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					Heriot-Watt University
Family and Personal Relationships Lab
4th Year Honours Project Application Form

Please fill in the following application and return by e-mail to or drop off at David Brewster Room 2.67. Note: If there is a
seemingly good fit, I will contact you with an invitation to discuss an honours project
with me. If you do not hear from me, you should pursue other staff members whom
will most likely have interests that are a better fit with yours. Meanwhile, think of a
back-up staff member you might want to pursue. There is no person that is right or
wrong to work with my lab – I am looking primarily at how your interests,
experiences, and skills make you a good fit – so that you will succeed with the types
of projects we do!




Tell me briefly about your career aspirations? Why are you studying
Tell me briefly why you want to join the Family and Personal Relationships Lab
and participate to do a 4th year honours project?

Do you do any paid work on the side of your schooling and if so tell me briefly
about it (e.g., how many hours a week)?

Do you have any previous research or job experience that could be an asset to
the lab in general (e.g., you design web pages or work for a company that might
want to sponsor our research, etc)?
Please rate your knowledge/experience of each of the below using the following

     1               2               3                4                5
 Not good                           OK                             Very Good
No experience                   Some experience                   Much Experience

     HUMAN BIOLOGY                                        STATISTICS

     WEB PAGE DESIGN                                      COMPUTER PROGRAMMING

     PUBLIC SPEAKING                                      REPORT WRITING

     LOGICAL THINKING                                     PSYCHINFO SEARCHES

     MULTI-TASKING                                        KEEPING DEADLINES

     INTERVIEWING STRANGERS                               SPSS DATA ENTRY

If asked, would you be able to provide evidence to attest to the above claims? YES   NO

Please provide the name of at least one Heriot-Watt School of Life Sciences staff
member who can attest to your abilities and motivation:

Go to:

and take the Big Five Personality Test … then copy your results into the section
below (nothing is more or less “right”):
I would like to see a sample of your writing that you are particularly proud of.
Please paste in below a sample of your writing about anything – between 200 to
400 words max:

Please tell me briefly in what direction/area of my research you would like to
conduct your honours project? This doesn’t have to be too well-thought out; I
just want to see how you resonate. What is it you might want to do? Why do you
want to do that? How is it relevant? What is the theoretical basis? How would it
be done (with whom, using what general methods, etc.) Max 200-400 words

Note: The Family and Personal Relationships Lab values and actively seeks diversity in all forms.
Diversity in race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, ethnicity, economic opportunity,
health and mental health, impairment, cultural experience, and sub-cultural identity are all valued. In
fact, all diversity makes research stronger and your perhaps unique perspective may be very helpful.
This is an LGBT safe-zone . Spread the word!