow materials to    Art-roc, Fabric
             dry or set.                                                                             Paint mixed with glue
6               Review the chairs made as a class and how successful they are.                      Original designs
                Complete personal evaluation identifying strengths and improvements,                Finished chairs
                 comparing ideas, methods and approaches using the Evaluation Sheet in the           Design Booklet from
                 Design Booklet                                                                      Bedford Bytes
                The finished models can be photographed using a digital camera,                     website.
                 downloaded into Word for the children to write about. A microphone can also         Digital camera /
                 be used to record children’s comments about their chairs into this document.        microphone /
                                                                                                     appropriate word
Can they collect visual and other information?
Can they communicate their ideas about a chair?
Did they use appropriate materials and techniques to construct a model chair?
Can they identify similarities and differences in their own and others work?
Can they adapt and improve their work according to its purpose?

Support if required by adults and peers, encourage improvements within own capabilities

NB: All ICT resources and activities in bold can be found on the Bedford Bytes website. Underlining indicates a hyperlink
to the resource online. Other ICT-related activities are in italics.

Important note about detailed lesson plans: If following the 6 week plan lessons 2,5,6,8 are omitted from the
detailed lesson plans and lessons 9-11 are condensed into 2 sessions. The detailed plans otherwise remain the
same apart from moving the option of using the Chair Details interactive from Lesson 5 to Lesson 7.

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