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									                                                    Report - National Public Service Week 2009

Report on National Public Service Week 2009


National Public Service Week (NPSW) 2009 was celebrated across the country June 14th – 20th
with great success. This year‘s theme, ―It Starts with YOU‖, was chosen to reflect all the
important work – be it our pride in serving the public and making a difference, recognizing a job
well done, celebrating our successes, upholding our values and ethics or learning something new
on the job—that begins at the individual level. This theme was echoed in over 70 events
organized by more than 20 departments and agencies all across Ontario. The Ontario Federal
Council (OFC) provided funding for these events, and distributed approximately $72 000 which
allowed more than 20 000 regional federal public servants the opportunity to celebrate their work
and accomplishments.

As the strategic approach to the region‘s NPSW activities this year was fundamentally the same
as previous years – to celebrate the efforts of public servants in Ontario Region and to highlight
collaboration and the value of public service to Canadians – the OFC stressed the importance of
inter-departmental collaboration and horizontal resource-sharing to maximize the reach of
allotted funding.

The OFC Secretariat took a coordinating role in providing financial and organizational support to
local NPSW organizing committees; fostered a spirit of teamwork across the region and provided
an information link between TBS, Council members, and the local NPSW committees.

By bringing together public servants from across a broad spectrum to engage in meaningful
dialogs on Public Service Renewal, Management Excellence, and many of the emerging
challenges facing public servants today, NPSW 2009 was not only a celebration, but also an
opportunity for learning and growth – both organizational and personal.


Throughout the week, a photography exhibit was displayed in the lobby of 4900 Yonge,
showcasing a series of individuals working in the Ontario Region‘s Federal Public Service. The
exhibit was interactive and highly participatory, as individual public servants were encouraged to
add their own faces and stories to the display featuring large photos and mini-biographies of
federal workers across the city. Approximately 80 employees were featured.

This year, to expand the reach of NPSW to all public servants in the region, the OFC also had an
online NPSW component. A quiz was posted at the beginning of the week on the OFC website
(www.ofc-cfo.gc.ca), encouraging participants to make use of government pages to answer a
variety of questions related to work in the Public Service. Close to 300 participants from across
Ontario submitted their answers, from which 5 winners were drawn, all of whom, by chance,
reside outside the Greater Toronto Area.

Ontario Federal Council                                                                      1
                                                   Report - National Public Service Week 2009

Monday June 15, 2009

On the first work day morning of NPSW, the OFC staff hosted the “Welcome to NPSW” kick-
off in the lobby of 4900 Yonge, distributing over 1200 Timbits, as well as coffee and tea to
employees as they came into work.

A health and wellness component also took place on the opening day of NPSW. From 11:30 –
12:30, Pilates took place, attracting 12 participants; from 12:30 – 1:30, there was a gentle yoga
class with over 20 participants in attendance. Feedback for these classes was overwhelmingly
positive, with many attendees requesting yoga be offered in the building, on a recurring basis.

Tuesday June 16, 2009

In keeping with the baseball theme, a ―Double-Header‖ of learning events was presented through
a joint effort by the National Manager‘s Community-Ontario Region, the Provincial Inter-
Ministerial Council, and the OFC. In the morning, Peter MacLeod gave a talk entitled ―The
New Public Service: Agents of Change!‖. Feedback for the event was positive, with attendees
noting the energy and positivity of the speaker as outstanding. In the afternoon, an event titled
―Leadership at all Levels: What does it take to Become a Leader?‖ featured: Phil Hurcomb,
Assistant Secretary, Treasury Board Secretariat; John Dagleish, Director, Service Ontario; and,
John Schaffter, Director of Human Resources, City of Toronto. The panelists provided their
insights on leadership as well as information about their individual journeys through the public
service as leaders. Both events attracted a capacity crowd of 90 people. Feedback was generally
positive, although there was a sense that the afternoon event was less cohesive than the morning
session. This is likely due to the unexpected absence of the Deputy Minister of Service Ontario,
and last-minute replacement.

Wednesday June 17, 2009

The OFC hosted a celebratory lunch event in the front courtyard of 4900 Yonge, distributing
hotdogs, chips, ice cream and popcorn to over 1000 employees. A baseball theme ―A Day at
the Ballpark‖ was chosen, and support at the lunch was provided by FLO volunteers, who
helped this year‘s lunch to run even more efficiently than similar events at past NPSWs.

Thursday June 18, 2009

Barry LaValley, a consultant who specializes in the psychological preparation for retirement
delivered an all-day workshop to a capacity crowd of 40 public servants approaching
retirement. Feedback from this event was outstandingly positive, with many of the respondents
asking that this consultant be used again in the future.

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                                                    Report - National Public Service Week 2009

Friday June 19, 2009

The Future Leaders of Ontario, with support from the OFC, hosted a networking breakfast, “The
Breakfast of Champions”, which attracted over 100 participants and senior managers.
Feedback for the event was very positive, with participants appreciating the involvement of the
executives and what they had to share. Numerous participants indicated that they found the
networking beneficial and that they would like to see more events like this in future.

In conjunction with the OFC, two departments (National Defense and Agriculture Canada in
London) offered ―Come Experience the Public Service‖ tours to 14 participants during NPSW.
These departments hosted a unique joint tour entitled ―Between the Barns and the Barracks‖, a
look at DND operations as well as agricultural research facilities in London, Ontario. The event
was well-received, however conflicting NPSW events caused for a lower than expected turnout.
It is suggested to hold ―Come Experience‖ events either the week prior to or the week after
NSPW in the future.

As in previous years, the call letter for funding requests was sent to all appointed Regional
NPSW coordinators, asking Departments and Agencies to submit their funding requests by May
13th. Using criteria established by the Secretariat, funding allocations were made to 20
departments to host a variety of activities including learning events, sports contests, community
improvement activities and celebrations, wellness sessions and staff appreciation events. The full
breakdown of departments and agencies who received funding are outlined in Appendix 1.



On June 18, 2009, Health Canada staff at 180 Queen St. W., in Toronto, joined together with
colleagues from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Courts Administration Service and
Canadian Heritage to celebrate NPSW with a ‗Garden Tea Party‘. Attendees were treated to
strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit and coffee/tea along with words of recognition and celebration
from Mauricette Howlett (Regional Director, PHAC), Marie Moliner (Regional Executive
Director, PCH) and Anthony Sangster (RDG, HC). In order to also commemorate Aboriginal
Day later in the week, First Nations Elder Andrew Wesley opened the events with a prayer and

Employees of Department of Justice in Toronto, celebrated NPSW with lunch, NPSW cake
and an awards ceremony for 25 employees celebrating 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & 40 years of service.
Opening remarks were given by Carla Lyon, Regional Director General and General Counsel.
MC Lori Hendriks and Diane Dagenais kept the audience engaged with amusing anecdotes.
Everyone had an opportunity to mingle and celebrate their own accomplishments with lunch
following the awards ceremony.

Ontario Federal Council                                                                     3
                                                    Report - National Public Service Week 2009

Industry Canada in Toronto hosted Public Service Olympics as their NPSW 2009 main event.
Opening ceremonies included a hot lunch for all staff and an address from our A/Executive
Director. The Olympic Games included Fishing, Golf, Hoola Hoops, Ring Toss and Trivial
Pursuit. Each Public Service Athlete received an Olympic Passport, which they used to collect
stamps for each successfully completed event. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participant Prizes were
awarded to the athletes. The games were followed by closing ceremonies which included a nice,
big, Strawberry Shortcake for all staff. Although the nice backdrop of the BC mountains for
their Olympic Event was not available, they still managed to have a good time in the boardroom!

Employees of Environment Canada in Toronto had a week of celebrations. NPSW 2009
began with the Eco-Pirates kidnapping 3 at the opening ceremony. For the managers to be
released, the Eco-Pirates made several demands: EC staff must participate in survivor games to
earn gold, managers must participate at the BBQ and staff should bring in non-perishable items
for the local food bank. In addition, Toronto Fire Services, Professional Firefighters Association
and EMS volunteered to have their photos taken with staff to raise money. There was a portrait
unveiling, as an MSC tradition, of former ADM, Marc Denis Everell and current ADM, David
Grimes. On the final day, there was an awards ceremony and a Bee Tea Party. There was a $1
charge for those who did not bring their own mug with all proceeds going to charity. There was
a presentation geared towards raising awareness of the declining world population of honey bees
(our main pollinators) and what we can do (It Starts With You!) to increase the population of
these important pollinators.

The Regional Communications Network of TBS hosted a thank you event at the National Film
Board of Canada. Communicators from all over the GTA and from as far as Guelph and
Burlington got together for a fun and educational afternoon. Learned about the important work
of the National Film Board and watched a series of short films written and produced by
Canadians. The film screening was followed by a networking reception.


Employees of National Parole Board in Kingston celebrated NPSW with various activities.
The week started with a Manager‘s breakfast; all of the managers and supervisors, along with
some of the board members, arrived to serve staff. Later in the week, one of the managers
conducted an in-office training session on how to apply and compete for jobs in the Public
Service. The session was well attended by approximately 25 staff members. The finale on June
18 was a lunch time BBQ for staff, other government departments in the building and in the
vicinity and, a couple private businesses located nearby. Despite the rain, it was very well
attended. Plenty food was consumed and some new relationships were developed. The local
RCMP branch has agreed to host a similar event in the near future.

Employees of Correctional Service of Canada, at 5775 Bath Road of the Bath Institution,
celebrated NPSW with a Staff Appreciation BBQ. The BBQ was to honour employees with
years of service awards or medals and to recognize staff contribution to safety and security of the
institution and public safety overall.

Ontario Federal Council                                                                      4
                                                    Report - National Public Service Week 2009

Employees of Correctional Service Canada, at the Pittsburgh institution, celebrated NPSW
with a BBQ, cake and refreshments. The cake was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the crest.
In 1979, under a new crest and motto, the service was renamed (from the Canadian Penitenary
Service to the Corectional Service of Canada) and handed a more integrated, future-looking
mandate: protecting communities by exercising humane control, while helping offenders become
law-abiding citizens. The crest itself is comprised of several elements that highlight CSC‘s
commitments. The Key and torch demonstrate Corrections custodial services; keeping offenders
secure and safe, and their goal to rehiblitate offender into law-abiding citzens through training,
education, and parole. The moto, placed at the bottom of the crest, reads, ―Futura Recipere—
meaning "to grasp or reach out to the future." Tsai, the baker as well as an inmate, was
beaming with pride to have the opportunity to cut and serve the cake for staff. He carefully cut
around the colour flow crest which he duplicated on the cake. The celebrations were well

Employees of Correctional Service Canada, at the Beaver Creek Institution, began with a
Staff Assembly with the BCI/FMI Pipes and Drums Band performance, composed of staff from
Fenbrook and Beaver Creek Institutions. Warden Jim Marshall spoke about the CSC Crest and
congratulated Gail Cosgrove, the national contest winner for the new slogan for CSC;
“Changing lives, Protecting Canadians.” Jackie and Carmen Prieur were commissioned by
former Warden Peter White to create a beautiful Stain Glass of Beaver Creek Institution that was
unveiled at the assembly and Long Service and special awards were presented to staff. The
assembly ended with the final bidding for the charity auction and enjoyed cake and refreshments.
All proceeds from the silent auction items donated by staff will be presented to the local Manna
Food Bank; $1,157.

On Wednesday, June 17, employees of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in Windsor celebrated
with an Employee Assistance Program Poker Walk usually celebrated during NPSW. It‘s an
event to network and enjoy a healthy walk together. Each participant receives a card at each
station and at the end of the walk, the participant with the best hand wins a prize. On Friday they
celebrated with a pizza lunch to appreciate all employees. All events were well received, and
approximately 320 people participated in both events.

Employees of Canada Revenue Agency, at 55 Bay St in Hamilton, celebrated NPSW with a
―You Got Talent‖ contest and a BBQ. Due to inclement weather, the BBQ was held indoors
with runners and cooks outside bringing the food in. This however did not hinder the festivities
as all employees greatly enjoyed themselves. They had a DJ who is an employee of CRA and
the employees enjoyed the opportunity to sit and chat with their colleagues. Overall it was a
great success!

Employees of Canada Revenue Agency in Peterborough had a lunch with pizzas, fruit trays,
beverages and desserts. In addition to the lunch, a collage of employee photographs was
displayed. There was also a bean bag toss game, with proceeds donated to the local food bank
(employees were also asked to bring a non-perishable item to the lunch to donate). A one dollar
donation entitled the player to a throw. Each time they were successful their name was entered
into a draw for prizes. Prizes included a flower basket (purchased with the funds raised from the

Ontario Federal Council                                                                     5
                                                    Report - National Public Service Week 2009

bean bag toss), NPSW logo shirts (from previous years), and NPSW lunch bags. Feedback on
the activities was positive and all employees enjoyed a great celebration.

Employees of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Harrow celebrated NPSW with a BBQ.
They also took this opportunity to introduce their 37 students. The occasion was to recognise
their contributions and bring everyone together to share a meal and encourage interaction.
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture also participated as they are located in the same building. There
was excellent participation with 108 staff members attending the NPSW celebrations, during the
busiest times.

NPSW festivities were held across many of Environment Canada's Ontario regional
(satellite) offices. Staff celebrated with Chinese food, BBQs, pizza, fresh fruit, and cake. NPSW
calendars and lunch bags were distributed to staff.

The NPSW golf tournament event was hosted by Industry Canada in Thunder Bay was a
collaborative occasion for various federal departments to network with other public service
colleagues. This is the 3rd year this event has been held during NPSW. It is also an opportunity
to raise funds for the GCWCC campaign in Thunder Bay. The golf tournament attracted 10
teams from across many federal departments (CRA, INAC, FedNor, Veteran Affairs,
Canadian Grains Commission, Federal National Superannuation Association, and Service
Canada). With 40 participants, the 2009 tournament raised approximately $575 that will be
donated to the United Way of Thunder Bay. What a great success!

To celebrate NPSW public servants from the Thunder Bay Zone Health Canada office took a
short walk leading to Marina Park where we were greeted by lush green grass, Lake Superior
calm and serene, gentle breezes, the sound of gulls accompanied with laughter and friendship
and the sleeping figure of Naniboujou (The Sleeping Giant) watching over them. Deli
sandwiches were prepared and offered in personalized lunch bags awaited the staff on arrival on
the picnic tables. A game of frisbee and some relaxation were followed by a leisurely stroll to
the Ice Cream Parlour for our choice of decadence. What more could you ask for? HC was
thankful for they received funding from the OFC for the lunch and the Party Crew TBZ office
for the ice cream cones!

Health Canada’s Sioux Lookout Zone had a spectacular day on June 17, 2009 in celebration of
NPSW. The weather certainly cooperated with a balmy 27 degrees and approximately 50 public
servants enjoyed a BBQ prepared by the O-Zone Staff Association The Associate Zone Director
Cindy Hunt, thanked staff for their commitment to Health Canada and the Public Service. All in
all, it was a great day!

Ontario Federal Council                                                                    6
                                                Report - National Public Service Week 2009

APPENDIX 1: Regional NPSW activities funded by OFC by department/agency.

                         Area                                     Approx. Employee
  Department                                Type of Event
                    (depts. funded)                                 Attendance
Agriculture and
                                          NPSW Celebration,
   Agrifood         Guelph; Harrow                                       365
                                            cake & BBQ
Canada Border
                          Toronto            Pizza Lunch                 500+
Services Agency
                  Toronto; Windsor;
                    Thunder Bay;
                                          Appreciation BBQ;
    Canada                                NPSW Celebration
    Revenue                             lunch; Wellness Lunch;          > 1,000
    Agency                                 Teambuilding and
                                          Networking Events
                  Barrie; Mississauga
                                         NPSW Celebration/
 Canada Food
                   Guelph; Toronto;     Appreciation Lunch &
  Inspection                                                             969
                       London             BBQ; Employee
                                          Recognition Day
                          Toronto         Awards and Picnic               30
 Correctional                             Staff Appreciation
  Service of                               Events & BBQ;                > 1,000
                   Gravenhurst; Bath
   Canada                               Anniversary celebration
Administration            Toronto            NPSW BBQ                     40
Department of                            NPSW Lunch; BBQ;
 Fisheries and                           Awards; Celebration             600+
                   Sarnia; Sault Ste.
Oceans Canada                                 Events
Department of
                          Toronto              Awards                    180
Justice Canada
 Environment                              NPSW Celebration
                          Toronto                                       > 1,000
   Canada                                  Events & BBQ
                    Sioux Lookout;
Health Canada        Thunder Bay;                BBQ                     536
 Immigration              Toronto             Pizza Day                  350

Ontario Federal Council                                                             7
                                            Report - National Public Service Week 2009

  and Refugee
    Board of
                          Toronto        PS Olympics                 200
   Canada -          Thunder Bay      NPSW Celebrations              100
National Parole
                          Kingston       Lunch BBQ                   130
 Parks Canada        Peterborough         Box Lunch                  400
 Public Safety                           NPSW Staff
                          Toronto                                   < 100
   Canada                                Appreciation
 Public Works
 Government               Toronto    Thank-you Reception             650
                                      NPSW Celebration
                    Richmond Hill;
Service Canada                         Events; Bowling               642
                                      Tournament; Lunch
Treasury Board
                                     Networking Event and
  of Canada               Toronto                                     50
                                     NFB Film Screening

Ontario Federal Council                                                         8

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