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									Hair removal products reviews

According to a study, over 70% of UK online users find online product ratings and
reviews the most helpful feature when researching products to buy online or offline, with
97% willingly trusting these product reviews. Therefore, here's a review of 5 most
popular products for hair removal in the UK.

no!no! Hair Removal System

This hair removal product is about the size of an iPod and works by reducing hair density
by up to 64%. It uses revolutionary heat technology and removes hair permanently. It can
also be used by all skin and hair types and colours. Whether you are a man or a woman,
you can opt for this pocket-friendly device and get rid of your hair for good.

    Facial hair removal – No
    Bikini line hair removal – Extreme care needed
    Pubic hair removal – Extreme care needed

Rio Scanning Laser

This is a home laser device that can treat from 20-60 hairs at a time. Manufactured by a
long-standing UK-based company, the Rio Scanning Laser has become one of the most
popular products for hair removal. It works for almost all skin types and hair colour and
is even safe for sensitive skin. However, it is most effective for people with light skin and
dark hair.

    Facial hair removal – Yes
    Bikini line hair removal – Yes
    Pubic hair removal – Yes

Ultra Hair Away

This is not a hair removal product actually, but a hair inhibitor. It does not remove hair
like depilatory creams and its effects are not instantly visible. In fact, Ultra Hair Away
must be applied after your preferred hair removal method. You can use this product after
facial, bikini as well as pubic hair removal. It increases the time lag between each hair
removal session manifolds; thus, making it easier for you to manage your hair removal.

    Facial hair removal – Yes
    Bikini line hair removal – Yes
    Pubic hair removal – Yes

Hairnomore Inhibitor Spray

The Hairnomore Inhibitor Spray is manufactured by Skin Doctors. It's an opaque topical
solution developed with exotic plant enzymes that help to diminish hair re-growth, whilst
softening and improving the overall condition of your skin. This product should not be
confused with depilatory creams that help with instant hair removal.

    Facial hair removal – Yes, except nose and ears
    Bikini line hair removal – Yes, except perennial and genital areas
    Pubic hair removal – No

CC Depilation Cream

CC Depilation cream is a revolutionary formula for easy and painless hair removal.
Unlike other hair removal methods, this cream attacks the proteins deep within your hair,
causing them to break down and weaken within 10 minutes of application, revealing
smooth and silky skin.

    Facial hair removal – No
    Bikini line hair removal – Yes
    Pubic hair removal – No

Depending on the area you want to treat and the cost and benefits of any of the products
reviewed above, you can choose a product that best matches your needs.

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