littlefield manor walk _ trot dressage test three

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					Littlefield Manor Walk & Trot Dressage Test Three

  1      A                  Enter in working trot
                            Proceed down the centre line         10
         C                  Turn left
  2      HEK                Working trot                         10

  3      A                  Serpentine three loops, each loop    10
                            to go to the side of he arena
                            finishing at C
  4      Between C & M      Transition to medium walk            2 x 10
         HBF                Change the rein in free walk on a
                            long rein
         F                  Medium walk
  5      A                  Working Trot
         E                  Circle right 20 m diameter           10
  6      HCM                Working Trot
         B                  Turn right                           10
         E                  Track Left

  7      KAF                Working trot
         B                  Circle left 20m diameter             10
         MC                 Working trot

  8.     H                  Medium walk
         E                  Half circle left 10m diameter to X   10

  8      X                  Down the centre line
         G                  Halt immobility salute               10
                            Leave arena in free walk

                   Collective Marks
  10                        Paces (freedom and regularity)       2x10
  11                        Impulsion (desire to move
                            forward, elasticity and              2x10
  12                        Submission (attention,
                            confidence, ease of movements,       2x10
                            acceptance of the aids and
                            lightness of the forehand)
  13                        Riders position and seat, correct    2x10
                            use of aids
                                                         Total   180

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