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					Friday         NEXT STEP
25th           One to one sessions available with an adviser to discuss future
September      career opportunities. Book a place in the office.
Tuesday        COMMUNITY POLICE DROP-IN. 9am & 12.30pm.
29th           Our local community police officer will be here to offer information
September      on safety, security, community issues, general advice etc. etc.
Wednesday      CHILDMINDERS DROP. 9.45am – 11.15am
30th           Are you a child minder? Do you know of any local child minders who
September      may like to use our crèche facilities? All child minders are invited to
               a drop in, with their children, every other Wednesday.
               Parking outside the school is extremely difficult at the moment. This
               is a good opportunity to make the effort to walk to nursery or park
               the car further away and walk part of the journey. There is a free car
               park at Lewsey Swimming Pool at the end of the road.
Friday         JEANS FOR GENES DAY. We have supported this charity for many
2nd October    years. If you would like to join us – wear jeans or denim to nursery
               and bring a donation.
5th – 9th      NATIONAL BOOKSTART WEEK. Special activities will be taking
October        place in the nursery during the week.
5th – 16th     THE BIG DRAW is a national event promoting drawing for everyone –
October        babies, children & adults. Look out for lots of mark making in
9th October    Training for parents – limited spaces available. Book early at the
Saturday       DADS & CO. 9.30 – 12. Theme for the day will be ‘Nursery Rhymes’.
10th October   We will be taking part in the ‘Big Draw’.
               Dads, Granddads, Uncles etc. Come and join us for a morning of fun
               activities with your children. All children up to 8 years welcome.
               Breakfast served!
19th – 23rd    BLACK HISTORY WEEK. Any parents/grandparents/carers free to
October        come in and share their skills/ expertise in African or Caribbean
               cooking, singing, dancing, stories about when they were young or
               show us cultural photos/objects?
Wednesday      WEANING & FEEDING DROP IN. 1.30pm – 3pm. (3rd Wednesday of
21st October   every month)
               A health visitor will be available to advise on any eating problems
               you may be having with your child and to offer advice on weaning,
               fussy eating etc.
26th – 30th    HALF TERM. School closed. Pre-booked paid Care available.
Friday         NATIONAL ‘BUG BUSTING’ DAY. Lets try and get rid of head lice in
30th October   school by all families combing their children’s hair with a fine tooth
               ‘nit’ comb on the same day. Fee advice packs with combs will be
               given out. DVD’s are available to borrow from the parent’s library

   ‘Stay & Play’ sessions on Tuesdays, 9am – 11am or 12.30pm – 2.30pm
   The Toy Library is open on Mondays 10.30am – 6.30pm
   Maria, our family worker, is available for parents to drop in and chat about anything
    that is worrying them or to ask her advice.
   Becky is our trained Stop Smoking Adviser – she is available to offer one to one
   Deb is our breastfeeding supporter
   Angela is trained in counseling skills and can give one to one support
        Pastures Way Nursery School & Children’s Centre. Tel. No. 01582 600691
                        Newsletter September - October 2009
Welcome back to all our returners and welcome to all our new families joining us this term.

Some staff have moved classes this term:-
   Toyin is now based in room 1
   Lakshmi is now based in room 2
   Sue is now based in room 3 in the morning and Hannah works in room 3 in the afternoon
   Sharon now ‘floats’ and works where she is needed

We are setting up an Eco Schools Working Party. If any parents/carers are interested in helping our
nursery to be more environmentally friendly, please let the office know.

Any parents/carers interest in gardening and willing to volunteer to help? Please let the office know
when you are free.

Your junk is our treasure!
Please could we have the following (CLEAN and in good condition):-

       Empty packets e.g. cereal boxes
       Chocolate boxes
       Margarine tubs and lids
       Yoghurt pots
       Kitchen roll tubes (not toilet roll tubes)
       Bottle tops
       Lolly sticks
       Biscuit/sweet tins
       Ribbon/elastic
       Shiny/sparkly fabric
       Greeting cards
       Buttons

Travelling Toy Programme
As part of the ‘Every Child A Talker’ (ECAT) programme and our Communication, Language & Literacy
curriculum, each class (in the 3-5’s) now have a travelling cuddly toy. Each weekend the cuddly toy will
be lucky enough to go home and have fun with a child from that class! Your child will have a turn at
least one weekend in the year. The cuddly toy will have a diary and it would be really lovely if someone
at home could talk to your child and write a few sentences in the diary (it only has to be the things you
would usually do). You may also want to stick something in e.g. a bus ticket, shop receipt, leaf/flower –
that the cuddly toy ‘did’ with your child. We will then look forward to talking about it in class group time
on a Monday morning. Look out for it!


We are organising a family trip to the pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, at the Library Theatre, Luton on
Friday 11th December at 2pm. Tickets are all £8 each (adults/children/concessionary). Letters will be
sent out shortly. Please remember to fill in the request slip and send in the payment by Monday 5 th

                                                                           p.t.o. for ‘Dates for Your Diary’

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