RESS Meeting by gabyion


									RESS Meeting
February 2nd, 2006
Council Members Present
Kate Rennie
Lyle Weichel
Lone Mfanyane
Paul Selles
Aaron Liska
Tim Exner
Mitch Hipperson
Adam Baragar
Jamie Huang
Marly Warren (Late)

Hillary Aitken

Call to Order 5:26pm

     Approval of Previous Minutes
     BIRT we approve the minutes of Jan. 26, 2006 (handout).
     Motion: P. Selles
     Second: A. Liska
     Carried Unanimously

     Approval of Minutes from Jan 12, 2006 re-deferred to Next Meeting.

     Guest – Hillary Aitken:

     Tuition Rally: Thurs, Feb. 9th, 1:00 (AD HUM pit)
     Last year we (students) achieved a tuition freeze for the year, and we also
     called for a review of our tuition. Despite the freeze, we still have the 3rd
     highest tuition in Canada.

     It would be neat to do some kind of stunt in conjunction with the rally.
     We could really rally the troops to get people out and show support.
URSU AGM: Wed, Feb. 8th, 1:30 – 2:30 (OWL)
Come on out! Free food, important decisions. We should bring People out to

URSU Elections: Coming up
All four exec positions available. Good opportunity and experience.


Whereas we have already approved $250 for speakers and good ones have
been found for $300,
BIRT we spend another $50 on speakers for the lounge for a total of $300.
Motion: T. Exner
Second: L. Mfanyane
Carried Unanimously

Whereas the RES Engineering Horizons Dinner and Casino Night will be
taking place March 1 at 5:30 PM at the Casino Regina, and tables for 8
people cost $250,
BIRT we buy 2 tables totalling $500.
BIFRT we make a sign-up list for engineering students to sign up and attend
to fill the 16 seats.
BIFRT in order to ensure attendance, we charge students who sign up to
attend a deposit of $25, which will be returned upon arrival at the event.
Motion: L. Mfanyane
Second: A. Liska
Carried Unanimously

BIRT we disperse club funding of $200 to our member groups (GNCTR,
RECA, WIE, EWB, IEEE, SAE, RESESS, RPESA), upon receipt of their
budgets and executive member lists.
Motion: L. Weichel
Second: P. Selles
Carried unanimously

Whereas the poker chip set we used to have went missing during the
summer games.
     BIRT we allocate $50 for poker chips for lounge use.
     Motion: T. Exner
     Second: L. Weichel
     Carried unanimously
     ** Note: this set will be kept in the office.

     Whereas Beer in the Lounge will be taking place February 17, 2006,
     BIRT we allocate $1200 for beer and pizza.
     Motion: M. Hipperson
     Second: A. Baragar
     Carried unanimously

     Other Business

     Still need to figure out the issues surrounding our junior design team. Lyle
     will contact CEC exec, Kate will contact Ryan Harrison.

     Rat's Nest:
     Jon Fearnside is interested, and Denise Sali is interested continuing to help
     too (and in having his help). We will Invite him to meetings and tell him what
     to write about for the upcoming issue.

Motion to Adjourn – L. Weichel

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