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									                                     Glossop Gossip
                                        Edition 14, 13th June 2003

Well, finally the next edition, I have decided that this will be a combined May/June Edition as it has been
very difficult to find time to get to my house and compose/write the newsletter in such a busy month. As
you may notice I am type this edition on the electric typewriter that Jules picked up at a garage sale, and a
very good buy it was. Thank you for the lend Jules and I hope to have more ink for the printer by the next
month and possibly be on the internet which would enable me to E-mail the majority. Anyway on with
the news ….

To follow on from the last info on Dad. His move to Gracedale Lodge has not been without incident.
Initially Dad was very confused and quite disorientated, and we knew this would happen and were
prepared for it, I suppose we were not prepared for the nasty comment and sarcasm as he began to
improve healthwise. I suppose this sounds quite petty, but having to put up with this day after day
certainly wore Mum and myself down. We pick up Dad and take him out, either for a drive of to visit
someone as often as we can, but at least every third day. Even Mum says she has seen more of the
countryside in these last few weeks than in the 3-odd years that she has lived here. Dad enjoys the drive
and we can take him over the same area each week and he still enjoys it! We have dad a couple of trips to
the Italian Club, but I must admit it is not my most favourite place to take Dad as he invariably causes a
scene. Whether it concerns him having a drink or because “He will not be told what he can or cannot do
by anyone especially a lot of ladies”. He has also caused a bit of concern when he up and walks out of the
Lodge in the evening/night when it is dark. He actually walked up to the Club last week after I had
dropped him to the Lodge so he could have tea, and though it is good to see that he is up to the walk,
getting it through his head that it is dangerous for him out at night falls on deaf ears. I have now had to
ask the ladies at the Lodge to watch him after dark and deter him if they can, and as Dad is always very
nice to them it is better coming from them. The decision on whether to take the chance and bring Dad
home to live again has been a very hard one to make, and I know Mum has talked to each of you about
this. The consensus is that he is not yet ready, and Mum is not yet ready, for him to come home full time
so it looks like we will be asking for respite for at least 3 months, perhaps 6. We do feel that if Dad came
home now it would take him no time to revert back to his old habit of not eating and laying in bed for
almost the whole day, which is not good for anyone. In 3-6 months he may have got into more of a
routine, and will begin to get more out of life, here’s hoping.

Anyway what a great month it has been for visits up this way. Geoff arrived from Queensland on
Wednesday night (April 30th) with John collecting him from the airport. The spent Thursday at John and
Sam’s, with Geoff being very impressed with their home. The trek to Morwell was made on Friday
afternoon, unfortunately too late to see Terri, who had come up that day as well. I’m sure everyone will
catch up with the whole G-Glossop family when they come down in December. Dad was still in hospital
at that time so after a quick visit, it was back to Mum’s and then to Chris’s to settle in for sleep. My house
hasn’t seen such activity in so short a time! The next day we visited Dad in relays as there was too many
of us as Kym also arrived to visit, which was lovely. Unfortunately she had to leave that night as she had
a BBQ at a friend’s to go to. The rest of the day was spent talking (can you believe that!!) and drinking
(tea of course!)

That night, when Mum was settled after a very hectic day, I went back to my house where Julie,
Samantha, Steven and Sharon joined Geoff, John, Sam, Bailey and myself in a fairly mean game of
Scattergories (I have some very rude relations!) This was interrupted every now and again by challenge
games of car racing on the Playstation. The conclusion was – Chris is THE WORST DRIVER!! The night
finished for me at about 3.30am when I headed back to Mum’s leaving Geoff and John to play on –
needless to say there was a bit of sleep-in happening the next day.

Once again we visited Dad, who was beginning to look forward to leaving hospital the next day, it was
back home to watch the Brisbane V Geelong game on TV. Geelong lost by 14 points, but I won a
tattslotto from Geoff who gave me five goals in – silly boy. The it was time to say goodbye to everyone.
It was a wonderful weekend and might I say Geoff is looking mighty fine with the weight he has lost, but
it was so quiet once they had all gone.

Dad’s Birthday was a very good day as well. I picked him up at 11.30 and bought him home for lunch, he
had already received cards at the Lodge and there was more for him at home, so he enjoyed reading them
all. He was thrilled with the TV Mum (and we all) bought for him, but he did ask me to look for a chain
and lock to secure it in his room at the lodge – I convinced him this was not necessary. The big surprise
came in the late afternoon when Bob arrived after making the very long 5 plus hour drive from Numurkah
to visit and I know the mad Dad and Mum’s day. It was lovely to see him and he was able to see their
house for the first time and was suitably impressed. I know Mum and Dad appreciated your driving all
that way to stay a few hours before making the long trek home. Bob and I took Dad and TV back to the
Lodge just in time for the residents to sing Happy Birthday complete with Cake, and they also gave him a
card and box of chocolates, which was very nice. The Birthday celebrations continued on Monday when
Terri, John, Sam and Bailey came up and we took Dad to the Italian Club for lunch. The lunch was lovely
but Dad’s behavior this day made me swear that I would never take him there again – time will tell.

Mum, meanwhile has not been too bad. A visit from Vision Australia regarding lighting around the house
ended with mum scoring two new lamps, one for the lounge near her chair and the other over where she
makes her cup of tea, and the good thing is that they were free!! Mum has had a few off days, a few chest
pains, sick in the stomach etc. We are putting it down to some new tablets the Doctor has put her on for
the fluid in her leg and lungs, but the side effects are a bit unpleasant and I will be keeping a close eye on
her. Otherwise she is going well.

BOB and DI
Well Bob and Di, Amanda and Scott have finally managed to have a week’s holiday after 18 years and
they tell me it was very enjoyable. They came to Melbourne on Sunday 1st June where they met up with
Jaimie and her boyfriend Johan who had flown over from New Zealand to take over the running of the
farm for the week. The all went to the football at Telstra Dome where they saw the Essendon V West
Coast game, and as Essendon won they were very happy! From there they went to St Kilda where they
rented a Unit new The Esplanade and then spent a few days visiting the sights of Melbourne including the
Melbourne Zoo. The Aquarium and going to the pictures. They then headed to Torquay, stopping on the
way to visit the Werribee Zoo, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, though very nice at
Torquay the weather had changed by this time and they wandered along the beach in gale force winds!
But they enjoyed themselves anyway arriving back home on Saturday.

Meanwhile Jaimie and Johan were doing a good job running the farm, though Johan was a bit ill for a
couple of days, not sure if it was just the change of water or the yabbies they caught and cooked up for tea
(the yabbies would have done it for me!). They then left on the Saturday, heading for Ballarat to visit
Jaimie’s Mum and Grandma before going to Port Douglas for a week’s holiday before heading back to
New Zealand. We would love to hear how the rest of the holiday went Jaimie.

Jeffery, meanwhile was half expected to visit Mum and Dad on the weekend of the 1st June, but when he
didn’t turn up and there was no phone call we thought we may have mixed up the dates. Well we finally
found out that while on his way to Ballarat from Alice Springs Jeff was overtaking a big a Mack Truck at
some speed when a big red kangaroo jumped in front of him (to mis the truck) hitting the side of Jeff’s
car. Luckily Jeff was OK but the car had a lot of damage. He arrange for the car to be repaired and for
him to continue on by Greyhound bus to Ballarat. The next phone call at Ballarat was to say he had
missed his bus – due to arrive at 4.45pm, but could he be collected when the next one arrived at 4.45am!!
Well apparently it took a bit of convincing but his Grandma got out of bed and picked him up (lucky
Jeff). With any luck he will be able to collect his car soon and then head for Adelaide, after which he is
hoping to visit Morwell before going on to see Bob and Di. Take the foot off the pedal a bit Jeffrey and
arrive safe.

Well Pete and Di are at this moment enjoying their holiday on the lovely Hamilton Island after spending a
week at Burleigh Heads and we are looking forward to the report on this in the next newsletter.

Ben is well and tells me that Keiton has now his first tooth (though he has probably got three of four as I
am so late) glad to hear all is well there. Work is going well but they are offering redundancy packages all
the time but Ben says he will wait until they tell him he has to take one before he leaves – you tell them

Luke has made the move to Boronia and all is going well, his new address is:
      14 Faraday Street
      Boronia 3155 Telephone : 9761 1889

A great time was had by all who were able to go out to the Karaoke night for his Birthday and I am still
waiting for a report on this Luke, though from what I have heard you should all keep your day jobs.

Still not able to get a great lot of information from the Raynor family, apparently not a lot happens down
at Bayswater or nothing they think anyone would be interested in. All is well with Adrian and Evan still
working at their respective jobs and enjoying it. How about a rundown on a few of the films you have
seen guys.

Well as I stated before life is pretty hectic, but in between visits to Dad and doing the regular things with
Mum I have still been able to put in an Avon order every few weeks. I have also taken over the cleaning
of a couple of houses that Jules did not want to do anymore, just once a week. I also applied for a job at
the new BiLo store that is opening at the Mid Valley Shopping Centre in Morwell and was lucky enough
(after an aptitude test and interview) to be given a casual position as a service assistant in the grocery
department (so I’ll be stocking shelves) which suits me down to a tee. Not sure how many hours but I am
going for a training day on the 14th June from 8.00am to 5.00pm so that should be interesting.

Have visited the kids twice in a couple of weeks as they packed and cleaned up the house in Chirnside
Park for their big move. You all think I accumulated a lot of stuff, just imagine what the four of them had.
But with everyone pitching in and thanks to Mr Harris and David it was accomplished in time. The
second visit was to help Kym and Dan settle in by putting up curtains and unpacking the boxes we just
packed, and though it was a flying visit it was nice to see it all coming together after a few initial hang-ps.
Even Bonnie and Narla have settled in well.

The only other thing was another win of a tattslotto ticket, this time from John when Geelong this time
beat Hawthorn. Unfortunately it was not a winning ticket on the money side, but a win is a win, thanks
Dan and Kym have moved into a house that has a self contained bungalow and Dan was lucky enough to
score the house which has three bedrooms but is not too big for one person to look after. His is quite
thrilled at having all that room to himself and has plans for a computer/games room and also a room for
his weights. It also has a new covered verandah which will be great for entertaining in the summer
months. Just keep unpacking those boxes Dan, you don’t know what you will find. He is still working
hard but has almost decided to give footy away as he does do some damage to his knees. Maybe it is a
good idea to go out at the peak of your career Dan, after once again getting best on ground, well done.

Paul and Leanne, after a lot of hard work packing and cleaning finally made the move to Leanne’s parents
place in Kilsyth where they are hoping to be able to save quicker for their house. It was lovely of them to
take them back in to help out.

Kym as I stated before, moved into the bungalow and with the curtains up and everything unpacked is
quite comfortable. Though it is quite small she has a bedroom, lounge area, kitchenette and shower and
toilet and of course the use of the verandah and seems very happy. She is still busy working at the
kindergarten and has some more work at the Monbulk Primary School which has brought her hours up.

New Addresses – (removed as they are no longer relevant).

After checking with Jules she says there is nothing really to tell, nothing going on, but I know she has
been doing some serious digging in the garden and it is now looking terrific. She has created another layer
in the back and the plants are all going well. She, of course, keeps herself busy with work and ironing and
helping at the school. Carey, meanwhile, has completed a very complex project on the computer for a
man on his family history, all written German, and it worked out very well with the man being very
impressed, so there may be more work headed Carey’s way with any luck.

Samantha has now left her job as cleaner and has secured full time work at Coles as Supervisor from 5 till
12pm Mon to Fri which has made her very happy. Well done Samantha you deserve it after all your hard
work, I am sure it will go well.

All is well in Queensland and I think Geoff would have been glad to get home after his rather hectic trip
to Melbourne. I have enclosed a very informative rundown of Geoff and Pamela’s trip to Western
Australia. They thoroughly enjoyed it and I want to thank Geoff for typing and printing this out for me, it
was a great help and something which you will all enjoy reading; it certainly made me want to travel over
there. Their next trip is up the coast to Pamela’s parents place for her Dad’s retirement party, a surprise

Krystal is now over her flu and feeling much better. She had a dance competition recently where they
entered the Latin Section for the first time and did very well. They have more competitions coming up
and I will keep you informed of the results, good luck Krystal.
All is well at Narre Warren after they also had bouts of the flu with young Bailey copping a bad dos of
this too. I am pleased to say he is now up and at it and crawling all over the place having finally got his
arms and legs to coordinate. You won’t be able to stop him now Sam. John is currently on holidays for a
while so have a good break, hoping to see you in Morwell soon.
SAMANTHA CASS                  - HAPPY BIRTHDAY – 27th May

PETER & Di GLOSSOP             - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – 3rd June


There has been some questions asked regarding Christmas this year. Last year it was noted how it was
becoming an increasingly busy day for those who had to visit up to three different family functions on the
one day. The suggestion has been put up that we hold our Christmas Day a week before Christmas, either
a Saturday or Sunday, which may enable everyone to get together and then have the actual Christmas Day
with their own children and perhaps In-laws. This means our Christmas would be held on 20-21st
December. I am happy to hold it at my place in Morwell (unless someone else was already booked in), so
perhaps the 20th which would enable everyone who came to either stay overnight and go home on the
Sunday or go home Saturday afternoon and rest on Sunday. Now I really need your input into this
suggestion so we can get it all organized so everyone knows what is happening. So please contact me as
soon as you can. Talk it over with your kids, and hopefully it will enable them all to join in and make
Christmas less hectic. Any other suggestions can also be included in future newsletters.

Aunty June Young
An update on Aunty June since her operation and subsequent stroke. Things have not gone as well as
everyone had hoped and the physiotherapy has not been as successful as Aunty June expected. She has
had a few falls at Sandra’s since our last update, the last resulting in a slight fracture in her hip. She is
pretty down and I know her whole family is doing everything possible to keep her spirits up. We have
been able to visit her while she was up at Sandra’s and have promised to take Mum down to her home to
visit very soon. We have forwarded to her love and best wishes from us all and will keep you updated as
to her condition.

WAVERIDER – Seen by Pete and Di, and Mum, Dad and Chris - thoroughly enjoyed by all, an easy film
to watch. Dad didn’t think it had much of a story and was more interested in the lollies.

MATRIX RELOADED – Seen by quite a few and the consensus was very good, the action scenes were

Well this is about as far as I can go this time, please send in some more information for the next
newsletter due in by 15th July 2003. I would really like to hear from a few of my nephews and nieces,
remember anything you do is new to those who live far away and don’t get to see you very often, and I
know you do something.


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