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					Ladies & gentlemen

from the land of the old civilizations, from the land of prophets, from the land of poor
people, despite the presence of oil in their land, I send my greetings to the pure,
honorable humanity to the viewers of Filmmakers Against War.
we in Iraq live a difficult life, war, terrorisation, without general services, penury, human
agony, our Iraqi people have became as pieces, with no familiarization, no bonds and
under the surface there are deep grudges, the occupation was the reason & the war was
the way to fire it up.
the Muslims (Sonna & Sheaa) were peaceful with each other, but the Saddam regime
made them enemies, & the US occupation that came is using this feud for control over
Iraq is now under a dangerous civil war, not just between the (sonna & sheaa) but
between any one against any one just for some personal gains.
the Anglo-American war was against Iraqi people not against the Saddam regime, & the
Iraqi people are the victim.
how many people have we lost? My mother died because of cancer in 2004, was the
reason depleted uranium?
Some from the lost were dreaming of bright futures, we are losing every day new
dreamers. When will the Iraqi blood stop flowing? when will we see a settled nice life?
We want, we need the settled nice life, such as other peoples have in other countries.
We no longer think of the welfare of life, but look only for the safety and well-being, but
armed men on the one hand and gangs of criminals who were released by Saddam from
prison before the American invasion of Iraq are behind our instability and overlap with
the results of the occupying forces and from the mistakes in its dealings with the Iraqi
We film makers had to face the dangers, more than any other citizen because we are
targeted by armed insurgent groups who consider us spies working for the occupation.
While the occupying forces consider us assistants for terrorists because we are recording
things that may not be suitable to them.
We don't like the blood scenes,But we were forced to see it every day. We hope for an
end to the flood of Iraqi blood forever.
Finally, I wish to you health and happiness.
your friend
Manaf Shakir
Iraqi filmmaker