Everingham Rotating House by hymavathi123


									Everingham Rotating House (Courtesy : Sakshi Funday)

Environmental Friendly -rotated Living

Courtesy: SAKSHI Fun Day

The Everingham Rotating house is situated approximately 40 kilometres from Wingham
NSW (Australia) in th Hinterland of Manning valley on the Nowendock river comprising
pristine rapids and deep water with mountains raiding direcltly above the river. It is a 24-
meter Diameter octagon with a 3 meter 360* (Degree) Verandah

Design Concept

-    The cost must not exceed that of a conventional house of the
     same size and level of appointment
•      The layout and finish must be highly functional
•      The end result must require very little maintenance
•      The house must be white ant proof
•      The rotating aspect must allow the occupants to maximize
     Exploitation of weather conditions, seasonal conditions
     And outstanding 360* Degree view

Does the House move all the time?

The Octagonal nature of the house allows irregularly-
shaped rooms with a lot more space than most conventional Houses. The Rotating
house rotates a full 360* (Degree) around a Central Core of Plumbing and Electricals.
Computor controlled rotation gives you complete control over your view.
The house can move if and when desired.A touch panel on the wall
in the lounge room lets you change the position of the house with
a couple of simple presses. You just select which side of the house you want to
go, to which direction then press go. Programmes have been set up
for different times of the year for different functions eg. Follow the sun.

Brilliant Testimonial

Built largely of Glass & Steel and powered by Eletric motor( Not bigger than a Washing
Machine motor", its ia brilliant testimonial to the ingenuity of its owners/builders. It also
encapulates many aspects of ecological sound building principles.
The speed can be varied and It takes 2 hours to do a rotation
at the lower speed which is 40 meters per hour. House is the logic. There are
no Vaastu problems and can be adjusted accordingly without any extra expenditure.

Well, Why not? It was an idea that grew and grew and finally became a reality.
The shape o the house and the rooms are large, interesting and user friendly.
The cost was also comparable o a house of similar size and level of appointment.
The ability to move the house to suit whatever circumstance has proved extremely
handy! Naturally the weather aspect for heating and cooling bu also for
entertaining. Having the living room facing son in the morning for heating
and having a leisurely breakfast is great bu come night time. turn the room around
to th fixed deck over the looking river for a fantastic entertaining area adjusted according
to your Vaastu without any extra expenditure.

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