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									            LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS
                                            TOWN OF LAKE LURE
                                           INCORPORATED IN 1927

                                                Mayor: Jim Proctor
                      Commissioners: Russ Pitts, Jeanine Noble, Linda Turner and Wayne Hyatt
                                       Town Manager: Steven M. Wheeler

                                                  October 2008
                        Published by Town of Lake Lure, P.O. Box 255, Lake Lure, NC 28746
                                    Newsletter Editor & Coordinator: Linda Ward

           Telephone: (828) 625-9983                         Fax: (828) 625-8371
           Website:                   Email:

 VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER SHORTAGE                              with the Charter School application and submitted
       VOLUNTEER TODAY!                                      to the State of North Carolina. Though I realize this
                                                             newsletter is published after the application is
      Volunteer firefighters are still needed.               submitted, I still believe these letters can positively
Volunteer firefighters receive 1 free boat permit            impact our application.
annually for volunteering. Please contact Ron
Morgan at or                       Letters of support should be sent by mail to:
(828) 625-9333 for more information on                          Mr. Joe Maimone, Headmaster
becoming a volunteer firefighter.                               Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy
                                                                2527 Highway 221A
                                                                Mooresboro, NC 28114
         TOWN MANAGER’S REPORT                               You may also e-mail letters to
             by Steven Wheeler                                        We are seeking support for this Lake Lure
                                                             School Project from all area government units,
         It‟s hard to believe, but fall has arrived. The     organizations, churches, businesses, as well as
air is cooler and the area has quieted down from the         individuals throughout the County. Your support is
tourism season.                                              critical to bringing a school to the Lake Lure area.
         The Lake Lure School project is moving                       Construction of the redesign of the sewer
forward. The next step in the long road is to secure         plant continues and is expected to be completed
approval from the State of North Carolina Division           within 6-8 weeks. This includes installation of a
of Charter Schools for Thomas Jefferson Classical            new in-line step screen and compaction unit,
Academy to expand its charter to allow construction          installation of a skimmer line in the basin,
of a charter school in Lake Lure. The current plan is        modification and expansion of the existing chlorine
to submit this application on September 23, 2008.            contact chamber for improved operation and contact
         To insure that this charter expansion is            time. A new sludge removal system is being
approved, we need to begin a massive letter                  installed in the sedimentation basin utilizing a
writing campaign indicating support for the school           suction-lift concept, a new effluent outfall line
project. These letters of support will be combined           including the installation of an oxidization chamber
October 2008                  LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                Page 2

to improve the dissolved oxygen in the effluent         Outdoor Coalition to waive the rental fee for use of
discharge. These improvements will positively           the community hall in the Lake Lure Municipal
impact our plant operations and goes above and          Center to hold a workshop meeting on November 1,
beyond SOC requirements.                                2008, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. pertaining to
        We ask that you continue to be on the look      fire safety and education for homeowners; and
out for any illegal discharges into our sewer system    * an the Rural Fire District agreement with the Lake
which are harmful to the system. If you see any         Lure Fire Department and authorized the mayor and
septic truck emptying their load into town              town clerk to sign this agreement.
manholes, please call 9-1-1 immediately to call the
Lake Lure Police Department and report this illegal     Town Council also:
dumping.                                                * approved to increase the rental fees for use of
        The Town of Lake Lure Youth Center re-          town facilities, meadows, and the gazebo as
opened on Monday, August 25th. The center has           submitted by the customer services director;
resumed its regular operational hours of 3 pm- 6 pm     * approved a request from John Cloud for approval
while school is in session. For more information on     of a release of the bond agreement with the town
the youth center, please contact Sharon Theiss at       regarding the installation of improvements for
625-5220.                                               Firefly Cove Subdivision contingent upon certain
        Again a reminder that you can sign-up for       stipulations being met first and authorized the town
the mass e-mail program by going to the town            manager to give the final approval;
website at and entering          * adopted Resolution No. 08-09-09 adopting the
your e-mail on the left side under Join Our E-Mail      design guidelines for new commercial construction
List. You must complete the application that            to ensure that growth and development respect the
follows. The Town will only use the e-mail              historic nature of the town and its community
information for our mass e-mail program and will        character and natural beauty;
not sell or distribute any of your information to       * approved a request from Michelle Daigle on
anyone. We currently have over 200 people signed        behalf of the Lake Lure Inn for additional parking
up for our mass e-mail program.                         on town property to accommodate an antique car
                                                        group (Carolina Trophy) during the week of
                                                        September 14-19, 2008;
       TOWN COUNCIL ACTIVITIES                          * adopted Resolution No. 08-09-09A requesting
    by Town Clerk Mary Flack, MMC, CTC                  approval from the North Carolina Division of
                                                        Charter Schools for Thomas Jefferson Classical
        REGULAR MEETING: The regular town               Academy to expand its charter to allow the
council meeting was held on Tuesday, September 9,       construction of a charter school in Lake Lure;
2008, 7:00 p.m., in the meeting room of the Lake        * adopted Ordinance No. 08-09-09             a water
Lure Municipal Center.                                  shortage response plan as required by the
Under the “consent agenda,” Town Council                Department of Environment and Natural Resources;
approved:                                               * tabled the approval of a request from the North
* minutes of the August 12, 2008 (regular meeting);     Carolina Department of Transportation regarding a
* a budget amendment as presented by the finance        deed for a highway right-of-way and a temporary
director regarding a vehicle for the fire department;   construction easement for the construction of a new
* a request from Chuck and Anne Bowen to                bridge over the Broad River on US 64/74A, NC-9;
suspend the town‟s alcohol ordinance in order to        this item will be discussed further at the next
serve beer and wine during a wedding reception          regular town council meeting being held on October
being held inside the community hall of the Lake        14, 2008; and
Lure Municipal Center on October 19, 2008, from         * tabled action on approval of a request from the
1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.;                              North Carolina Department of Transportation
* consider a request from Diana Richards on behalf      regarding a transfer of ownership agreement for the
of the Friends of Hickory Nut Gorge and Rutherford      NCDOT Bridge No. 7; this item will be discussed
October 2008                    LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 3

further at the next regular town council meeting          carrots, and other nutritious foods. We are striving
being held on October 14, 2008.                           to keep sugary snacks to a minimum and help your
                                                          children eat sensibly. So far this year we‟ve
In other activities:                                      survived a mud slide and a few days of welcome
* heard a report from the finance director; and           rain, please forgive any muddy shoes!
* heard reports from council liaisons on the                      I would like to personally thank the Lake
activities of various boards and committees.              Lure La La Queens for their recent donation to the
                                                          Lake Lure Youth Center. The La La Queens are a
                                                          group of mothers and grandmothers who realize the
       COMMUNITY POLICING NEWS                            benefits of the Youth Center. They dress in
           by Chief Eric Hester                           outrageous costumes, dance and appear in parades
                                                          and use fund raisers and special events to help raise
         The police department recently filled two        money and maintain a level of awareness for the
vacant patrol positions. Officer Chris Shuford, who       Youth Center. Thank you once again for your
was employed as an Instructor with Asheville              continued support. If you need information on the
Buncombe Community College and had also                   Center the contact number is 625- 5220.
worked with the Buncombe County Sheriffs Office                   Halloween will be approaching us very
in the Detention Facility as a Lieutenant, was hired      soon. This is a time for fun with friends, family,
to fill one of the positions. Officer Herbert Martin,     neighbors and all the children that will be
who has just finished his Basic Law Enforcement           participating during this time of year. Children will
Training at Blue Ridge Community College, was             be trick-or-treating door to door in our
also hired. Officer Martin is married and has 2           neighborhoods. We can help keep them safe by
children. These officers are in the process of            driving extra careful while the children and adults
completing an 8 week Field Training Program with          are out on the roadways going door to door, and
the Lake Lure Police Department before being              keep a light on at our residence so trick-or-treaters
released to work on their own. When you see them          will know where to visit and do this safely. Here
around town please give them a warm welcome to            are a few safety tips for our trick-or-treaters.
Lake Lure.
         Larkin’s on the Lake is announcing the           Safety tips for trick-or-treaters:
Third Annual “Evening Of Honor” which will be                           Always be part of a group and don‟t
held November 21, 2008, 5:30 pm at Larkin‟s                              stray from the group
Restaurant. This is a night to get to know and
celebrate with the Men and Women who protect and                        Don‟t enter the home of a stranger
serve the Town of Lake Lure. This event has been                        Never accept rides from strangers
an incredible community event and we all look                           Carry flash lights so you can be
forward to seeing you there again this year. All                         easily seen
donations and proceeds from the sponsors and ticket                     Don‟t take shortcuts through
sales will directly benefit the Lake Lure Police                         backyards, parks or alleyways
Department. It will be used as needed for:                              Be alert, have fun and be aware of
equipment, training, scholarships, or daily                              your surroundings at all times
operations. Contact Liz Nasca, Director of
Marketing & Public Relations for Larkin‟s                               If possible wear reflective clothing
Restaurants,      Inc.,    (864)      293-1827       or                  when out at night for more information.
         Our Youth Center continues to grow as                   The Lake Lure Police Department will have
new children move into the Hickory Nut Gorge              Glow Bracelets to give out to all the children in our
area. We welcome the new additions and hope that          community to help ensure that all our children will
parents will participate by donating apples, celery,      be seen while they are out and about trick-or-
October 2008                  LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                  Page 4

treating. Moms, Dads and Grandparents please            Chimney Rock, and Fairfield Mountains) but will
bring your children by the Police Department to         supplement them. Due to the large geographical
pick up a bracelet.                                     size of the town, it takes multiple stations to meet
                                                        the state requirements for road mileage. This means
    POLICE REPORT FOR AUGUST, 2008                      you will see both the volunteer departments and the
                                                        new Lake Lure Fire Department responding inside
ALARM CALLS RECEIVED                         9          the Town.
ACCIDENTS                                    8                  The new Lake Lure Fire Department will
ARRESTS                                      6          provide fire suppression, rescue, and medical first
BANK ALARMS                                  1          responders in conjunction with the existing fire
BREAKING AND ENTERINGS                       0          departments and emergency medical services.
BUSINESS CHECKS                              5,939      Please take the time to stop in and meet these new
CITATIONS ISSUED                             22         firefighters. They all have extensive training and
COMMUNITY CONTACTS                           924        good experience to meet the needs of our
EXTRA PATROLS                                79         community.
LAKE – CITATIONS                             0                  I will be sharing more information
LAKE – COVE CHECKS                           111        concerning this in the future, but please feel free to
LAKE – PATROL                                27         call me if you have any questions 625-9333.
LARCENY REPORTS                              6
ROAD CHECKS                                  2,163
VANDALISM REPORTS                            2             SEDIMENT AND EROSION CONTROL
WARNINGS ISSUED                              48                             NEWS
CASES CLEARED                                2             by Clint Calhoun, Erosion Control Officer
CASES CLEARED BY ARREST                      2
                                                                 Well since I missed a couple of months, I
                                                        thought it would be a good idea to follow up on my
                                                        last article which dealt with algae blooms. I don‟t
          COMMUNITY FIRE NEWS                           know if anyone out there caught my article in the
             by Ron Morgan                              Mountain Breeze, but I went into a great deal more
                                                        depth about algae and its biology. As an update, we
        Most of you are aware the Town Council          have seen some algae blooms this summer. Most
approved the formation of a new Lake Lure               notably was a euglena bloom that appeared in the
Municipal Fire Department a couple months ago.          Broad River above its confluence with the lake. It
This included hiring three paid firefighters to         was pretty noticeable for about three weeks and was
provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week fire              most easily seen in the mornings. We began
protection. This change also created the need for       noticing it in July. It looked as though someone had
new volunteers in the Lake Lure Municipal Fire          poured fluorescent green paint on in the water.
Department. The minimum number of members for           When it was discovered we contacted the NC
this new department is 20, which includes paid and      Division of Water Quality to get a positive
volunteer members. I am pleased to say that we now      identification and fortunately it was a harmless
have more than the minimum number required and          euglenoid, a single-celled protozoan that has
have several applications pending.          The new     photosynthetic ability. In some of the lake coves
department is scheduled to open in what is now          we also saw some pretty extensive blooms of chara,
Fairfield Station #2, located beside of the municipal   a green algae that grows in thick mats and has a
golf course, around the second week in October. We      garlicky odor when removed from the water. Chara
are waiting for the State inspection and approval.      is also harmless, but can be a nuisance for
        This new department will not replace the        swimmers and fishermen who don‟t like getting
existing three fire departments (Bills Creek,           tangled up in it. Hopefully, with some rain and
October 2008                  LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                   Page 5

cooler weather we should be seeing the light at the     by phone at (828)625-9983 ext. 123 or by e-mail at
end of the tunnel with regards to algae.      
        As I usually do this time of year, it is
important to reiterate the importance of ground
cover on your construction sites. Lack of ground                       LAKE OPERATIONS
cover typically results in most problems with                            by Dean Givens
regards to erosion and off-site sedimentation. It is
easy to get complacent when there‟s no rain, but                All commercial boating operations on the
when the rains come, very often the damage is           lake require an approved license by the Marine
severe because of a lack of ground cover. This year     Commission. This includes any boats that are
has been a tough year for establishing ground cover     provided with rental homes (canoes, kayaks and
due to the severe drought that we have been in for      motorized). The application deadline is November
two years now. This increases the importance of         1st and forms are available at the town office or on
properly scheduling land disturbing activites so that   the town website (see the Lake Management tab
ground cover can be established during the              near the top of the home page, then click on Boat
appropriate season. It is also important to make        Permitting Process – Commercial Boats). If your
sure that you are planting the appropriate ground       business held a 2008 lake commercial license, you
cover for the season. In other words you shouldn‟t      will automatically receive a renewal package in the
be planting winter rye or fescue in the hot summer      mail.
months. These are cool season grasses that are to               All 2008 (yellow) boat stickers will expire
be planted in the fall and early spring. For summer     on December 31. Any boat, motorized or non-
months: plant appropriate cover such as browntop        motorized, will need a 2009 boat permit sticker
millet, sudangrass, and Bermuda, keeping in mind        before going out on the lake as of January 1st. The
that the hottest, driest part of summer is not the      2009 non-commercial permits, resident and non-
ideal time to even plant these grasses. When grass      resident, for both motorized and non-motorized
is not going to work because of hot dry conditions,     boats will be available at the town hall beginning
remember that there are other forms of ground           December 15, 2008. You may also purchase your
cover. Wood mulch is an effective ground cover          2009 boat permits through the mail. To receive
when used appropriately. It is temporary and            permits by mail we will need a copy of your current
requires maintenance, but it does prevent erosion       registration, proof of $300,000.00 liability insurance
when applied in a proper fashion.                       for motorized boats and a completed boat permit
        Lastly, I want to say that we are working       application. You can print off a copy of the
with a couple of our large open projects to correct     application from the town‟s website at
sedimentation problems that occurred during the
remnants of tropical storm Fay. We have two                     Lake front property owners MUST have
projects that are under enforcement action and are      their 911 address signs displayed on their boathouse
making the required changes and corrections             or structure, clearly visible from the lake, in order to
necessary to get those sites into compliance. We        purchase a 2009 boat permit.
are currently working to determine what civil                   The lake is scheduled to be lowered for
penalties can be assessed and what those amounts        maintenance the winter of 2009. It will not be
might be, and conducting frequent inspections to        lowered this year unless an emergency arises.
make sure that all efforts are being made to correct            A new ordinance, 08-08-12C, is now in
issues. We are also working closely with the NC         effect that prohibits the feeding of birds on town
Land Quality Section (our local program‟s state         property. This includes pigeons, ducks, geese, or
partner) and the NC Division of Water Quality to        any other birds. Violators will be fined (total fine
help us in our enforcement effort.                      being $171.00). Town properties include the lake
        If you have an erosion problem or know          and any parks or trails.
someone else who does, please give me a call or                 If you have any problems or concerns
send me an e-mail. I can be reached at Town Hall        involving the lake, call me at 828-447-7430. If I am
October 2008                  LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                Page 6

away from the phone, please leave me a message          His artwork includes scenes from our beautiful Blue
and I will get back with you as soon I can.             Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Mountains, local
                                                        and state landmarks, as well as, beautiful florals.
                                                        You may have seen his work in Our State
         NEWS AROUND LAKE LURE                                  His recently published books take us back to
                                                        simpler times, when everything seemed to move at
        A Fish Fry & Chicken Supper will be held        a slower pace and people took time to appreciate
at the Bill‟s Creek Community Center, on Club           each other and the world around them. Please join
House Rd in Lake Lure, with the proceeds to help        us as we welcome this special guest on Thursday,
further develop the community center and pavilion.      October 2 at 4 pm in the Community Room of
        Fried fish (perch and catfish), chicken, cole   the Mountains Branch Library located at 150
slaw, baked beans, hushpuppies, dessert and a drink     Bill‟s Creek Road in Lake Lure.
will be served. Adult suppers will cost $8.00 and
children‟s suppers will be $4.00.          For more     It‟s a Book “Plus” Sale on Saturday and Sunday,
information contact Barbara Welge at 828-625-           October 18 & 19, at the Mountains Branch Library.
5517.                                                          *INCLUDING OUR MOST VALUABLE
                                                                    COLLECTIBLE BOOKS
        Bill’s Creek Volunteer Fire Department              *AN ASSORTMENT OF LOCAL ARTWORK
will be holding a yard sale on Saturday, October 4,                   *HOLIDAY GIFTS
2008 from 7:00 am until.                                            *CHILDREN‟S BOOKS
        We will have the usual and unusual,                        *GREAT RAFFLE ITEMS
                                                                 *FRIENDS 2009 CALENDARS
furniture and household items. Come see, explore,
                                                        All proceeds go to support the Mountains Branch
shop and help your volunteer fire department.
        For more information, please contact
Barbara Welge at 828-625-5517.
                                                                Did you ever think that you may be able
        We will be serving sausage biscuits and
                                                        to have your cake and … eat it too? On Tuesday,
biscuits and gravy for breakfast.       For lunch,
                                                        October 28, 2008, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, in the
beginning at 10:00 a.m., we will serve hot dogs,
                                                        Lake Lure Town Hall Community room, the
hamburgers, chips and drinks.
                                                        Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation is hosting a free
                                                        information event on Estate Planning.           Lee
    Hospice of Rutherford County Volunteer
                                                        Mulligan, J.D., of Strauss and Associated will
                                                        discuss estate-planning strategies that allow you to
       Volunteer training will be offered at the
                                                        take care of your family, support your favorite
Hickory Nut Gorge Hospice Office in Lake Lure,
                                                        charities, and leave a legacy for your community.
located in Suite 203 in the Arcade Building.
                                                        Many options can create current income while
Training will be from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Call
                                                        providing tax advantages during your lifetime.
JoAnn Faulhaber at 828-625-9652 to register.
                                                        Light Refreshments will be served.         RSVP by
                                                        October 21, 2008 OR
       The Friends of the Mountains Branch
Library are proud to present native North
Carolinian artist “Cotton” Ketchie as he shares
                                                               Lake Lure Lion’s Club News by Diane
with us a reading from his books Memories of a
                                                        Barrett - After two years the Lake Lure Lions Club
Country Boy and A Country Boy’s Education. We
                                                        has completed distributing $77,801.33 received
are fortunate to have this nationally known
                                                        from our participation with the HGTV Dream
watercolorist from Mooresville visit our area. He is
                                                        Home Tours. From January 2 through April 7,
a delightful and gracious „Southern Gentleman‟
                                                        2006, tours were organized to visit the HGTV
who possesses amazing talents in the field of art and
                                                        Dream House in the Grey Rock development in
now, the literary field.
October 2008                  LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                Page 7

Lake Lure, NC.          Land Resource Companies                 On Saturday, September 5th, the Lions Club
organized the event and tours, charging $20 per         International Foundation Vision Van made a visit
ticket. Members of the Lake Lure Lions, Boys &          to Lake Lure. Each person visiting the Vision Van
Girls Clubs of Transylvania County and Hospice of       first experienced looking through a Visual Acuity
Rutherford County assisted with tours as tent           machine to determine how far away and close up
greeters, hospitality volunteers, parking attendants,   the individual could see. The next step determined
shuttle drivers, and tour guides in the Dream House.    the person‟s field of peripheral vision. The third
As a result of this three month event, enough money     step eye pressure was tested. Lastly, Dr. Randy
was raised so each organization received a check        Omlor with Tri-City Optometric Eyecare, looked
from Land Resource Companies in the amount of           into each person‟s eye with a machine which sent
$77,801.33.                                             light into the eye allowing the doctor to see deep
        The money awarded to the Lake Lure Lions        into the inside of each eye.
has been distributed to the following organizations:            The Vision Van travels throughout North
 Angel Flight; Audio Bible for the Blind; Bill’s        Carolina providing free eye screenings.       This
Creek Community Center; Bill’s Creek Volunteer          service began in May 1999, has been operated 1,167
Fire Dept.; Boys & Girls Home of NC ; Camp              days, and given approximately 46,680 people free
Lurecrest;     Camp Rainbow (Hospice); Chimney          eye screenings. Mr. Mike Howard has been driving
Rock Volunteer Fire Dept; Community Clinic of           the Vision Van since April 2000 coordinating all
Rutherford County; Fairfield Mts. Volunteer Fire        requests for the van to visit communities and
Dept.; Friends of Mountain Branch Library;              provide this service.
Heritage Specialty Dogs; Hickory Nut Gorge EMS;                                  ~
JDRF-Diabetes Research; Lake Lure Police Dept                   Lake Lure Lions Club Scholarship
(defibrillators); Lake Lure Youth Program; Leader       Award -At a recent meeting of the Lake Lure Lions
Dogs for the Blind; Lions Campaign Sight First II       Club, a $1,000 scholarship was awarded to 19-year
Programs; Mountain Regional EMT; NC State               old Lucas Powell. Lucas is a graduate of RS
School for the Deaf;            Realize Rutherford;     Central and is in his second year at Southwestern
Rutherford County Relay for Life; Rutherford            Technical Institute studying to be an automotive
County Visually Impaired Club; Rutherford LIFE          mechanic. After he graduates he plans to continue
Care Services; Shepherds Care of Hickory Nut            working at the Ford dealership in Sylva where he is
Gorge; Southeastern Guide Dogs; The Human               currently employed. Lucas and his brother Allen
Race (fund drive for the blind); The Salvation Army     plan to eventually start their own automotive
Visually Impaired Fishing Tournament; Albert B.         mechanic business.
Anderson, MD, PA; Purchased 3 defibrillators
from SE Emergency Equipment for Rumbling Bald                   The Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of
Resort; NC Lions Foundation (Camp Dogwood for           Commerce will be holding, back by popular
the Blind, Visually Impaired Campers; Clinical Eye      demand, the infamous “Batty Ball and Reverse
Research, Fellowships); And lastly, four $1,000         Auction” as their fundraising event this year.
College Scholarships to area youth.                             The event will be held November 1st, 2008,
        All     recipients   are     well   deserving   7:00 pm, at Firefly Cove located off of Boy‟s Camp
organizations and / or individuals. These financial     Road. The cost will be $75 per couple which
gifts have helped people in our local community,        includes one raffle ticket, heavy hors d‟oeuvres and
town, county, state and other areas.                    entertainment. Be a corporate sponsor for $500 and
        The Lake Lure Lions again thank those           receive a table for six, two couple‟s tickets (worth
members and non-members that helped us complete         $150), a bottle of champagne and special
this project. Special “Thanks” to Lion Roseanne         recognition.
Pena for making the contact which resulted in the               Raffle numbers will be drawn all throughout
Club being involved with the HGTV Tours and             the evening for lots of great prizes with the grand
receiving these funds.                                  prize being at least $1500 in cold hard cash! You
October 2008                   LAKE LURE NEWS & VIEWS                                                 Page 8

may purchase additional raffle tickets for $25 each.     President @ 828-625-5161 for an application or any
There will be a few live auctioned items as well.        questions.
        Come in costume and dance, eat, drink and
be merry. Everyone attending the event will be able
to judge the costumes. The winner of the Best in                Property owners and visitors can get the
Costume will receive a special prize.                    latest town happenings, town projects, and
        You may make a tax-deductible contribution       important information by visiting the homepage at
of an item, a service or even a gift card with a and click on the Town
minimum $50 value. The more donations the more           News link on the left side of the page.
fun the ball will be.

       Lake Lure Newcomers invite those who
are new residents in Lake Lure (24 months or less)
to join them in various activities which include:        The deadline for newsletter articles to be received
potluck, gourmet, out‟n about, theater, bridge/poker,    at Town Hall for the November issue is October
book club, and hiking. Anyone interested in              22, 2008.
becoming a member should visit the website or call Joan or Russ
Meade at 828-625-4744.

       For the convenience of the public, the
VFW Post 10473 has placed a receptacle for old                                 H
and worn out American flags in the covered                                     A
walkway at the town hall near the entrance to the
police department‟s door. If you would like a                                  P
replacement flag, for a small fee, or are eligible and
wish to join the VFW contact VFW Vice                                          P
Commander Charles Hicks at 828-625-9278.                                       Y
        Lake Lure Lakefront Owners Association
(LLLOA). Do you want more information on town
ordinances that affect lake front owners? Are you                              H
interested in efforts to preserve the quality and                              A
beauty of the lake? If you are a Lake Lure lakefront
owner and want to receive information about these                              L
and other concerns, the LLLOA invites you to
become a member. Associate memberships are                                     L
encouraged for those who are interested in the lake                            O
or who keep a boat on the lake. Each year members
receive a directory of members, informative Muse                               W
Letters, and a first class mailed subscription to the
Town of Lake Lure monthly newsletter, Lake Lure                                E
News & Views. Members meet at the Town                                         E
Community Center socially at least annually to
meet neighbors and discuss issues. Annual dues                                 N
are currently $25.00.       You may pick up an
application for membership at the Municipal Center
or via the website at
under Lake Management or call Betty Ross,

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