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					                 Codex: EXORCISTS                                           
                                                                                            Rules developed by
                                                                                       Brother Tyler with assistance
                                                                                         from the members of the
                                                                                           Bolter & Chainsword.
The Exorcists are a fleet-based Codex Chapter that                                    According to Insignium Astartes,
is expert at fighting the daemons of the Warp.                                        the Exorcists denote company
                                                                                      affiliation by the color of the
You will need Codex: Space Marines and Codex:                                         helmet stripe. The battle-brother
Daemonhunters to play an Exorcists army. An                                           shown at left is from the 2nd
Exorcists army uses the standard rules and army list                                  Tactical Squad of the Exorcists 5th
from Codex: Space Marines with the following                                          Company.
changes. In addition to the Space Marine Librarian                                    For the purposes of these rules,
Psyker Powers available in Codex: Space Marines,                                      use the definition given for
Exorcists Librarians may choose from the psyker                                       daemons in Codex:
powers in Codex: Daemonhunters at the costs listed.                                   Daemonhunters.

 EXORCISTS ARMOURY                                                                    DESIGNER'S NOTES

                                                                                      The fluff at the Third War for
In addition to the Space Marine Armoury, the                                          Armageddon web site is the most
following items from the Daemonhunters Armoury                                        concrete information we have on
are available to the Exorcists:                                                       this Chapter. Additionally, the
                                                                                      Exorcists participated in the Badab
  Anointed Weapon - Independent characters only. Counts as Wargear - Relics           War and the Gothic War. Neither
  & Artefacts in addition to being a one-handed weapon.                               of those wars mentions anything
                                                                                      significant for the Chapter except
  Incinerator – Any model in a Command, Terminator Command, Terminator,               that they are a fleet-based
  Veteran, Tactical, or Bike squad may exchange its meltagun or heavy flamer for      Chapter. Another significant piece
  an Incinerator for +5 pts.                                                          of information is the Chapter's
                                                                                      inclusion in Insignium Astartes.
  Psycannon – Any model in a Command, Terminator Command, Terminator,
  Veteran, Tactical, or Devastator squad may exchange its multi-melta or assault      The Chapter's inclusion in
  cannon for a Psycannon for +10 pts.                                                 Insignium Astartes means only
                                                                                      that the Chapter is or was at one
  Psycannon Bolts - May be taken by any independent character with a bolt             time during its existence a
  weapon (storm bolter, bolter, combi-weapon, or bolt pistol). Independent            "Codex" Chapter. For my
  characters pay +10 pts for the upgrade.                                             purposes, I'm going to consider
                                                                                      the Chapter to be largely Codex,
  Sacred Incense - May only be taken by a Chapter Chaplain or Standard                with significant deviation as
  Bearer, counts as Wargear - Relics & Artefacts.                                     described in the rules and army
                                                                                      list in this article.
Incinerators, Psycannons, and Psycannon Bolts may only be taken against Chaos
                                                                                      Going back to the Third War for
armies (armies consisting of units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines or the Lost
                                                                                      Armageddon fluff we have several
and the Damned army from Codex: Eye of Terror).                                       important elements. First is the
                                                                                      Chapter's training in the tools of
 EXORCISTS SPECIAL RULES                                                              the exorcist (I think that's the
                                                                                      wording). Second is the
The following units also benefit/suffer from the Exorcists special rules described    heightened levels of aggression
below:                                                                                Exorcists Space Marines exhibited.
                                                                                      And third is the Chapter's
Commander, Chapter Chaplain, Command squad, Terminator Command Squad,                 alignment with the Ordo Malleus.
Veteran Squad, Terminator Squad, Terminator Assault Squad, Techmarine,
Tactical Squad, Assault Squad, Devastator Squad.                                      With regard to the training in/with
                                                                                      the tools of the exorcist, I've
Furious Charge: In turns in which Exorcists charge daemons or Greater                 basically applied that to mean
Daemons, the Exorcists benefit from Furious Charge. (See the Universal Special        several weapons and wargear
Rules section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).                                      especially potent against
                                                                                      daemons. They are not getting the
Hatred of Daemons: If a unit of daemons or a Greater Daemon is the model/unit         full complement of
nearest a unit or model of Exorcists, the Exorcists may only elect to shoot at that   Daemonhunters gear, especially
daemonic unit or model. The Exorcists may choose not to shoot, but if they choose     nemesis force weapons, because
to shoot it may only be at the nearest daemonic unit or model.                        they are not all psykers. In
                                                                                      addition, the battle-brothers are
Fearless: Exorcists in assault with daemons are considered fearless and will not      more skilled in fighting daemons,
fall back, even when they would normally automatically do so. (See the Universal      using a variation on one of the
Special Rules section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).                              traits in the revised Codex: Space
Suffer Not the Daemon to Live: The Chapter is expert at fighting daemons. All
non-vehicle models have the Preferred Enemy ability against daemons. This ability
costs +1 point per model and is required for all applicable models. Note that this
ability applies to the entire army, not just those models that benefit/suffer from
the Exorcists special rules.
The heightened levels of
aggression are being
                                       CHAPTER MASTER KANE OF THE EXORCISTS
represented in the normal way a      Kane has been Chapter Master of the Exorcists Chapter for over two decades, and
combination of the furious           has been a member of the Chapter for over three centuries. He leads the
charge and hatred rules. Since
                                     Chapter’s First Company into combat and wields the badge of office of the
the source of this aggression
seems to be the possession each
                                     Exorcists’ Chapter Master, the Malleus Infernum (“Hellhammer”). This weapon was
of the Space Marines was             presented to the Chapter’s first Chapter Master by the Lords of the Ordo Malleus
subjected to, as well as             when the Chapter was granted autonomy following the end of the Age of
proximity to daemons, I've           Apostasy. It is a fearsome weapon against the servants of the Fell Powers, and is
limited the aggression rules to      inscribed with the sigils of the Inquisition and the Exorcists Chapter.
only applying when in proximity
to daemons.                          Profile     Pts/Model      WS       BS    S    T       W   I   A    Ld     Sv
                                     Kane           156          5        5    4    4       3   5   4    10   2+(5+)
The alignment with the Ordo
Malleus comes in the form of         Special Character: Kane is a special character. He may be used in Exorcists
access to weapons and wargear        armies of at least 1,500 points as an HQ choice. You may not select any additional
that are useful in combating         items from the Armoury.
                                     Equipment: Kane wears Terminator armour (the extra Attack is included in the
With regard to Chapter Master
                                     profile above) and carries a daemonhammer and storm bolter with Psycannon
Kane, I’ve tried to make him
fairly straightforward without too   bolts. His armour is embellished with purity seals and he has bionics.
much that is “special”. The
                                     SPECIAL RULES
daemonhammer is something
not normally available to a Space    Independent Character: Kane is an Independent Character.
Marine. I used the normal cost
from Codex: Daemonhunters,           Rites of Battle: As Space Marine Commanders (see page 28 of Codex: Space
with an additional 5 points          Marines).
tacked on. Everything else uses
the normal cost, with Fearless       Command Squad: Kane may lead a Terminator Command squad chosen as
following the lead from the Dark     normal from the army list. The squad may have other characters attached to it as
Angels cost. For those of you        normal.
who might be wondering why I
chose the name “Kane”, it’s an       Fearless: Kane and any unit he joins is Fearless as the Universal Special Rule on
homage to Robert E. Howard’s         page 75 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.
puritan witch hunting adventurer
Solomon Kane.                        Exorcist: All of the standard Exorcists rules apply to Chapter Master Kane.

Special thanks to the members
of the Bolter & Chainsword            “Let the greenskins scatter before our wrath. We will
Space Marine discussion forum
for their invaluable support in       show
developing these rules.

These rules are completely
                                      them what it means to face the Emperor’s finest.”
unofficial and are not endorsed
by Games Workshop Ltd. You
                                                       -Chapter Master Kane of the Exorcists
must have your opponent’s                                         Third War for Armageddon
consent to use these rules.

                                     Campaigns in which the Exorcists have participated:
                                       The Badab War (Loyalist, between 908 and 912.M41)
                                       The Gothic War (3 to 6 companies, 151.M41)
                                       The Aschen War (3rd Company)
                                       The Third War for Armageddon (12 companies, involved in fierce space battles
                                       around the warp jump points to stem the flow of Ork reinforcements pouring
                                       into the sector)
                                     Exorcists Ships that Participated in the Gothic War:
                                       Punisher and Redeemer (Battlebarges)
                                       Captain Augusta, Eternal Defiance, and Hunter (Strike Cruisers)

                                       “We shall never rest while a single renegade draws
                                                               -Captain Leitz of the Exorcists
                                                        In conclusion during the Gothic War
If you have any questions or comments concerning these rules, you can contact
me at brothertyler@cox.net or by checking the Bolter & Chainsword discussion
forum where these rules were posted for development.