Doncaster Dolphins Newsletter - October by sofiaie


									       September 2005

    Club Contacts
President:    David Pope
             9878 2602

Vice President:
    Mal Williams 9891 3636                                                      Don’t forget to check the web site for
                                                                                recent results and photos.
    Jane Kinsey 9850 5474
                                                                                September Birthdays
 Margaret Mark        9859 7716
                                  Editorial                                     Phil Matthews    3rd
                                  Chris Killey                                  Andrew Gilchirst 6th
Asst. Treasurer:
    Jan Sayers 9438 2046                                                        Maria Galambos 8th
                                  Thankyou to the many contributors in          Raelene Patterson 11th
Club Captain:
                                  this edition. It certainly makes it easier,
   Phil Matthews 9570 7747
                                  as life is only getting busier in the
Asst Captain:                     Killey house. Apologies for missing out       President’s Report
   Frank Godden 9435 7884         that Donna and Dot both won gold in           It was great to see David at morning tea
                                  Canada at the Worlds in the open water        during the month. He had some
                                                                                amazing stories, but is glad to be back
    Kaye Jarrott 9842 4880        swims and that Frank C. also broke the
                                                                                here with family.
                                  Aussi record for the 800 free, (obviously
Club Recorder:
                                  the altitude was not a problem for that       Hopefully David, you can feel all the
   Murray Burns 9846 1248
                                  event!)                                       love and positive thoughts coming your
Club Delegate shared by:          Please keep telling me if I leave out         Coaches Report
Colin McCraith and                details, I am trying hard to include
                                  every thing, or if I have made a mistake      Frank Godden
David Pope
                                  or left out a decimal point, (sorry Dot ,     Have a great holiday Frank and
Social Director:                  made your time super quick.) but due to       Helen. Frank C. and Sue will be
  Jan Sayers 9438 2046            the business of life and the 25th             taking training in his absence.
                                  anaesthetic in my brain, I sometimes
Club Apparel:                     over look a mistake with out realising it.
Vicki Horn 9879 335               All my efforts are going into my family,          Club Captains Report
                                  book writing and recovery. Thankyou to                   Phil Matthew
Head Coach & Fitness Director
                                  all of those who have given me support
Frank Godden……….9848 3747
                                  this year, it is appreciated.
                                  Congratulations to Colin McCraith who
                                  has taken on the roll as Vice President
Editor: Chris Killey              of operations to help save Aussi Vic.         Congratulations to the swimmers at
learningmadeeasier@               Colin will no longer be on the                North lodge, Mildura Games and to 9844 1611             Doncaster Committee. Thankyou for all         the 31 swimmers at the short course
                                  you have done.                                meet on Saturday.
   Webmaster: Stuart Burns                                                   Congratulations to Frank C who broke
                                  Brian Walsh has joined us on the              the national record in the 200 fly and
                                  committee. Thankyou.                          200 free and got State records in the
   Doncaster Dolphins                                                           50 fly and 100 free. Dot who broke a
     P.O. Box 2129                WELCOME                                       state record and Brian Walsh who
   Templestowe, 3107                                                            broke 2 state records.
                                  Marla from Perth,
                                                                                Thanks to Chris K. for helping filling
    Dolphin of the Month          Kim from Christ Church                        with relay forms. A small group had a
      Brian Walsh                                                               drink at the pub.
                                                                                Get your entries in now for the long
                                                                                distance short course. Entries close
                                                                                Sep 6th.
September 2005
NORTH LODGE PENTATHLON –                   Social Report and Calendar               Adventure Holidays on a 7 day swim
Dorothy Dickey                                                                      around the Central Cyclades group of
                                           Ski Weekend
                                                                                    islands. Together with a bit of well-
                                           Sep 9th-11th Have Fun!!                  planned ‘padding’ it would take us
Only 5 Dolphins (Sarah, Kylie, Ray,
                                           Race Night – Friday night Trots          away for just over three weeks.
Maria and me attended the North
Lodge Meet on Saturday, 12th               Stay tuned for dates                     We’d been saving all our small
August. There would have been                                                       change, buying Tattslotto tickets,
                                           Point Leo-Boxing Day                     doing our research, having regular
approx. 70+ swimmers altogether.
As usual it is a challenging meet          Do the ocean water swim and then play    ‘planning’ dinners and generally ear-
having to do all 5 events, a 50 fly (or    crochet and have a B.B.Q .at Colin’s     bashing anyone who’d listen for some
only 25 if you are over 60), 50 back,      place at Point Leo                       20 months. We’d prepared ourselves
50 breast, 50 free and a 100IM. The                                                 with about 4 months of long
swimmer with the highest points at               Harold Holt Column.                distance/open water swimming
the end wins their age group, so it is                                              training, and lots of walking. We’d
preferable to swim all 5 events. I did             “Swimmers missing   ”            done our best to overcome Carol’s
a 25 fly, the first fly in over twelve                                              black line fever by training in the bay
months, but by the end of the night                   Has anyone seen               where for the most part we could at
for the 100IM, it sure was an effort.                                               least still see the bottom – would it
                                                     Donna Duckfield!               be enough? Three weeks worth of TV
Unfortunately, Sarah was not feeling
                                           Hope you are all well, see you soon.     dinners had found their way into Jan’s
too well and left after the first event,
                                                                                    freezer. We were finally ready!
but those points were enough for her       Holidaying Dolphins
to get a 3rd. Kylie, Maria and me                                                   Highlight of our flight – recognizing
                                           Mal has been up to Port Mc Quarie        ‘our’ group of islands from the air.
won our age group, and Ray came in         visiting family and is looking tanned.
about 4th or 5th. The supper as usual                                               The mixture of eager anticipation and
was good. They sent out for pizzas to      Jan has been up to QLD.                  just a little trepidation made for a
supplement the food, and the poor                                                   strange sensation – a thrill I guess.
guy got lost. Fortunately Harold           Kaye G. and Sue enjoyed Fiji.             First stop – Athens, just for a quick
found him wandering around Monash.                                                  squizz: two days looking at old relics
There was the usual raffle, but                                                     (of the archeological kind mostly).
nobody from Doncaster won. We              Frank and Helen are off to Port          Highlight of Athens – firstly being
haven’t been lucky lately.                 Douglas.                                 asked by the management to leave
It would be nice to see more Dolphins      Judy, John and Chris had a great time    (which we didn’t – all a
attend these interclubs. They are a        at the snow.                             misunderstanding) and then having
fun night and you get to meet other                                                 Jan fall asleep at the table in a
swimmers from other clubs.                                                          taverna, all before the floorshow even
                                                                                    began – who’d have thought…!
Mildura Masters
                                                                                    Next stop – the island of Santorini,
Kylie, Colin and Ray Woods competed
                                                                                    for 3 nights to get over our jet lag
at the Mildura Masters, gaining lots of
                                                                                    before our big swim/s – there’s little
medals and P.B.s
                                                                                    future in falling a sleep 3 or 4 km
Kylie Ferguson                                                                      offshore.
25 Free, 400 I.M, 25 Back, 200 fly,                                                 That place is just awesome – seeing
100 fly, 100 back, 1st in all!!!                                                    is barely believing and the photos will
200 I.M. 2nd.                                                                       never do it justice.
Colin McCraith                                                                      Our hotel room was dug into the inner
400 I.m., 400 free, 200 fly, 100 I.m.                                               rim of an ancient volcanic caldera,
100 fly, 100 back, 200 I.M. all 2nds.                                               with a donkey track passing directly
                                           A DOLPHIN’S VIEW OF THE GREEK            over our ceiling. The gentle clip clop
Ray Woods                                  ISLANDS                                  of the donkeys on their way to work
100m breast 1st                            Kaye Jarrott                             at 6am was certainly a wakeup call
50 breast,100 back
                 2nd                       By now this report may seem like         with a difference.
25m free, 25m breast, 25m back,50          ancient history, but isn’t that what        Highlights of Santorini – drinks on
back 3rd.                                  Greece is all about? And besides, the    the balcony; the view is stunning and
                                           Greeks have quite a different concept    the local drop’s not bad either. And
All enjoyed the four days and loook
                                           of time … so like most things Greek      secondly, the donkey ride up the 800
forward to the next games.
                                           it’s arrived all in its own good time!   odd steps from the water’s edge to
Summary From Kylie Ferguson                                                         the rim – the Melbourne Cup pales….
                                           Early in June Carol’s, Jan’s, and my
Thanks Kylie.                              dream of swimming around the             Those beasts are psychotic.
                                           Greek islands was about to be            Relaxed, but not very rested we
                                           realised. We were to join SwimTrek       headed for the island of Antiparos,

the starting point of our SwinTrek        generally calmer and there was less        ‘recovery’, though I don’t think we
adventure. This involved two ferry        chance of being skittled by a ferry        slowed down much at all, just swam
trips totalling two hours on the water,   (boy some of those things are big,         less. I think by now we were too fit to
but Greek timetables being what they      especially at water level).                be able to sit idle. We were still
are, it actually took us most of the             The water itself defies             walking more than 10km per day,
day.                                      description; it’s so clear and so blue,    mostly uphill it seemed - (sorry but
Having briefly met our fellow             but almost totally devoid of anything      the scientist in me can’t help
SwimTrekkers (9 Masters swimmers          biological. The deep water’s had the       quantifying things, hence the
from the Miami Club in Qld) and our 2     blue bag treatment and is an inky          pedometer).
guides, Hans (a South African-raised      indigo colour. It was cold enough for      Sadly our island holiday came to an
Dutchman) and Terence (a Pom), it         us to need our little short wetsuits for   end after three days on Mykonos.
was off for a short 800m swim to sort     the longer swims – full length             Our time there was spent exploring
us into two groups.                       ones for the Queenslanders.                the village laneways, the coastal
On our inter-island swims we were                                                    headlands, the beaches in all their
                                          The plans for each day’s activities        naked glory, together with the odd
escorted by two IRBs (rubber duckkies     were very weather dependent and the
manned by Hans and Terence) and a                                                    spot of shopping and a day trip to the
                                          catch cry of the guides quickly            historic island of Delos.
yacht skippered by a rather eccentric     became “there’s been a change of
Greek named Akis, that carried our bags   plan….” The definition of ‘too rough’      Our holiday was three weeks with
(and us on various occasions when it      was if the guides would be unable to       friends, fun and fitness – real
was too far or too rough to swim          see the swimmers ‘all the time’ from       Masters’ stuff. Mind you we were all
                                          the IRBs. Only one crossing from           very glad that we’d put the effort into
                                          Naxos to Koufonissi had to be              training beforehand. Despite visiting
                                          cancelled and it was quickly               10 islands, swimming more than
                                          substituted by a couple of coastal         22km and walking 215km, nobody
                                          swims done on the leeward side of          suffered anything more than a little
                                          Koufonissi.                                tiredness.
                                                  Needless to say at the end of      “How much weight did you lose?” I
                                          each day we had a big appetite and         hear you ask. Not a single b…. gram
                                          thirst to match. The Greek food,           between us – speaks volumes for the
                                          especially on the smaller, less            food and wine I suspect.
                                          touristy islands like Antiparos and        Where to next? Well who knows?
                                          Schinoussa, was superb, despite a          Maybe the article below might
                                          certain reluctance on the part of          provide food for thought.
                                          some adventurers to try anything they      The Finnish Ice Swimming
                                          didn’t recognise (or couldn’t spell).      Championships were held in Oulu,
                                          However, those same adventurers            Finland in February. Situated some
Our first crossing, to Paros, almost      didn’t show any reluctance when it         200kms south of the Arctic Circle, the
brought Carol undone when she             came to the unidentifiable wine!           city is situated on the Sea of Bothnia.
became detached from the group,           That was good too – mostly.
                                                                                     A 25m long pool was cut out of the
but Terence (the very athletic 23 year-           The last day with SwimTrek         ice and a grandstand was placed
old guide!!!) came to the rescue and      was spent trekking (not swimming).         alongside. In total there was a
swam alongside her. A change of           The mission was to climb Mt Zeus,          staggering 1200 swimmers
group meant Carol kept herself more       the highest point on the island of         competing in both solo and relay
comfortably surrounded on                 Naxos (1004m). And it was one              events over the weekend. The
subsequent swims and she was fine         tough climb; not madly steep but very      grandstand took up the large number
from then on. Phew! Now a                 rocky and rough along a very ill-          of spectators who came in sub zero
confirmed open water swimmer – go         defined ’track’. But the view from the     temperatures to cheer the
Carol!                                    summit made it all worthwhile – we         competitors on.
For the next 5 days we swam from          could see everywhere that we’d
                                                                                     ice SwimTrek's Simon Murie
island to island and took many long       swum in the preceding 6 days. Gave
                                                                                     attended the event along with a
walks around the towns, through the       us quite a warm glow to see the
                                                                                     number of other former SwimTrek
farms and even across the islands.        magnitude of what we’d achieved.
                                                                                     swimmers. Simon said " The Finns
We averaged about 4km swimming                    Highlight of SwimTrek - the        take their swimming very seriously.
and 10km walking per day. The             sheer joy of open water swimming           You can see that by the fact that like
longest single-hop swim was about         where there’s no pressure to               for the Olympics, cities have to
6km (~ 2hours 20min).                     compete or complete, where you             actually bid to hold the
       The crossings were done early      know you’re safe and those around          championships."
in the mornings – up at about             you share your passion – and the
                                                                                     Next Year Oulu is hosting the World
6.30am, breakfast and then off we         surroundings weren’t half bad either.
                                                                                     Championships from 3rd-5th March.
went. That way the water was                      Our last week was our              Swimmers from around the world are
September 2005
already booked to attend. If this          I still don’t know how I swam the first   Well its back home and back to
sounds like something that you might       day, my eyes were still falling out of    training for the short course.
fancy, then just contact the SwimTrek      my head, but I managed and was
office and we will get details out to      quite surprised at the time, only a
                                                                                     Hope to go to San Francisco next
you when they become available.            couple seconds slower than my best,
                                                                                     August. The details are on the net if
Article taken from the SwimTrek May        and still good enough to win gold.
                                                                                     anyone else is interested
2005 Newsletter                            Must tell you about the relay. I was in
                                           a relay with Margot Bates (95), Nancy     .
EDMONTON – JULY 2005 - D                                                             Around the club
Dickey                                     Ayres (82), Jan Finn (71) and me (75)
                                           making up to 323 yrs. This was the
Well, I eventually made it to              last day of the competition. Margot       "I have been working in my new job at
Edmonton after a 24 hour stop over         had already swum a 50 Freestyle           the Royal Children's Hospital for one
in Sydney, and delay after delay at        (broke the world record), then a 100      month now and so far, so good. Sorry to
each port of call. Well, the FBI now       backstroke (also broke the world          disappoint all those who have the wager
has my fingerprints and photo on file.     record) and then got in and did a 50      on my first TV appearance: that usually
Better watch out. Would you believe,       freestyle (and only 1 second slower       only happens when we are BAD (apart
we were in transit, went from one          than her 50 earlier). Remarkable          from the Good Friday appeal!) so am
lounge to another in Honolulu and          lady. Needless to say we won that         trying hard to keep out of the limelight!
American Immigration took all our          relay.                                    There is a lot of work ahead, but I am
finger prints (I also got the green card                                             particularly enjoying having no after
                                           The Open Water Swim was swum at
to visit).                                                                           hours work including middle of the
                                           Sylvan Lake about a 2 hour drive
On arrival in Edmonton, we (I teamed       from the city. Buses were provided        night phone calls.
up with Sue and Steve Russell)             and it gave us a chance to check out       As the job is full time my Tuesday
checked (eventually) into our motel,       the countryside. There was a 1k, a        morning Aquanauts has gone by the
found the Registration Centre and          2k and a 3k swim. I did the 2k and        wayside so training is now Sat and Sun
then found our way to the opening          won that but my bathers still smell of    am's and on one morning per week I grit
ceremony. Bands, displays,                 the water. It was a pleasant drive        my teeth and join Frank and the crew at
fireworks, and with each sport             back to the city. Donna won her 3k        5.30am!! The other thing that I have
wearing a different colour,                swim too. Donna rushed back on an         taken up in my newly found "spare
(swimming was green) the stadium           earlier bus to meet up with a             time" is VCE chemistry so that I can
looked fantastic. The 3 of us looked       girlfriend and then they went on a        field all those tricky questions that get
like death warmed up so we found           fantastic journey up to Alaska.           thrown at me the night before exams
our way back to our motel. Must                                                      and tests! Its hard work blowing the
                                           The next day I flew to Vancouver (the
admit the bus drivers were absolutely                                                dust off the neurones that haven't
                                           plane was late again!) to pick up the
fantastic, very friendly and helpful.                                                thought about ionic equations,
                                           cruise ship for the 7 day inside
The three of us hopped on a bus and                                                  Avogadro's number and protons for
                                           passage up to Alaska. I just made
was driven to our door. It must have                                                 about 30 years (since I did VCE
                                           the ship with only ½ hour to spare. I
looked rather funny a suburban bus                                                   chem!)"
                                           was not a happy person, but I shared
pulling up outside our motel and only                                                 Hope the book launch goes well
                                           my cabin with a great lady from
3 people on it, but we really                                                         Caroline
                                           Canada and we had lots of fun. She
appreciated the ride. On checking
                                           was a tour guide and had 39 Brits
where we were in relation to the pool,                                               For those of you who don’t know me
                                           with her, so she had to work a couple
the next day (Steve had missed his                                                   my name is Andrew Gilchrist. I am a
                                           of hours per day but we caught up for
first event), we had to walk about 15                                                new member of the club having only
                                           the show at night.
minutes to a bus stop, but the buses                                                 competed at State Short Course in 2004,
ran every half hour and dropped us         This was a fantastic trip; my only
                                           disappointment was that I did not see     State Long Course and the National
outside the pool.                                                                    Swim in Hobart this year.
                                           much wildlife. Saw some porpoises,
Swimming Alberta ran the meet.                                                       To everyone I met Hobart Hi!
                                           some salmon swimming up stream
There would have been over 100                                                       You may recall I left Hobart on the
                                           and a couple of whales near the ship,
people officiating each day. Most of                                                 Friday for Melbourne as I had a few
                                           but NO bears, not even on all the
the Australians (or most of the                                                      things to do over the weekend because
                                           adventures I took inland. Took a
Victorians), sat behind our Australian                                               on Monday the 4th of April I flew to
                                           float plane over the glaciers and that
Flag that Carol Cook provided. I saw                                                 Europe with my wife, son 14, daughter
                                           was really fantastic.
Donna most days, and Frank on                                                        12 and baby boy then 9 months. Since
several occasions. There were a            I had a couple of days in Vancouver       then every one has had a birthday in
couple of social events (very              before coming home and did a few          Europe except for my daughter whose
overpriced) but everyone seemed to         day trips. Went to Whistler. What a
                                                                                     birthday is December 22. We gave her
enjoy themselves. It was great             fantastic place. This is where the
                                                                                     a half birthday on June 22 so she didn’t
catching up with a lot of old              Winter Olympics will be held and still
                                                                                     feel left out.
swimming friends from England and          no bears, but I did see one of Santa’s
                                                                                     We have been in Europe for 5 months
Canada.                                    reindeers.
                                                                                     now and I must say I have enjoyed

getting the newsletter hearing about the   Needless to say little swimming has
exploits of the Doncaster Dolphins.        been done in the last few weeks but the
I would like to congratulate the           beer tasting has been going along pretty    Paul Norrie’s son Daniel has had an
Dolphins on the results of the State       well.                                       article published in the Age, I tried hard
Relay competition. Relays show the         I just found a pool around the corner       to down load it , but it was 2161 mb.
depth and commitment of a team. The        from our Hotel in Warsaw and had a          Anyone wanting to read it can look it up
way in which I felt welcomed in Hobart     paddle. Didn’t feel too bad but didn’t      in the Age from August 15th “ All
is further testimony to the great club     feel great either. Looking forward to       about Science” There is a photo as well.
atmosphere which is reflected in results   getting back into training as my            Well done Daniel.
and the Newsletter.                        Florentine friends like to travel over      Paul’s son Chris has been picked for a
A further congratulations to Frank,        seas and compete and we have made a         special camp in January, Paul and his
Donna and Dorothy on their results         deal to catch up. They tell me that         wife are doing something right.
from Canada. At international              Sydney will host the World Masters
competition you should be proud of         Games in 2007 so they are looking           Ian Potts is still struggling with his
your achievements. Great Job! Also to      forward to coming over.                     teenager daughter.
Pam on who recent Indigenous award.        In the mean time keep up the great work
I was so motivated after Hobart that the   at Doncaster and I look forward to          David Muphey works at the race track
three months we lived near Florence I      cathing up with a few old/new friends       each Saturday.
was training nearly every day. Together    from Nationals and also meeting some
with my kids we got involved with          more of the Dolphins.                       Poor Vicki lost her goggles in the 100
Florentine Nuoto Club, the kids in water   Ciao                                        free.
polo and me with a wonderful bunch of      Andrew                                      There is a great picture of Tony S. on
Masters Swimmers. These guys were                                                      the board carrying the torch.
between 28 and 33. Most of them had        Kim Dewer swam well at short course,
swum as juniors at National                she is from Christ Church, she was a        Sarah’s Corner
championships and were still swimming      swimming coach there.
some amazing times. I was a little
embarrassed joining them because by        Marla seemed to be really enjoying
the time I started with them I hadn’t      meeting all the Dolphins at short course,
trained for about 2 months.                she has moved over from Perth.
These guys were good. Thankfully I
was able to cope….not                      Great to see (new ) Jane in watching        Dolphins’ road to recovery after a busy
completely….with their sets.               short course, look forward to seeing her    month!
Alesandro Berti who helped me greatly      swim next time.
is the 29 year old gun who is admired                                                  We have been a busy club since the last
by all in Italy. He swam for Italy and     Raymond did some pretty impressive          edition of the newsletter. Many of our
still holds National records in 400 and    swimming, well done.                        dolphins have been in competitions all
1500 Free and still swims around 52 for                                                over Australia and the world (and have
100 on 5 x 3 km sessions per week. He      Great to hear Heather C is off to           done us proud!). Some of our activities
trained in Australia with Kieren Perkins   Adelaide to compete in the basketball.      have been listed below.
and his coach John Carew in the mid        Look forward to the report                  1. Big congratulations to all the
nineties. We spent much time talking                                                   competitors who went to the World
about those times and I promised him I     Congratulations to Frank Braun and          Masters Games over in Canada. They
would find contact details for Kieren      Jenny Devine from Malvin who are            had a successful trip, despite problems
and John as he dearly misses them and      getting married on September 10th.          of altitude. Frank Christians all his
has lost contact over the years and was    Frank Christian is best man. Jenny is       races… and we have come to expect no
such a great friend and character in       expecting in November.                      less. No pressure Frank
;I will be back in Australia on the 16th   It was noted by dolphins, Paul C and        2. Congratulations also to the select few
of September, a little earlier than we     Owen on Frank Christians return how         that competed in the North Lodge
had first planned.                         exhausted his girl friend Maree was         Pentathlon at Monash University.
We left Italy on July 16 and have since    looking, she was standing with big bags     (Although I did not stay long, the little
driven to Switzerland, Austria,            under her eyes, when questioned, she        Milo goodies bag was fantastic!)
Slovenia, Croatia, Hungry, Slovakia and    said it was all Frank’s fault. Does this    3. Congratulations to Kylie (and anyone
are currently in Warsaw Poland. Next       explain his gruppy moods as well.           else I don’t know of) that competed at
we are off to Germany, Czeck Republic,     Will we hear wedding bells soon from        the Mildura Masters Games. I believe
Austria to see Vienna and Saltzberg        these two? Stay tuned…                      the next one is in 2007.
then back through Germany to
Frankfurt where we leave for a rest in     Hope Dee relaxes before her wedding
Phuket for a few days on the way home.     and does not faint on the day. Take it      4. Finally huge congratulations to all the
                                           easy Dee.                                   competitors at the State Championships
September 2005
held at MSAC on Saturday. Once again          Also Paul, same goes to you. You           2005
a thank you to Captain Phil (aka            beat me in the 100IM. You boys can’t
Captain Planet) for organizing the relay    bully me to the front anymore. I have
                                                                                         September 11 and 25
teams… I think he had a little helper       proof you guys are just slaking. Make
                                                                                         Long Distance Short Course
this time in Chris K, so thank you to her   note of this Frank
                                                                                         Monash University Clayton.
too! The teams did quite well, although
                                               Frank Godden, you are not allowed
the 160+ kept beating the 120+. (I don’t                                                 October 1
                                            to put in crappy times like that again
think that is supposed to happen )                                                       Hoppers Crossing InterclubNON
                                            some good times, great swim… nice to
                                                                                         AUSSI Meets
Many of you may have noticed we have        see Helen there.
a new “young” member at State.                                                           February -New Zealand Masters
                                               Kylie, with her ankle. I can’t believed
Raymond has joined the dolphins,                                                         Games. Wanganui (North Island)
                                            you kept going, but a big thank you
which means we now have three young                                                      Email:
                                            goes to the club for the effort you made,
pups. Whoo hoo! Raymond and Sarah                                              
                                            not just in the swimming but the effort
have both come from
                                            of trekking down to Melbourne.
Doncaster/Templestone and we’re both                                                     April 9-16 Trans Tasman Masters
coached by Frank before. So no                It’s great to see Chris K back and         Games - Newcastle,NSW
favoritisms Frank!!!! On a serious note,    swimming. Fantastic effort                   Email:
it is fantastic to have you here Raymond                                                 website:
                                               Jane has trained every Monday and
(Sarah I have said this before too) and
we hope that you enjoyed your first         Thursday night and it has really paid
competition with us ‘oldies’. Now all       off. I think you have the best technique
                                            in turns than any of us. They really
you need to do is turn up for regular
training… see you Monday night.             looked good in the IM. (now can you
                                            teach me)                                    7-16 October, 10th Australian Masters
Other news from State, Colin tried to                                                    Games Adelaide
                                            There were so many more great swims,
fire us up in the marshalling room.                                                      Website:
Showed some fantastic team spirit           but obviously since I was competing
especially cos the room was so warm         too, I missed a lot of them. So if I did
                                                                                         OPEN WATER SEASON
                                            not mention you, it is not because I
and everyone was falling asleep.
                                            don’t like you or I didn’t think you
Vicki is looking into getting us long,      swam well. It is because I was either
water proof jackets like the power          racing or in the bathroom (I still have
points had. They are fantastic and          the infection).
                                                                                         I have put a copy of these swims up on
extremely warm (especially for people
                                                                                         the notice board.
who train Monday and Thursday
nights), so for those who are interested,   As many of you know I have been sick         There will be more details next
please let Vicki know so we can have        this month. I would like to say thank        newsletter.
them for next winter. No more excuses       you to all of you for your well wishes
                                                                                         Carol Freeman said she is not interested
not to train through winter.                and concern. A special thanks to David,      in any open water swims!!
Finally from state, just some people        who came to pick me up from the
                                            hospital and saved me a $50 cab ride.
who were outstanding on the day.                                                         Greetings:
                                            (Thank god I made it home before I was
                                                                                         We are one year from the XI FINA
   Liz swam fantastically! I think it was   sick). But I am on the road to recovery
                                                                                         World Masters Championships that
the 100m or 200m freestyle; she won         and looking forward to putting in some
                                                                                         will be held at the Avery Aquatic
her heat with total ease.                   and I say some hard work for nationals
                                                                                         Center, Stanford, California (just 40
                                            next year
    Dee swam well, despite being ill and                                                 km from San Francisco). The
still makes it look as though she doesn’t                                                Organizing Committee is planning a
have to put any effort in. (What’s the                                                   great championship competition for
secret?)                                    Overall this month has been a very           you. The fast Belardi and Baker Pools
                                            productive for the dolphins. We have         are ready for the international
   Kim, also a new member, swam             continued to show Masters swimming           competition that will be coming in
really well despite being out of            that we are a competitive but fun club.      August 2006.
competition for five years. We will         Congratulations to all!                      VISA Process
expect big things from you also
                                            AUSSI Meets                                  The visa rules are changing all the
   Barb, is always fantastic. Another                                                    time. The best source of information
totally effortless swimmer                  Web Sites                                    about entry visas to the United States is
   Ian Potts, you did it! You beat me in
the breaststroke. More than once. You              WE URGE YOU TO BEGIN THE
now have to lead at the night sessions.     Entry Forms .                                VISA PROCESS EARLY. There are
That’s your prize! Congrats                 In blue folder at Aquarena Café.             many rule changes about the type of

passport that you need and what is          The hotel line is open from 600 hrs to     events will also be sent with a
required. You may need to make a            1700 hrs Pacific Time (1100 hrs - 2400     swimmer's confirmation.
personal appearance before a United         hrs GMT/ UTC).
States consular officer. Contact the
US consulate in your country to start
the process of getting your visa. (in                                                  FINA SUPPORT FOR WORLD
some countries it can take six month        Airline and Car Rental                     SWIM FOR MALARIA 3
or more to get a visa). It is important                                                DECEMBER 2005 One million people
that you start soon in your visa            The organizing committee is arranging      swimming on December 3, 2005 to
request.                                    discounted pricing from many airlines      fight malaria in the world. This is the
                                            and car rental companies. Information      main idea of the "World Swim of
 LETTER OF INVITATION                       will soon be posted on the web site        Malaria"
Those requiring a letter of Invitation      about which airlines and car rental
in order to secure a VISA for travel to     companies and how to obtain the            project, which was presented in
the United States please contact Tracy      discount.                                  Montreal (CAN) with the occasion of
Grilli at the USMS (United States                                                      the 11th FINA World Championships.
Masters Swimming) National Office                                                      Counting with the active support of
(phone                                                                                 FINA and Speedo, Official FINA
01-603-537-0203 , fax 01-603-537-           If you have a group of 10 or more          Partner, this initiative will raise funds
0204, email or               swimmers traveling to the meet, please     to help in the eradication of malaria
address: Letter of Invitation               contact Shannon Sullivan at                worldwide, a disease that kills more
 Attn: Tracy Grilli                .              that three million children every year.
 XI FINA World Masters                                                                 Up to now, this organization has
Championships 9 Willey Hill Road            Shannon will be happy to work with         gathered 250,000 swimmers, but is
 Londonderry NH 03053-018 USA               you to secure special group travel         now actively engaged in getting new
MEET BOOK                                   rates.                                     one-day competitors next December 3.
The FINA Bureau approved the XI             SOCIAL EVENTS                              "Fundamentally, we want people to
FINA World Masters Championships            Masters has always had the spirit of       swim.
Meet book. It will be placed on line by     fun, fellowship and competition.
September 1, 2005. Please go to the                                                    If, with this effort, they can collect
web site                                    In the spirit of fun and fellowship, the   some funds to prevent more children's
at            organizing committee is having social      deaths, it's fantastic. Have fun in the
for an electronic copy of the meet          events to help Masters swimmer enjoy       pool, collect money, save lives: this is
book.                                       fun and fellowship. Planned social         our slogan," explained Rob Mather,
After the meet book is out, you may         events include                             founder of "World Swim for Malaria".
enter the meet by mail. On-line               Ice Cream Social & Pin Trading
registration will be available starting 1                                               Information about the World Swim
January 2006.                                     Taste of California                  for Malaria may be found at
HOTEL Information
                                                  Dine on the Town           
The Organizing Committee has
secured room blocks at 22 hotels in the           A Real Texas BBQ                     COMING TO SAN FRANCISCO?If
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Mateo                                                      you are coming to San Francisco and
areas. The Organizing Committee was               Dine on the USS Hornet               would like to see the Stanford Avery
able to secure special pricing for the                                                 Aquatic Center, the organizing
athletes. Even though we have many                Ice Cream Social and Trading         committee will have tours of the
hotel rooms available, the rooms are        for Divers and Synchro                     complex the first and third Monday of
going quickly. You can find out about                                                  each month. Contact
the hotels at                                    Water Polo's soon to be famous .
                                            Beer Garden             South of the Border Celebration
php?topic=hotels                                                                       Closing date for next newsletter
                                                  a swim from Alcatraz
You can also call to make reservations                                                 Friday September 30th
at                                                    and more

      (800) 826 4630                        Some information will be in the meet       Committee Meeting
                                            book about the social events, an up to
      1- 310-590-4721                       date schedule will always be on the
                                            web site. Information about social         Tuesday 27th September

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