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									Hi Everyone,
I was looking at the old parish magazines for April 1982 yesterday and we had 18 Juniors in the
choir, with a WAITING LIST! (we were short of Adults though) Wouldn’t it be good if we could get
to those numbers again ! Why not ask your friends if they’d like to give it a try? (That applies to
adults too! In the meantime here’s the dates for the next few weeks – there are one or two non-
standard events and dates so watch it ! Thanks for all you do for St Mary’s,
1, Grove Road, Boston Spa. Tel (01937) 845711 for apologies (= ½ marks !)
                           Email : j.townend1@ntlworld.com
                     Sundays                                        Thursdays and other days
26 April 9.30 Service as usual please                        30th April Practices at usual times. Seems a
                                                             long time since last Practice !
3rd May All Age Worship – no Choir duties                    7th May Practices at usual times please
10th May 9.30 as usual please – we may get                   14th May usual Practices please
chance to sing something special today
17th May Special service for Christian Aid in                21st May Practices at usual times please
Village Hall at 10.00 am. Come and enjoy

24th May Back to normal at 9.30                              SCHOOLS HALF TERM – No Practice
31st May 9.30 PENTECOST                                      4th June – John away but Practices as usual
Matthew playing today                                        I hope please !
                                                             11th June Practices at usual times please.
7 June – Trinity Sunday
                                                             Please try to be on time !
All Age Worship - No Choir duties
14th June SERVICE AT 10.00 AM –                              18th June Usual Practices please
Methodist Congregation join us
21st June 9.30 as usual please                               25th June Practices at usual times please
                                                             Don’t forget to chart planned Absence
28th June Service at 9.30 please                             2nd July Practices as usual please.

5th July – A A W at 9.30 – No Choir duties      9th July – Practices at usual times please
12th July Usual service at 9.30 – CHECK          16th July LAST PRACTICE until SEP 10th.
TIMES/DATES/Places for next few weeks                 Let’s have FISH & CHIPS and say
                                                     “Goodbye” to the Organ as it was !”
                         19 July HOLIDAY CLUB SERVICE 10 AM
             2nd August Group Holy Communion at Bramham Church – 10 am
                   9th August Group Holy Communion at WALTON – 10 am
              16th August Group Holy Communion at THORP ARCH – 10 am
        23 August Back to Normal – St Mary’s 9.30 HC – come and sing in the choir !
                              30th August Normal 9.30 at St Mary’s
         6 Sept – All age Worship 9.30          10 Sep PRACTICES RE-START –
                                                Temporary Organ installed (we hope.)


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