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									       Heritage in reconstruction / heritage of reconstruction
The speakers

Stephen Essex
Dr Stephen Essex is a Reader in Human Geography and Acting Deputy Head of the
School of Geography at the University of Plymouth. His current teaching and research
focuses on tourism and urban and rural planning, especially post-war reconstruction
planning in the UK and the infrastructural implications of the Olympic Games. He has
published a number of papers on the post-war reconstruction of Plymouth with Professor
Mark Brayshay (also University of Plymouth), including „Town versus country in the
1940s: Planning the contested space of a city region in the aftermath of the Second World
War‟ (Town Planning Review, 2005), „Vision, vested interest and pragmatism: who re-
made Britain‟s blitzed cities?‟, (Planning Perspectives, 2007) and „Boldness diminished?
The post-war battle to re-plan a bomb-damaged provincial city‟ (Urban History,

Jane Grenville
Jane set out to be a prehistorian but soon realised that this would be boring. She learnt
about buildings archaeology from Harold Taylor and Warwick Rodwell, and architectural
history as a fieldworker on the 1980s listed buildings re-survey. She came to understand
the intricacies of conservation as the casework officer for the Council for British
Archaeology and then combined all these experiences to teach on the Conservation
Studies MA programme at the University of York. She has recently finished a stint as a
Commissioner of English Heritage. She has stumbled into post-war reconstruction
studies through applying a theoretical stance to the consideration of post-war casework
issues at EH.

Jeremy Gould
Jeremy has written and lectured widely on the architectural history of the twentieth
century.     His current research focuses on post-War planning and architecture,
particularly on the design of the post-War cities of Exeter, Bristol and Plymouth, and on
specific buildings of the post-War period including County Halls in Exeter and Truro
where he has prepared Listed Building Management Guidelines. He is Professor of
Architecture at the University of Plymouth.

Phil Jones
Phil‟s research focus is on historic and contemporary urban regeneration, addressing
issues of sustainability and theoretical approaches to the city. A lecturer in the School of
Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, he is
currently working on the use of geo-spatial technologies to capture local understandings
of place.

Julian Lamb
Julian has wide interests in heritage and archaeology, and has lectured at the Ironbridge
Institute. He is now interested in developing concepts of sustainability and heritage. He
is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Property, Construction and Planning at Birmingham
City University.

Alan Lewis
Alan‟s Doctoral thesis was a historical study of the plans drawn up for Sheffield‟s city
centre between 1936 and 1952. He is currently a Research Associate in the School of
Architecture at the University of Sheffield.

Peter J Larkham
Peter has written extensively on aspects of the post-war replanning and reconstruction in
the UK, focusing on issues of urban form, urban design and conservation. He is
currently Professor of Planning in the School of Property, Construction and Planning at
Birmingham City University. He is a Council Member of both the International Planning
History Society and the International Seminar on Urban Form.

Joe Nasr
Joe has wide-ranging research interests which include post-war reconstruction and
urban agriculture. He held a 1-year Leverhulme Research Fellowship working with Peter
Larkham at Birmingham, and is a Visiting Fellow attached to the Strategic Development
Research Unit, School of Property, Construction and Planning at Birmingham City
University. When not “visiting” he is currently an Associate at the Center for Studies in
Food Security at Ryerson University, Toronto.
joenasr@compuserve.com jnasr@ryerson.ca

Malcolm Tait
Malcolm has research interests across a range of planning issues. He is particularly
interested in how planning manages urban change. He has written on the urban village
movement and also received British Academy research funding to investigate
contemporary planning processes in Exeter. Malcolm is currently a lecturer in Town and
Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield.

Aidan While
Aidan has a broad ranging interest in various aspects of political conflict related to urban
and regional development. This has included work on the outcomes of changing
attitudes to the legacy of modernist architecture and planning. Aidan is a Senior
Lecturer in Town and Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield.

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