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									                                     About the company:
       TeamZero is a professional company that has been working in the information
technologies market since 2003. Using rich experience and the latest technologies in software
design, the company offers development of the most effective solutions in the field of
entertainment software, products for mobile phones and internet.
       The employees' degree of professionalism enables them to fulfill any complicated work
at the highest level for small to mid-size companies and big corporate clients as well. We offer
our customers software products based on integration of the existing components with specific
requirements. At the same time, our products have traditional for the former USSR countries
low price and high quality. Each of TeamZero company's projects is carried out in strict
accordance with high quality criteria, functionalism and convenience for use, and within
specified timeline and budget.
       You'll be greatly surprised by our kind and respectful attitude towards our clients.

                                         Our contacts:

Mail to mailto:yprotsenko@gmail.com
Direct contacts:

Yuri Protsenko
MSN: yprotsenko@mail.ru
ICQ: 169380648
Skype: yprotsenko

                                      Some our projects:

                              Java games for mobile platforms

                        Grave defense - Single player game in the genre of Tower Defense for Android
                  platform. Game has intuitive game mechanics and several game modes. There are 10
                  towers, 12 monsters and 4 levels in the game. Some monsters have resistance to
                  some types of attacks. Stats system intended to increase player interest for playing
                  with higher difficulty and increasing game replay ability. Game developed for the
                  game development company ArtOfBytes.
                         Grave Defence

                        Virus expansion – Single/two players game based on hexagon idea for
                  Android, iPhone and BlackBerry Storm. The goal is to have the majority of your color
                  chips on the board by moving your chips. You may put new chip to an empty space
                  adjacent to any of your chips, including diagonally or you may "jump" to an empty
                  space that is two position away, including diagonals and knights moves.
                        Virus Expansion Lite
                        Virus Expansion
      Beach Puzzle - Sun, sand, babes and cocktails! That’s an ideal place to be.
Plunge into the shade of palm trees of remote island somewhere around Bahamas.
Give yourself a decent brake to restore with BEACH PUZZLE. Simple, yet interesting
game, that gives you plenty of cocktails to drink. The aim of the game is to reveal a
hidden picture by placing various objects over it into specific squares. To start the
game, simply place an object next to the variegated ball. Any object can be placed
next to the ball.
      Current state – in review at Apple AppStore

      ABC puzzle - Teaching your kids ABC had hardly ever been easier. Our
ABCPuzzle game encourages quick and enjoyable learning of ABC and animal names.
Save some time for yourself, while your child gets smarter.
      ABC Puzzle

      WapLand – mobile analog of the internet map. Online site catalog which
includes elements of the game and social network. Users can meet and talk with each
other. They can visit and rate the sites. Site owners can know more about their
audience and get detail statistic of site visits. Portal create for the ArMobi company.

      Etherlords II - is an exciting RPG with a unique step-by step combat system.
The scene is set in the Ether world which is divided into four inimical elements: Life,
Chaos, Motion and Synthesis. Not only does the player strive to liberate the land from
the invaders as he plays on the side of one of the races, but also to attain supremacy
over other races.
      The creators of the game have managed to reconstruct the original game play
and the atmosphere of the famous “Etherlords” for PC on the screen of the mobile
phone with extreme vividness and prepared a new pleasant surprise for the fans of
the series – the mobile game is based on a separate original plot of its own. Game
developed for the game development company Nival Interactive.

     Hammer and Sickle – a turn-based strategy. Features: isometric world of 2nd
World War age; advanced artifical intelligence, nonlinear plot of single missions, RPG
elements; ability to play "hand to hand" via Internet using HS Server. Game
developed for the game development company Nival Interactive.
       Nimble player – Alternative audio player for BlackBerry 88xx and 9000 series.
It is a client server application by which user can get lyrics

      Crazy Monkey – the virtual analog of the popular slot machine, consist of 5
slots, nine lines with ability to increase the prize in the rick-game, and get additional
winnings in the bonus-game and super bonus-game. In the main game you can
choose number of the playing lines from 1 to 9 and stake for line from 1 to 25.
      Game developed for the o-slots company.

     Black Jack - Old and popular game from the medieval France. Noble сhevaliers
and viscounts won gold coins all night long. There are 6 card batchs by 52 cards in
the game. The goal of the game is to collect the maximum number of points less then
21. User is playing against the dealer.
     Game developed for the o-slots company.

      ZooPip - did you ever play cards game in the Jungle? You can try it NOW!
      The goal of the game is to pile up cards from four cells into one cell in any order
to gain 21 points, or to pile up 5 cards with the total value less than 21. When you
get 21, the field gets cleared. If you get a surplus, the cell gets locked for 5-3
clearances of the other cells. You may pass three times. From the pass cell, the cards
are drawn automatically onto the field in case their adding makes the total value of
the card in the cell equal to 21. Special feature: you fill up all of the cells and then
clear them up and for that receive a 50000 bonus.
      Game developed for the http://www.xi-art.com

      Defender – a classic shooter game. On the bottom of 2D game field, there is a
cannon armed tower. Enemy paratroopers fall from the top of the field, out of flying
airplanes. The goal of the game is to shoot at paratroopers with the cannon, not
allowing them to land. Game developed for the Samsung company.

      Master of Fireworks - new look of well-known game "pipes". The goal is to
create a fuse to link matches to rockets. You must launch a given number of rockets
in a certain period of time. To link move cursor and rotate fuses. Pick up coins to
update rockets and get more points. Bombs will blow up more fuses when used.
Game developed for the Samsung company.

      Sea Battle – a popular turn-based logic game. The goal is to destroy the
enemy's navy composed of 10 ships. You both make shots by turns. Before the game
is started you must position your ships on the field. The game was developed for the
Samsung company.
     Network Chess – a classic chess game. The goal is to checkmate opponent.
Players are connected via Internet using Chess Server, user can play up to 10
games at a time.

                         Server Applications

     IGS Server – a Multi-user server for playing games. It allows FlashMX clients to
connect to the server, to authorize, to find opponents. Client and server communicates
through the xml protocol. Server supports different games which can be dynamically added
or removed from server. Server can work in the stand-alone or in the cluster mode. Server
has interface for work with remote payment systems. Supports up to 10000 simultaneous
players. The server was developed for the Interactive gaming systems company.

     HS Server – a Multi-user TCP/HTTP server for playing "Hammer and Sickle".
It allows J2ME clients to connect to server; to authorize; to find opponents with similar
ratings; to load maps for multi-player game; to handle statistics and players' ratings; to pass
game information between players on-the-fly. Supports up to 10000 simultaneous players.

    Chess Server – a Multi-user TCP/HTTP server for playing "Network Chess".
Allows J2ME clients to connect to server; to authorize; to find opponents with same class; to
handle statistics and players' ratings; to store game information while player is not logged
on; to pass game information between players on-the-fly or in burst mode. Supports up to
10000 simultaneous players.

                          Web Applications

     Clean and Clear Advantage - a three step topical acne treatment site of Johnson &
Johnson company. The product is highly effective, showing significant results early in the
treatment process. The primary users of this system are adolescents, typically high school
students. As the primary audience for this product is young and highly social- and typically
feels disproportionate social impact for a relatively minor condition- additional functionality
has been proposed to support the existing, successful Clean & Clear website. The site was
developed for the BOSSdev Inc.company.

    Michigan Steps Up – a project for Michigan Ministry of Health, promotes healthy living,
with registration, diaries, communities, etc. Used JSP & Beans, Jetty, PostgreSQL. The site
was developed for the BOSSdev Inc.company.

     Spiral - a web based school management system, created specifically for K-12 public,
private and charter schools and districts around the world. Because Spiral is completely web-
based, information can be accessed anytime anywhere. Spiral functions flawlessly on any
computer that is connected to the internet, regardless of whether you use a Mac or PC.
                      Poker - Bravo's original series "Celebrity Poker Showdown" premieres its eighth season
                 in a new city, with a new host, and a brand new crop of celebrities ready to go 'all in' for a
                 game of high stakes Texas Hold 'Em. Nine-time World Series of Poker winner Phil Hellmuth
                 joins host Dave Foley and provides colorful commentary and insight into the poker hands
                 played by guest celebrities Christopher Meloni, Jason Alexander, Macy Gray, Jorge Garcia,
                 Fred Savage, Jennifer Tilly and Michael Ian Black. They each compete for a one million dollar
                 prize pool to be donated to Hurricane Katrina charities.

                     IM service – a web application for message delivery to groups of subscribers via MSN,
                 YAHOO, AIM services. It includes the ability to schedule delivery and to manage schedules.
                 The Web application was developed for the BOSSdev Inc.company.

                                            Eclipse Plugins

                     AddForce CMS UI – the user interface for administration and work with Jacum CMS.
                 Plugin includes tree views, wizards, dialogs and editor. Editor is responsible for edition the
                 HTML like content from CMS. Application allows to work with any amount of the jacum CMS
                 servers, backup and restore cms content on file system, synchronize and merge changes
                 between local copy and remote CMS. The Plugin was developed for the Addforce Systems
                 Netherlands BV.
                      Process Editor – a diagram editor MS Visio style. A multipage editor for the business
                 process modeling. The editor includes page with graphical presentation in the form of the
                 diagrams, has many properties for each specific task. Page based on the well-known graphic
                 library for Eclipse - GEF. The editor includes page with an XML editor. Business processes are
                 represented in XML format. The XML editor has tag coloring and autocompletion. Also the
                 editor has preview, structure (Outline) and properties windows. Editor is a part of the
                 SnapXT project.

                                         Our services:
  1. Development of J2ME games and enterprise applications for mobile phones.
  2. Development of entertaining portals using different technologies (Java, J2ME, Flash)
     with ability to communicate with Java, J2ME and Flash – clients through the multi-user
  3. Development of Java enterprise applications.

                                        Our resources:
  2   Managers
  2   Lead developer (Certified J2SE programmer)
  8   Developers
  1   Tester (full time, 40 hours per week)

                                       Our technologies:

1. Java: Hibernate, JDBC, Spring, AOP, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Tapestry, JSF, GWT, EXT, YUI,
   JMS, JNDI, Log4J, Jakarta Commons, EJB, Web Services, AXIS, JUnit


3. Web Servers : Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebSphere

4. Tools: Eclipse, IDEA, Ant, Maven, JDK 1.6, JDK 1.5, JDK 1.4

5. DBMS : Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server 2000, Firebird
6. Source Control Systems: CVS, SVN(Subversion)

7. UI: Eclipse plugins, SWT, JFace, GEF, RCP, Swing, Applets

8. J2ME (MIDP1 & MIDP2) , cldc1.0, cldc1.1, RIM, Android, jsr75, jsr82, jsr135

9. WEB: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Velocity

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