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Types of Blood Pressure Monitor


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									Are you searching for Blood Pressure Monitors?Taking your blood pressure
and keeping a record of the measurements is important. It will give you
and your doctor information, how much your blood pressure changes during
one day. Blood pressure monitor is an important tool in tracking your
blood pressure. It is important to keep track of your blood pressure to
monitor your condition. Blood pressure monitor detects your both systolic
and diastolic pressure. Having this kind of tool will help you understand
more about the condition you are in and how these changes affect your
daily activities. Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors or Manual blood
pressure monitors-Mostly you will see this blood pressure monitor at your
Doctor's table. Manual blood pressure monitor includes arm cuff, a
squeeze bulb for inflation, a stethoscope or microphone, and a medical
gauge to measure the blood pressure. This monitor is the best if you want
most accurate reading. Disadvantage is that these are of much bigger
sizes as compared to digital ones. You need separate stethoscope.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors:Also called as Electronic or automatic
blood pressure monitor. These are available with wrist as well as arm
cuffs. But arm cuffs digital monitors are considered as more accurate as
compared to wrist monitors. They have a display screen which shows
results. More of these come with only one simple button. Wrap cuff, and
click button , thats it. The only disadvantage of these are that these
are more expensive and sometimes does not give accurate result if cuff is
not wrapped accurately. Better you take 2-3 readings whenever you use
digital monitor.Finger Blood Pressure Monitor:New Technology has arrived.
Those who has to take blood pressure frequently, this finger monitor is
ideal for them. Just place your index finger in finger cuff. Cuff
inflates automatically. LCD will show the results. Highly light weight
and portable. Most people use this monitor, even knowing that this is not
accurate as arm monitors. They usually prefer it because these are most
light weight and dont have to roll up their sleeves. When ever you buy
this monitor, always compare your readings with normal arm BP
apparatus.PEDIATRIC BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR.This monitor comes with small
cuff and a LCD like lcd of video game. This blood pressure monitor will
help in keeping the children calmed and entertained while having their
diagnosis and treatment. Pediatric blood pressure monitor is being used
to screen the hypertension for young children. It is noted that both
systolic and diastolic pressure increased significantly in children
because of the higher number of overweight and obese children. As the
child becomes heavier, the risk of high blood pressure increases as well.
Monitoring blood pressure for pediatrics and children is widely used
nowadays.Wrist blood pressure monitor:If you have fracture of arm or have
arthritis of elbow joints, the preferably use wrist blood pressure
monitor. Though it is said that finger and wrist monitors do not measure
blood pressure very well, some individuals are still using it. These are
more sensitive to body temperature and body position so may give false
reading. These are also too expensive. These come with a cuff, small LCD
and a storage case. Some even with pulse monitor. These are highly
portable. Manufacturers have come up with the idea of adding much utility
to this device, and as a result, the wrist blood pressure device are
improved to look like a watch. For this reason, the wrist blood pressure
monitor has brought the comfort of taking blood pressure into much
greater dimension. This is especially made to suit the lifestyle of wide-
ranging people.
Blood pressure monitor cuff:
When choosing blood pressure monitor, always see size of cuff first. If
you are a fat person, dont go for normal size cuff. You need a larger
size cuff. If you will use normal size cuff , you may hyper inflate it,
giving you false reading. For children, also use smaller size cuffs. All
depends upon your arm size.

What ever you choose for taking blood pressure, idea is try to select
that blood pressure monitor which you can handle, read and operate easily
and comfortably, thus giving you most accurate reading. When taking blood
pressure, Follow all precautions on leaflet comes with any blood pressure

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