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Edition 6/2004-2005                                                                                        3,
                                                                                                 December 1 2004

  CALENDAR                                               We have once again invited the Sea Scouts to our club
                                                         this time for the last twilight race of 04, please make
  December 19     Sail training - Adult Week 2           them welcome. We will be looking for skippers to take
  December 23     Christmas at MYC Evening               the Sea Scouts and their parents out for a sail, if you
  December 26     Boxing Day Sydney-Hobart Race          can assist please let me know. I also remind you that
                          "On the Big Screen"            the Twilight Sailing on December 23 is a fun sail with
  December 31                      -
                  New Year's Eve with the Rocks          prizes for the best decorated boat and crew. I am also
  January 16      Social Pursuit Race - 14:30            reliably informed that Father Christmas has scheduled
  January 21      Skandia Geelong Week - RGYC            a visit on the night.
  January 22      Social Cruising Weekend
  January 22      Newsletter Deadline                    On the evening of Thursday, December 2 we
  January 23 & 30 Adult Sail Training                    welcomed our Scholarship students to the club, five
                                                         young men from Padua College. They were presented
                                                         with year books, information sheets about the club, a
                                                         club hat, tee shirt and yachting gloves courtesy of
                                                         Ronstan our co sponsor with Sport Phillip Marine for
  Commodore's Report                                     the Thursday twilight series. Many thanks to Tim
                                                         Melville. Our scholarship students will have the
  December is here and we are moving fast into the       opportunity to take a sail training course through the
  New Year ahead, I feel someone has sped up the         MYC sail training program, be involved in race
  clock without letting us know.                         management at various times during the season and to
                                                         sail on Saturdays and Sundays. I thank Vicki Robbins
  Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends   for her suggestion to once again offer scholarships and
  and what better place to that but at the yacht club.   for encouraging Thomas Pratt, Alex Collins, Tom
  Your Social Committee have arranged events over        Bateman, Martin O’Brien and Lucas Jacobs to join this
  the Christmas New Year period for those of us not      program, well done.
  heading off to other destinations on holidays, details
  listed in this newsletter.                              You must be wondering how we are progressing with
                                                          the various projects discussed through this newsletter,
  Our Social Committee have been asked to raise what I can say is that we are making progress and in
  funds towards air-conditioning at the club and they the new year you will start to see some improvements
  have organised a raffle to do this. The prize is taking place. I was also hoping that I could announce
  fantastic and the odds of winning very good with the outcome of our grant application but this is not to
  only 400 tickets available. This will be our only be, my understanding is that the decisions have been
  request to ask you to put your hand into your pocket made but the Minister will not be announcing the
  this season so don’t miss out as these 400 tickets will grants until January 05. As such we will just have to be
  go fast.                                                a little more patient.
 To our members taking part in the Sydney to Hobart              Cruising
 yacht race we wish you every success and a safe and
 enjoyable passage, our best wishes to Grant Wharington          Alan Clark (Whisper) has some plans on the go, including a
 and his crew on Scandia Wild Thing may you be the first         trip to the city for News years eve to see the fireworks from
 yacht to win the Sydney To Hobart back to back, we are          the best seat in the house – the river, and also a round-the-
 all behind you.                                                 bay cruise over the holidays. Talk to Alan for the details.

 To all our Members and to our hard working committee,           Schnapper Point.
 sub committees, volunteers, race administration and
 management people I take this opportunity to wish you all       February is not far away, and that is Schnapper Point time.
 a safe and wonderful Christmas with a New Year full of          The dates are February 12 and 13, and we are putting in
 promise.                                                        some effort to make this Regatta an important event in
                                                                 Mornington, all over the Peninsula and around the Bay. It is
 Happy Sailing                                                   the only regatta we are running this season, so it should be
                                                                 the high point of sailing for all club members.
 Noel Heyes - Commodore
                                                                 If you are not sailing, we will be looking for help in a
                                                                 number of areas and we’ll let you know how you can be
                                                                 involved as we get closer. Put those dates in the diary now!
                                                                 Twilight Series #1
                                                                 We are at the business end of this (an 8 race series) and it’s
                                                                 tight at the top. Ross Hamilton and his redoubtable crew in
                                                                 Morning Light is hanging on to a slender lead and I can see
                                                                 the last round on December 23 being very closely contested.
                                                                 Don’t forget there is a prize for the best -dressed boat that
                                                                 night, put your best tinsel forward!
                                                                 Other Sailing Events
                                                                 February 19          Port Phillip Sea Pilots Trophy Race -
                                                                 Hobsons Bay Yacht Club
                                                                 March 11 to 14       Top of the Bay Keelboat Regatta –
                                                                 Royal Brighton Yacht Club
                                                                 April 30/May 1       Association Challenge Cup – Royal
                                                                 Yacht Club of Victoria
Sailing Committee Report
This could be a short report because there has not been
much sailing! What strange weather we are having, and not              MYC Sailing Scholarship Winners
what we ordered. All we can do is wait for an

After this Saturday we go into “Trophy Race mode for a
few weeks, giving the Race Crew a break. Several boats are
planning campaigns elsewhere over the break, most notably
Windsong and Wild Thing in the Sydney Hobart, and
Morningstar in the Melbourne Hobart. Both Etchells and
Flying Fifteens are contesting their national titles in Sydney
and Adelaide respectively, and the S80’s doing their State
titles at Sandringham. Good luck to all.

A new face in the Race Office.

Most competitors will know that Steve Bardsley has had to
go to the UK for family reasons. That leaves a huge hole in
our race management team and we are lucky to have Geoff
                                                                 Photo: From left Alec Collins, Marty O'Brien, Tom
Nye agree to step into that gap. Geoff has very quickly
                                                                 Bateman Lucas Jacob and Thomas Pratt.
mastered the intricacies of producing race results and all
the other detail that’s involved in running races at MYC, so     Pictured are our Scholarship winners. All the boys are from
introduce yourself to him when you sign on.                      Year 9 at Padua College and have been awarded Scholar-
ships for the remainder of the season and the next. Tom          VICTORIA POLICE WATER SAFETY DAY
Bateman is very experienced and will be competing in the                              AT MYC
Sabre Nations & State Titles in 2004, the others are true
novices. The boys so far have enjoyed the Thursday night
twilight and a Saturday on the rescue and start boats. They               A GREAT SUCCESS
will be participating in the Sail Training Course (already
commenced) and be using Club OTB boats on Sundays. 220 young people attended MYC on November 26 for the
They are very keen (don't get sick!) and are looking for all Victoria Police Water Safety Day. The young people were
types of experiences.                                         given an opportunity to experience something new and way
                                                              beyond what life had offered them in the past. MYC
If I was a skipper I certainly would want to mentor one of provided the venue and the opportunity to try sailing. Not
these lads. We will be looking to settle the boys into a boat much wind that day but most enjoyed the experience.
for the season once they have completed their training. So
think about it skippers, don't miss this opportunity!Please Thanks to the skippers and crews who provided their boats
make the boys and their families feel welcome at the club. (10 in all from the club) and time. It was really appreciated
We are confident they will prove to be a great asset to our by the organizers.
Junior development.

On behalf of the boys thanks to our sponsors, Ronstan and            LOCAL COMMUNITY TRY SAILING
Sport Phillip for the sailing gloves, t shirts and caps. A big
thank you to all committee, rescue boat staff and skippers December 12 saw the rerun of the "Go Sailing Day" which
who have helped with the program todate.                       was previously cancelled due to bad weather. 66 people
                                                               including adults and kids took the opportunity to try sailing.
Vicki Robbins, Youth Development                               For all of them it was enjoyable and for most it was their
                                                               first try at sailing. We were blessed with light winds (too
                                                               light in the morning). Many expressed great interest in
Trailable Training Day No. 2                                   learning to sail and joining the club.

Following the success of the last training day for trailables, Thanks again to skippers and crews including the "Sailing
a second day is being planned for January 30. If you are for Everyone" team and all those who helped on the day for
interested please register at the office before January 9 to giving your time to promote the club and sailing generally.
enable us to find enough coaches for the day.
                                                               John Hart - Special Events.
Ray Aisbett - Class Captain

                                                                               LADIES LUNCHEON

                                                                                 Friday 7th January
                                                                                      12 noon

                                                                            Guest Speaker: Keith Ross

                                                                                 MEN WELCOME
                                                                                 (this month only)

                                                                          Bring your husband, boyfriend,
                                                                                Lover or all three.

                                                                        Please book at the office 9575 7001
Photo: A holiday shot.

 S T IL L L OOK IN G F OR T H AT L AS T               On behalf of the Commodore and the General
      MIN U T E CH R IS T MAS GIF T !                 Committee of Mornington Yacht Club have a
                                                      safe and Happy Christmas and holiday
Why not visit the Quartermaster's Clothing Store at
MYC. See Michelle in the office for some great deals.
“Think BIG- Think BROOME!!                                                   Jenny Boden for the Social Committee
I’m sure you would have read in our last newsletter, we have decided to run a ONCE ONLY raffle for the 2004/2005
sailing season. The money raised from this raffle will to help ‘fund’ the various social events we have planned
throughout the season and any excess will be directed back into the club for specific club purchases. If you stop to
think about it, one must wonder:- Who pays for the band every Thursday night? Who paid for the WOW factor at our
Cocktail Party? Who is paying for the big screen telecast on Boxing Day? Who paid for the most magnificent
Christmas tree? Who is paying for BEST dance band in Melbourne for our Gala Dinner?          The list goes on and so
does our planning for other special events.
We need your support to help us to do all these things –but we will only be asking for your help ONCE...... You
might think that “ well I won’t be going to any of these functions anywa y, so why support them?” That would be a sad
case scenario, but if that is how you feel, then just buy a ticket to win the prize !!!!! Take a look at the enclosed
brochure on the breakdown of the prize and realise that you MUST be “in it to win it”!         It would make a great
Christmas present for someone (more chance of winning than buying those Tattslotto tickets!). Remember, the prize
will be drawn at our Mid Season Ball in February. Tickets are available through the MYC Office or by those lovely
‘social’ ladies every Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.
Please get behind YOUR club on this – that way, EVERYONE wins.............

CHRISTMAS AT MYC                                                                    THURSDAY DECEMBER 23
Don’t forget to get out those excess Christmas decorations and celebrate Christmas with our MYC family and friends
at our “Pre-Christmas Eve” party on Thursday, December 23 – the last Thursday night sail prior to Santa arriving!
Santa is already packing his bag full of treats for our kids and Santa will also be the judge of our “Best Dressed Boat”
and “Best Dressed Crew” Competition.         We might have to speak to the sailing committee and make a “Christmas
Ruling” that no one will qualify for the race unless we there is SOME ‘glitter’ on board!!!!

BOXING DAY                                                                              SUNDAY DECEMBER 26
The weather forecast for Boxing Day is warm and sunny – perfect day to meet up at the club to watch our Mornington
boats at the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The large screen telecast is all set, the arrival of some of the
Cock of the Bay fleet is planned and the gourmet BBQ packs are all ordered. You can bring along your own fare
(perhaps left over Christmas turkey or the like) or you can purchase our MYC Gourmet BBQ Packs for just $10.00.
Delicious salads will be provided by your Social Committee and a fun day is definitely ‘in the wind’. Bookings are
not necessary but we would love to have a great turn out – get a few friends together and COME ON DOWN!

NEW YEAR’S EVE                                                                      SATURDAY DECEMBER 31
Tickets are still available for New Year’s Eve at MYC. As mentioned previously, The Rocks Restaurant is catering
for members and others to join in the festivities in the Club Rooms. A three course Mediterranean buffet dinner, a
complimentary glass of French Champagne at midnight and some dancing music will set the atmosphere for a great
night. Tickets for the evening are $65pp for MYC members and $75pp for non members. Bookings and payments
are to be made through the MYC office. There are LIMITED numbers of tickets left so BE QUICK to secure your

MYC MID-SEASON BALL                                                                  SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19
With only being on sale for just over a week, we have already sold over 130 tickets (and we still have 10 weeks to
go!). The enthusiasm about this event has been contagious and I have a feeling we will be turning people away from
the door!!!. We will only be selling a maximum of 300 tickets so that we have room for that HUGE dance floor to
show of our dancing skills. If you have not yet booked your table – you should do so NOW. For those ‘singles’ in
the club, we have set aside some ‘singles tables’ so no need to feel shy about coming along alone, just put your name
down on one of these ‘singles tables’ and who know what might happen!!!! Tickets are on sale now at the MYC