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                                   EASTERN REGION BYLAWS

                                      ARTICLE 1: PURPOSE

Section 1   The fundamental purposes of the Eastern Region Organization are as follows:

            (a)    To provide administrative guidance to NPMA chapters in the Eastern Region,

            (b)    To act as a common communication link between the NPMA National Office and the
                   Eastern Region Chapters.

            (c)    To coordinate the efforts and positions of Eastern Region Chapters.

                                      ARTICLE II: MEMBERS

Section 1   How Constituted: The Eastern Region of NPMA shall be composed of those chapters
            whose organizational headquarters are located in the states of:

                   Alabama                    Maine                       Ohio
                   Connecticut                Maryland                    Pennsylvania
                   Delaware                   Massachusetts               Rhode Island
                   District of Columbia       Michigan                    South Carolina
                   Florida                    Mississippi                 Tennessee
                   Georgia                    New Hampshire               Virginia
                   Illinois             New Jersey                   Vermont
                   Indiana                    New York                    West Virginia
                   Kentucky                   North Carolina              Wisconsin
                   Republic of Canada

                                      ARTICLE III: REVENUE

Section 1   Source: The operations of the Eastern Region shall be financed by a per capita payment
            sales of literature and supplies, and other sources of revenue. The fiscal year shall begin
            on January 1st of each calendar year.

Section 2   Per Capital Payment

            (a) The Region shall receive an annual per capita payment as approved by the National
            Board for each member in the Region.

            (b) Eastern Region Chapters shall receive an annual per capita payment as approved by
            the National Board for each member in the chapter.

                                  ARTICLE IV: EXPENDITURES

Section 1   All checks issued by the Eastern Region for payment of any obligation incurred shall be
            signed by the Vice President and/or Treasurer.

Section 2   An annual budget shall be prepared by the Treasurer and approved by the Eastern Region
            Board of Directors. All expenditures exceeding five hundred ($500) not included in the
            approved budget shall require the approval of the majority vote of the Eastern Region
            Board of Directors.

Section 3   When a new Chapter, to be located within the Eastern Region geographic area, is
            approved to receive a Charter from the National Organization, the Eastern Region will
            provide financial support to that chapter in accordance with funds approved for this
            purpose, in the budget. The Treasurer will insure that a budget line item is included for this
            purpose in the annual budget presented to the delegates.

Section 4   The funds of the Eastern Region are to be used in support of Eastern Region activities and
            chapters. Regional Officers are encouraged, within prudent fiscal and budgetary
            limitations, to use available funds to visit chapters of the Eastern Region, support new
            chapter formation/activation, support regional seminar activities, ensure Eastern Region
            representation at the National Board meetings, and other activities in support of the NPMA
            and the Eastern Region.

                                ARTICLE V: REGIONAL OFFICERS

Section 1   Officers for the Eastern Region shall be:

                                  Vice President

Section 2   (a) Terms: The term of office for all offices, except Eastern Region Board of Directors,
            shall be two years. All officers shall not be permitted to hold the same elected office a
            period in excess of two (2) consecutive terms, after which time a period of at least two (2)
            years must elapse before a member shall again be eligible to hold the same elected office.
            The position of an individual within the chapter shall have no effect on his eligibility for
            regional office. At the discretion and approval of the Eastern Region Board of Directors,
            the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into a single office. This approval
            will be required prior to each election of Eastern Region Officers.

            (b) The Eastern Region Board of Directors is composed of two (2) voting delegates from
            each chapter and Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The names and offices of the
            designated board members from each chapter will be provided to the Eastern Region Vice
            President, Secretary and National Office by December 31 of each year,

Section 3   Regional Officers are selected by the Regional Board of Directors by election.

            (a) A nomination committee will be appointed by the Regional Vice President one hundred
            twenty (120) days prior to the election, The nomination committee will select a minimum of
            one (1) nominee for each Region office, The nomination committee will submit their
            selected nominees to the Regional Vice President no later than ninety (90) days prior to
            the election.

            (b) A vacancy in a regional office is filled by the secession of officers. The vacancy in the
            office of Eastern Region Vice President shall be filled by the Eastern Region Secretary.
            The vacancy in the office of Eastern Region Secretary shall be filled by the Eastern Region
            Treasurer. The vacancy in the office of Eastern Region Treasurer shall be filled by the
            Eastern Region Secretary,

            These interim duties will be continued until a special election can be held at the next
            regional meeting. If there is no remaining regional officer, any Eastern Region Chapter
            President may call a special election to fill the vacant regional officers positions.

Section 4   Newly elected officers shall assume their duties thirty (30) days following the election.
            Officers elected at a special election will assume their office and duties immediately upon

Section 5   Duties of Regional Officers

            Vice President: Shall preside over regional meetings, establish meeting dates, time and
            location, appoint such committees and may be required to transact the business of the
            region and represents the region with the National President as may be required.

            Secretary: Shall maintain listing of all regional members, prepare and distribute
            applicable regional correspondence, prepare meeting announcements, keep minutes of all
            meetings of the Eastern Region. In the absence of the Secretary, the Vice President shall
            designate another member to perform the official duties of that office.

            Treasurer: Shall maintain the regional bank account, prepare the annual budget, collect
            monies and disburse approved expenditures. In the absence of the Treasurer, the Vice
            President shall designate another member to perform the official duties of that office.

                                     ARTICLE VI: MEETINGS

Section 1   A minimum of one (1) meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held each year. The time
            and place of all meetings shall be determined by the Vice President.

Section 2   A notice containing the time, date, place, and proposed agenda shall be provided to each
            board member a minimum of 30 days prior to said meeting,

Section 3   When a region election of officers is scheduled as part of the regional meeting, the
            proposed slate of officers will be provided to the Board Members a minimum of 60 days
            prior to said meeting.
Section 4   Proxies: Any national delegate of the Eastern Region not present at the meeting may
            designate as his/her proxy any other member from his/her chapter in good standing. Upon
            presentation of proper credentials such proxy shall have the right to vote in place of the
            non-attending national delegate in addition to any other right to vote, which he/she may

Section 5   Credentials: The authority of a proxy shall be evident by a certificate signed by the non-
            attending National Delegate from the same chapter and the member’s chapter President.
            All proxies must be presented to the Eastern Region Secretary for certification.

                                      ARTICLE VII: ELECTION

Section 1   Time: Regional Officers shall be elected at annual meetings in even numbered years.
            Except that necessary special elections shall be held as provided for under Article V,
            Section 3.

Section 2   Balloting: The ballots used for elections shall contain the names of the candidates, listed
            in alphabetical order, by office, with an appropriate number of spaces for use in the event
            of write-in candidates. Candidates nominated from the floor during the election meeting,
            shall be added to the ballot prior to voting,

Section 3   Voting: Voting shall be by secret ballot unless dispensed with by unanimous vote of the
                                     ARTICLE VIII: OUORUM

Section 1   The regional board members present or represented by proxies at a scheduled meeting of
            the Eastern Region Board shall represent a quorum, which is necessary, for business
            authorized by the region by-laws. If at any time emergency meetings of the Eastern Region
            Board are required, forty percent of the board members must be present or represented by
            proxies to constitute a quorum.

Section 2   Eastern Region Committees - when committee discussion requires a vote, a quorum shall
            be constituted by a majority of the committee.

                          ARTICLE IX: AMENDMENTS AND CHANGES

Section 1   These Bylaws may be revised or amended upon review and approval of such amendment
            or changes by an eighty percent (80%) vote of the board present at the initial roll call of the
            Eastern Region Board of Directors.

Section 2   A proposed revision of amendment which receives the required vote shall become
            effective immediately.

                                 ARTICLE X: RULES OF ORDER

Section 1   The general procedure of regional meetings be in harmony with these by-laws and the
            principles set forth in the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Revised

                                 ARTICLE XI: MISCELLANEOUS

Section I   Eastern Region Seminar profits will be distributed, 75% to the sponsoring chapter and
            25% to the region.

Section 2   Past National Presidents shall be registered and participate free of charge at all national
            and regional seminars and the Executive Director is only required to pay the cost covering
            the meal portion of the Eastern Region Seminar registration fee.