Thursday, October 31, 2002
                       4467 Lake Meadow Dr., home of Nancy Pierce & Tom Hall

PRESENT:      Sandy DeWalt, Tom Hall, Wendy McCalvy, Nancy Pierce, Randy Peterka, Lori Slattery,
              Steve Bulik, Terry Tollaksen Cliff Vacek
OTHERS:       Kim Poehlman, Jon Soderberg
R. Peterka introduced new board member, Jon Soderberg. Jon is a retired detective with the Racine Police
Department. He and his wife, Sue, live on 7 Mile Road at Rocking Horse Ridge (former Chesen place.)
Both Jon and Sue helped with the summer Poker Ride and trail clearings.

Motion: L. Slattery moved to approve the September 2002 minutes. Seconded by T. Tollaksen.
ACTION: Motion unanimously approved.
> August 2002 minutes
Motion: W. McCalvy moved to amend the August 2002 minutes to state that all but $50 will be moved
from the trail maintenance account to the trail endowment fund. Previously board members agreed to
transfer $1,000 from the account to the endowment fund; however, that $1,000 is no longer available.
ACTION: Motion unanimously approved.

II TREASURER’S REPORT N. Pierce –The Conservancy’s financial situation is essentially unchanged
from September. Updated statements will be distributed at the November board meeting.
     General Fund Statement, August/September Revenue=$14,788.50
     August/September 2002 Expenses – $7,757.57
     September/October Revenue-$9,272.39 ($640 donations; $252.24-R. Peterka; $3,380.15-Auction;
       $5,000 Racine Community Foundation grant)
     Educators Credit Union Accounts as of September 30, 2002-Trail Maintenance Account, $1,127.55;
       Checking Account, $50; Money Market Land Acquisition, $98,214.85; Trail Endowment $1,651.80.
> Quick Books Pro recommended as the best financial program for land trusts at Land Trust Alliance
> Internal Revenue Letter dated September 30, 2002 distributed to board members. This letter replaces
original determination letter and grants 501 (c) [3] non-profit status to the Conservancy.
> Current financial statements reflect data from the end of the preceding month. Since the board meets
three weeks later, information reviewed at meetings is out-of-date. Members discussed revising the closing
date for statements, but agreed to wait until after the changeover to Quick Books to decide on any
Motion: S. DeWalt moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by L. Slattery.
ACTION: Motion unanimously approved.

   Christensen/Loppnow Project-W. McCalvy shared background on the Christensen/Loppnow project with
new board member, J. Soderberg. Recent developments included:
> Meeting with Christensen Family-W. McCalvy, Peter McKeever, Ray Leffler met with Carol Christensen
and her husband, Miles Tolbin October 30. The meeting was cordial; however, the family is not ready to
begin negotiations. P. McKeever did reveal the appraised value of the property. The Christensen family will
meet for an upcoming Packer game. The family foundation meets in December. P. McKeever will follow-up
with M. Tolbin around the third week of November.
                                     October 31, 2002/ Board Meeting Minutes /kp
> Environmental Assessment: A Phase 2 environmental assessment of the Christensen property will be
required by the DNR to determine if waste in a pond presents a hazard. If so, the Conservancy may have
to pay for cleanup.
> New Appraisal-Recent property sales in the $10,000-$11,000/acre range, may necessitate a new
appraisal of the Christensen property. The 21.5 acres the Conservancy wants was appraised at $175,000
or $8,139.53/ acre in May 2002. The value of this site is impacted by the proximity of Cape Construction.
Christensen family members came late in the day, and so could not see the rubble from the company.
> Loppnow property-Leffler hopes to close around December 15. His plat design goes before the Plan
Commission around the third week of November. R. Leffler would consider buying the Christensen site (he
would not need to perform an environmental assessment) and then selling the 21.5 acres to the
> Riding Easement-John and Pam Carter discussed their interest in a riding easement for their property
with S. DeWalt. The Preservation committee should meet to review and establish criteria for a riding
easement. Chris Goebel of the Geneva Lakes Conservancy has said he would draft an easement for the

> Fall Fundraising Letter-A general appeal letter will be mailed mid-November.
> Fundraising for Christensen/Loppnow-K. Poehlman, N. Pierce, Michelle Ohler, of Keep Caledonia Rural
will meet to discuss a fundraising plan for the project in November.
> Vernal Equinox Fundraising Event-T. Hall suggested a March 21 bonfire with refreshments to raise
funds. He will ask Fran and Peter Martin to discuss the event with an archeology/astronomy expert they
know. Jane Schumann, N. Pierce, and K. Poehlman will meet to being planning.

> Insurance –The limit of liability for Directors and Officers policy was reduced from $2 to $1 million. This
will save about $450 annually.
> LTA Conference-N. Pierce attended seminars on grants, fundraising plans, major funders. Information
from the conference is available online at
> W. McCalvy suggested separating staff/consultant funds from the general operating fund. She also
suggested using more than one bank for Conservancy accounts. N. Pierce agreed to present suggestions
for banks/credit unions and make a recommendation to the board in November or December.

    Board Elections
Motion: N. Pierce moved to that Jon Soderberg be approved as a new member of the Caledonia
Conservancy Board of Directors. Seconded by S. DeWalt.
ACTION: Motion unanimously, and heartily, approved. Welcome Jon!
> Potential Board Members: John Helding, Greg Berg is willing to return to the board after concluding
obligations to the firefighters’ union.

> Trails– There were three or four clearings. The lower River Trail and Secret Woods bridges were
repaired. Jason will clear the fallen tree from the 6 Mile right-of-way. Clearings are done for the season. A
notice in the next newsletter will advise trail users to contact S. DeWalt with any concerns during the winter.
> Trout Ponds-Chips from Royse Myers were spread on trails around ponds at a cost of about $450. Boy
Scouts participated in a hike to try out the interactive guide to the prairie established with funding from the
Root Pike WIN. The Wild Ones are coordinating a burn for November 10 with a rain date of November 17.
S. Bulik contacted the Trentadue family about possibly purchasing land across from the Trout Ponds for
parking. They want $50,000 for one acre. It was agreed that the Conservancy cannot pay this much.
Discussed parking on the “county” (privately owned) land east of the Trout Ponds. W. McCalvy said the
Conservancy formerly looked into buying the land, but it was contaminated with arsenic. It was agreed that
there should be a separate meeting to discuss parking.

                                       October 31, 2002/ Board Meeting Minutes /kp
Motion: L. Slattery moved that the Conservancy adopt the statement of principles for Wisconsin land
trusts developed by Gathering Waters. Seconded by N. Pierce.
ACTION: Motion unanimously approved.

> Lake Michigan Shorelands Alliance-K. Poehlman has represented the Conservancy at four meetings of
the new LMSA. The initiative brings Lake Michigan area land trusts together to protect “significant natural
resources within the Lake Michigan coastal region.” In addition to possible matching funds to buy land, the
alliance could provide funding for staff and/or consultants. Gathering Waters is overseeing this
collaboration and will apply/administer grants on behalf of the alliance.
Motion: N. Pierce moved that K. Poehlman attend the January 10 LMSA meeting. Seconded by L.
ACTION: Motion unanimously approved.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10 pm.

The next board meeting is 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 19 a S. Bulik’s home, 4661 Bluffside Dr.

                                      October 31, 2002/ Board Meeting Minutes /kp

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