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The Junior League of Greenwich_ Connecticut_ Inc


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									                      The Junior League of Greenwich, Connecticut, Inc.
                          231 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830
                          Telephone (203) 869-1979  Fax (203) 869-9215
                   e-mail jlg@jlgreenwich.org  website www.jlgreenwich.org

President 2005-2006: Katey O’Leary                     President 2006-2007: Kara Donahue

January 13, 2006                                                Press Contact: Pamela Hearn,
                                                                               (203) 912-4375
For Immediate Release
Junior League of Greenwich Hosts Casino Day for Nathaniel Witherall Residents and Adult
                                 Day Care Members

January 13, 2006, Greenwich, CT… The Junior League of Greenwich’s (JLG) Done In A Day
Committee is holding "Casino Day 2006" at Nathaniel Witherell on Saturday, January 28 from 2:00
to 4:00 PM. The first-time event will treat Nathaniel Witherell residents and the Adult Day Care
members to a festive afternoon of Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Bingo. JLG committee members
will decorate the room and serve refreshments, while professional dealers will give participants their
chips and help with the games. The grand winner will be presented with a trophy and all
participants will receive a unique JLG Casino Day cup. We expect over 60 people to participate.

The Junior League of Greenwich is an organization of women committed to promoting
voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the
effective action and leadership of trained individuals. Its purpose is exclusively educational and
charitable. If you are interested in joining the Junior League of Greenwich and making a difference
in our community, contact the JLG office at (203) 869-1979 or visit its website www.jlgreenwich.org.


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