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     It is imperative for your safety and security that you complete a Resident
     Information Sheet supplying pertinent information to Property Management. It is
     also important that this information be kept current. Please find such a form
     attached and advise Property Management of any changes in information. We
     respectfully request that you complete it and return it to Management at your
     earliest convenience.

     Rest assured that all Resident information is held in the strictest confidence.


     SIMERRA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. has been retained to manage the
     complex. There is no on-site Property Management office. To reach the
     assigned manager, please call SIMERRA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. at
     416-293-5900 ext 296 or by Fax 416-293-5904. If you have an emergency
     after regular business hours and require Management personnel, please contact
     the Simerra Property Management Inc. emergency line at (416) 293-5900 and
     follow the instructions. The operator will know how to contact the on call
     manager. For all emergencies, please contact 911 directly. Your site manager is
     Zhivanna Ilievska, Ext. 296 or email:


     Whom to call -
          Property Management any time during office hours for questions,
          problems, clarification, etc.

            Emergencies, after business hours, call the emergency number and the
            operator will contact Property Management or the appropriate party.

            Your own repairperson for anything within your unit that is not part of the
            common areas or connected to a shared system. If unclear, please
            contact your manager.


     Your legal counsel should provide you with your Declaration, By-laws, and Rules
     and Regulations when your unit closes. Please contact Property Management if
     you do not receive a copy. The Board of Directors may institute new rules from
     time to time and you will be informed in writing.

     Newsletters are issued periodically.      Suggestions, concerns or other
     correspondence to the Board of Directors via Property Management may be
     faxed directly to management at 416-293-5904.

6.   PETS

     Tenants must register their pets with management. Pet owners are not allowed
     to walk their pets anywhere on the common elements unleashed. Pet owners
     must walk their leashed animals off the property and clean up after them.

     All damages caused by a pet to the common elements shall be the responsibility
     of the owner of the unit and the said owner shall fully reimburse the Corporation
     for the cost of the repair, replacement or renovation.


     The Township of Richmond Hill picks garbage up every Friday.
     (i)  All garbage must be properly drained, double bagged to prevent any
          undue odor. Please ensure that the garbage is not left outside the
          appropriate bin.

     (ii)    Tenants must break down and bind all large containers, i.e. cardboard
             boxes, and shall place all recyclable materials in the appropriate boxes.
             Recycling is picked up every other Friday.

     (iii)   Garbage must be placed at the curb outside your home no earlier than
             6:00 p.m. the night before and no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of garbage

     (iv)    Large items will be picked up every Friday except for Appliances,
             residents are requested to call in advance to make the necessary
             arrangements with the Operation Department at 905 884-8013.


     We would like to remind you to lock your vehicle at all times and avoid leaving
     valuables inside. When entering or leaving the premises, please operate your
     vehicle at a speed not in excess of 20 Km/H and adhere to all posted signs.
     Residents are only allowed to park in their own parking units. Please ensure
     you are parked in the correct numbered unit.
     Occupants of units shall not park in Visitor Parking areas; vehicles parked in
     unauthorized units will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners expense. Please
     ensure the management office has your correct license plate number. PARKING
     IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. Parking tickets will not be reimbursed or cancelled.

      If oil leaks or spills of any kind occur, please clean them with soap and water or
      place an absorbent material on the spot to soak up the spill and later clean the
      area. Leaks left for any period of time will result in damage to the asphalt
      surface. It is the financial responsibility of the owner of the parking unit to repair
      it to its original condition. A few minutes of your time could avoid this
      unnecessary expense.

      Repairs, oil changes and storage of non-functional vehicles or other items are
      not allowed in the complex. Parking units are for vehicles only and are not to be
      used as storage of ANY articles.


      Please note that the following restrictions have been extracted from the
      Corporation’ s Declaration to assist you in answering any questions you may
      have with respect to the do’ s and don’ ts of the complex.

         a) No auction sales or events to which the general public is invited shall be
            allowed in any unit of on the common elements.

         b) No owner shall permit an infestation of pests, insects, vermin or rodents
            to exist at any time in his unit or adjacent common elements. Owners
            shall immediately report to the Property Manager all incidents of pests,
            insects, vermin or rodents and all owners shall fully cooperate with the
            Property Manager to provide access to each unit for the purpose of
            conducting a spraying program to eliminate any incident of pests, insects,
            vermin or rodents.

         c) No awnings, shades, screens, enclosures or structures whatsoever shall
            be erected over the outside of any window, or on any terrace without the
            prior written consent of the Board.

         d) No outside painting shall be done other than by the Corporation to the
            exterior of the buildings, doors, windows, terraces or any other part of
            the property.

         e) No sign, advertisement or notice shall be inscribed, painted, affixed or
            placed on any part of the inside or outside of the buildings or common
            elements whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Board,
            unless as specifically contemplated in the Declaration.

         f) No storage of any combustible or offensive goods, provisions or materials
            shall be kept in any unit or the common elements.

         g) No television antenna, aerial, satellite dish, tower or similar structure and
            similar appurtenances thereto shall be erected on or fastened to any unit,
   except in connection with a common television cable system supplying
   service to the building.

h) No person shall harm, mutilate, destroy or alter any landscaping work on
   the property, including trees, shrubs, flowers or flowerbeds.

i) Owners, their families, guests, visitors and servants shall not create or
   permit the creation or continuation of any noise or nuisance which, in the
   opinion of the Board, may or does disturb the comfort and quiet
   enjoyment of the property by other owners, their families, guests,
   visitors, servants and persons having business with them.

j) Owners shall not cause or permit the blowing of any horn from any
   vehicle in which their guests, family, tenants, invitees or employees shall
   be occupants approaching or upon any of the driveways or parking areas
   on the property except as may be necessary for the safe operation

k) No noise caused by an instrument or other device or otherwise which, in
   the opinion of the Board, may be calculated to disturb the comfort of the
   other owners shall be permitted, nor shall any owner or occupant play or
   allow to be played any musical instrument, radio television, hi-fidelity or
   stereophonic sound system, tape recorder or the like in a unit between
   the hours of 11:00 p.m. and the following 8:00 a.m. if the same shall
   disturb or annoy other owners or occupants of the building. In the event
   any radio, television set, power tool or electrical appliance in or upon the
   unit interferes with the reception of any radio or television set or of the
   operation of any power tool or electrical appliance in the buildings, Owner
   will, on direction from the Board to that effect, take such steps as are
   necessary to prevent such interference.

l) Owners of residential units shall not permit their names to be installed on
   the outside of a unit or on the common elements.

m) All damages to the condominium property caused by the moving and/or
   carrying of articles therein shall be paid by the Owner or persons in
   charge of such articles.

n) Nothing shall be thrown or emptied by the Owners or their tenants or
   servants out of the windows or doors into the common areas, nor shall
   anything be hung from outside of the windows or placed on the outside

o) No mops, brooms, dusters, rugs or bedding shall be shaken or beated
   from any window, door or those parts of the common elements over
   which the Owner has exclusive use. Only seasonal furniture is allowed on
             the patios and decks. No hanging or drying of clothes is allowed on patios
             and decks and shall not be used for storage.

         p) Tools, sporting goods, bicycles and other personal articles and equipment
            must be stored in the unit.

         q) No owner shall permit or allow the temperature within his unit to fall
            below a minimum temperature 45 F.


      The corporation’ s Insurance does not cover a number of items within your unit
      or your personal belongings. We recommend all owners obtain insurance as
      follows: liability insurance, contents insurance, betterments and improvements
      insurance, and loss assessment insurance including insurance deductible

      The unit owner is responsible for the Corporation’ s deductible. Should the
      claim be below the deductible amount, the owner is responsible for the entire
      cost. Ensure that you are carrying the appropriate coverage for condominium

      We suggest that after settling in you take an inventory of all your contents, and
      if possible, videotape the items. If anything is lost or damaged, it is difficult to
      convince your insurance company of the value. Pictures say a thousand words.


      For ambulance, police or fire department call 911.
      When calling outside emergency services, use the appropriate address:

                    UNIT ADDRESS – 100 Eglin Mills, Richmond Hill
                 CLOSEST INTERSECTION – Yonge Street and Eglin Mills

      This sections outlines procedures and responsibilities for Residents and building
      personnel in a “ fire emergency” .

      Avoid unsafe cooking practices such as deep fat frying, using too much heat,
      leaving stoves unattended and wearing loosely hanging sleeves. Do not use
      unsafe electrical appliances, frayed extension cords, over-loaded outlets or
      lamp wire for permanent wiring. Please avoid careless smoking and always use
      ashtrays for butts and ashes. Never smoke in bed. Do not use fuses in your
      stoves of higher amperage than specified.

      *     Leave the fire area, take your keys.
      *     Close all doors behind you.

      *     Telephone 911, ask for Fire Department. Never assume that this has been
            done. Know and give correct address and location of fire in the building.

      *     Leave the unit immediately.

      *     Disposal of hot items in the garbage may result in fire. Please ensure
            when depositing items in your garbage pail that they are properly


      *     Call 911, ask for the Fire Department immediately whenever you need

      *     Know the correct address and unit number.

14.   SUB-LEASING OF UNITS – The Condominium Act, 1998, Section 83
      (1)    The owner of a unit who leases the unit or renewal a lease of the unit
      shall, within 30 days of entering into the lease or the renewal, as the case may
             (a)    Notify the corporation that the unit is leased:

            (b)    provide the corporation with the lessee’ s name, the owner’ s
                   address and a copy of the lease or renewal or a summary of it in
                   the form prescribed by the Minister; and

            (c)    provide the lessee with a copy of the declaration, by-laws and
                   rules of the corporation.

      (2)   If a lease of a unit is terminated and not renewed, the owner of the unit
            shall notify the corporation in writing.

      (3)   A corporation shall maintain a record of the notices it receives under this

      Please complete the Form 5 attached if and when you lease your unit. Kindly
      remit the form to SIMERRA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC.

                            TOWNE MANORS ON THE POND
                                 IN RICHMOND HILL
                            RESIDENT INFORMATION FORM
                                    Unit Number:
Tenants Name:
Address:      100 Eglin Mills
              Richmond Hill, Ontario

Telephone Number: Res: (        )                       Bus: (        )
Occupant’ s Name:

Telephone Number            Res: (     )                         Bus: (   )
(if different than Owner)

    If Unit has been leased, complete the Summary of Lease or Renewal Form ‘ 5’
       Make/Year of Vehicle                             License Number

Do you have pets. If Yes, type and Descriptions:

Notices that are required to be given to the owner may be sent by fax, electronic mail or
other method of electronic communication:         YES            NO

 Please Complete and Return this Form to Management at Fax Number 416-293-5904
                                     Form 5
                       Condominium Act, 1998 - O. Reg. 49.01
                     SUMMARY OF LEASE OR RENEWAL
               (clause 83 (1) (b) of the Condominium Act, 1998)
                       TO: Towne Manors On the Pond

1. This is to notify you that an original □ or renewal □ {select one} written □ or
   oral □ {select one} lease □ sublease assignment of lease □ {select one} or a
   renewal of a written or oral lease, sublease or assignment of lease □ has been
   entered into for:

      Dwelling Unit(s)
      Parking Unit(s)

   On the following terms:
   Name of lessee(s)/sub lessee(s)/assignee(s):

   Telephone Number:                                 Fax Number, if any:


   Commencement Date:                               Termination:

   Option(s) to renew: (set out details. I.e., first option commencement date)

   Rental Payments:_
                            (set out amount and when due)
   Other Information:
                                     (at the option of the owner)

2. I (We) have provided the above-designated lessee(s)/sub lessee(s) with a copy
   of the declaration, by-laws and rules of the Condominium Corporation.

3. I (We) acknowledge that, as required by subsection 83 (2) of the Condominium
   Act, 1998, I (We) will advise you in writing if the above-designated
   lease/sublease/assignment of lease is terminated.

Dated this           day of                                   , 200_____

(Print name of owner)

(signature of owner)

(Print name of owner)

(signature of owner)

(In the case of a corporation, affix corporate seal or add a statement that the
persons signing have the authority to bind the corporation)
Telephone No:
Fax No. (if any):

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