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					                                                              Property Management Division
 NTU Regulations for the Assignment and Fees Collection for Faculty &
                  Staff Member Singles’ Dormitories

                       Approved by the 1582nd Administrative Meeting on Sep. 16, 1987
        Amendment approved by the 1789th Administrative Meeting on July 21, 1992
             Amendment approved by the 1967th Administrative Meeting on June 25, 1996
        Amendment approved by the 2160th Administrative Meeting on July 18, 2000
                       Approved by the 2347th Administrative Meeting on June 29, 2004
                       Approved by the 2401st Administrative Meeting on Sep. 13, 2005

(1) Application Qualifications:

    1. Regular full-time faculty & staff members and security guards (excluding affiliated
    2. Project approved persons without spouse or family members as co-residents.

(2) Standards for Assignment

    1. Persons meeting one of the following conditions may be assigned with dormitories
       of more than 6.5 pings (interior area) and less than 13 pings.
       1. Professor, associate professor or assistant professor
       2. Those who have been employed by the NTU for more than ten years, those with
           the sum of his/her age and years of employment amounts to 50, and with a base
           salary of more than NT$350.
    2. Other applicants may apply for dormitories smaller than 6.5 pings (interior area).

(3) Application Procedures:

    1. To apply for assignment or reassignment of dormitory, bring the household register
       and letter of employment or commission to the Property Management Division and
       fill out registration form within three months of registration date.
    2. Persons residing in single’s dormitory for more than six months may apply for
    3. After accepting registrations, Property Management Division will produce an
       assignment list according to the assignment point value of applicants.

(4) Assignment Procedures
    1. The assignment and reassignment of dormitories will apply the same points system
       as for personnel with family members, calculated by years of employment and base
       salary points. Assignment will commence in February and August every year
       according to the information provided by the Personnel Office. If necessary, the
       frequency of assignments is to be determined by the Property Management
    2. When the Property Management Division has dormitories available, assignees will
       be notified according to the assignment list order. Within five days after notification,
       the assignee should bring seals, personal ID (copy) to the Property Management
       Division for assignment process. Rental Contract and Equipment Management
       Forms will need to be filled.
    3. After completing the above procedures the Property Management Division will fill in
       the assignment form and upon the approval by the Dormitory Committee, the
       application will be submitted to the General Affairs Division for processing.
    4. Upon the approval of the rental assignment the renter must collect the keys and
       move into the dormitory within one month. Should an applicant fail to move in within
       one month, the application shall be considered renounced, and the applicant will not
       be eligible for assignment for one year and the assigned dormitory will be reclaimed.

(5) Priorities of Dormitory Assignment

    1. Renters who are on leave with or without pay but still performing original duties and
       who have exceeded a rental period of one year should return the dormitory, and
       upon returning to service at the university, priority will be given for dormitory
       assignment according to the original size of dormitory. (Ask the Personnel Office to
       notify the Property Management Division when submitting the application)
    2. Persons with disabilities or illnesses who have submitted medical proof from
       associated hospitals, and who have been approve by the Dormitory Committee,
       shall have priority in being assigned a first floor dormitory.

(6) Persons meeting one of the following conditions shall be temporarily suspended from
    dormitory assignment.

    1. While being employed or transferred to other universities or institutions.
    2. Leaving the country for more than three months.

(7) To ensure the fair use of university dormitory resources, besides having housing
    subsidies and water and electricity bills deducted from the salary, renters must also
    pay dormitory maintenance fees, and fee regulations are as follows:
    1. Fees Standards are as follows:
       1. According to age of building: (amounts less than NT$100 need not to be paid)

                                              Discounted Ratio by
                     Age of Building                                   Per Ping Per Month
              Less than five years                    1.0                             NT$400
              More than five years but
                                                       0.9                            NT$360
              less than ten years
              More than ten years but
                                                       0.8                           NT$320
              less than fifteen years
              More than fifteen years but
                                                       0.7                           NT$280
              less than twenty years
              More than twenty years but
                                                       0.5                            NT$200
              less than thirty years
              More than thirty years                   0.3                           NT$120
              Brick house                              0.2                            NT$80
              Wooden house                             0.1                            NT$40

       2. Age of building is adjusted on January 1st every year and the dormitory
         maintenance fees are recalculated accordingly.

    2. Renters who are retired or on retained employment without pay (excluding
      dormitories which need to be returned) should pay maintenance fees in cash or in
      demand checks on the 5th day of each month.

    3. To ensure that the renters return the dormitory in intact and clean conditions, renters
      shall pay a deposit to the Cashier Section (for the amount equivalent to three
      months’ maintenance fees) before completing the contract and moving in; upon the
      proper return of dormitory room, the deposit will be returned to the renter without

(8) Dormitory Reclaim:

    1. If a renter fails to pay the due maintenance fees for two months or more, and fails to
       pay after being notified, the university shall terminate dormitory rental contract. In
       addition to reclaiming the dormitory, overdue rent will be collected and deposit will
       be confiscated. The renter shall no longer be allowed to rent university dormitory in
       the future.
    2. Rental period is limited to the renter’s term of full-time service at NTU. If the renter
       is changed from full-time to part-time, transferred, quitting the job, retired, or on
          leave without pay and thus unable to perform original duties, the renter should
          move out of the dormitory within three months; persons expelled or terminated from
          the university should move out of dormitory within one month. Persons who fail to
          move out within the specified period will be confiscated of the deposit followed by
          legal action. The Personnel Office shall place a hold on the issuance of the
          certificate of leaving for renters who fail to return the dormitory according to the
          above mentioned procedures.
       3. For those who have become married after being assigned a dormitory, other than
          officially approved special cases where the spouse is unable to move in with the
          applicant, the renter must return the dormitory within two months after the marriage
          date. If dormitory is not returned in due time, the applicant is not allowed to apply
          for family dormitories, and legal procedures will be taken against the applicant.
       4. The Renter should pay for public facility and cleaning fees in accordance with the
          rules of the dormitory management committee. In the event that a renter fails to pay
          the overdue fees or who refuses to pay for the overdue fees, the Dormitory
          Committee will notify the Property Management Division of General Affairs Division
          to collect the outstanding public facility and cleaning fees. In addition to confiscating
          the deposit, the university shall terminate dormitory rental contract and reclaim the
          dormitory and suspend dormitory assignment privileges for two years.
       5. Upon returning the dormitory the renter should complete the following procedures :
         1. Return and clean up assigned dormitory and associated appliances to original
            conditions and to be inspected by the Property Management Division.
         2. Complete the declaration for the vacation and return of the dormitory.
       6. Renters who fail to adhere to the above mentioned procedures and move out will
          have   their   deposit   confiscated,    will   retain   their   property   management
          responsibilities, and be held responsible for paying any damages to related
       7. Renters returning the dormitory in accordance with regulation procedures may
          obtain certificate from the Property Management Division and reclaim their deposit
          from the Cashier Section

  (9) Affairs not covered by this Regulation will be processed in accordance with the
       Regulations for the Assignment of Family Dormitories for Faculty and Staff Members.

  (10) The Regulations have been approved by the Faculty & Staff Member Dormitory
       Committee and the Administrative Meetings, the same procedures shall apply to
       amendments which may arise.

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NOTICE: Should there be any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese
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