Altair Semiconductor and SkyCross Announce LTE Cooperation

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					Altair    Semiconductor                                            and
SkyCross     Announce                                              LTE
SkyCross iMAT® MIMO Antennas Power Altair FourGee™ LTE USB
ExpressCard                                                                UE
HOD HASHARON, Israel & VIERA, Fla. -- Altair Semiconductor, a 4G
chip   company    developing the         world’s   most advanced    mobile
semiconductors for handheld devices, and SkyCross, a global antenna
designer and manufacturer, today announced cooperation on high-
performance, LTE product solutions. As part of the cooperation,
Altair has integrated the SkyCross iMAT® MIMO (multiple-input,
multiple-output) antenna in Altair’s recently announced FourGee™
LTE USB ExpressCard UE (User Equipment). The card has undergone
extensive interoperability testing (IOT) and is currently being used in
various       field         activities      throughout       the     world.
The two companies initially began their cooperation with a focus on
mobile WiMAX technology utilizing Altair’s FourGee™-2150/6150
chipset and have been closely working on field testing and
optimizations           for          more          than        a         year.
“The combination of Altair’s comprehensive and power-efficient LTE
USB ExpressCard and high-performance iMAT antennas from
SkyCross provides the marketplace with one of the first small form
factor LTE UEs,” said Oded Melamed, Co-Founder and CEO of Altair
Semiconductor.        “We    look   forward   to   further   expanding    our
relationship with SkyCross as new 4G reference designs that support
newly available RF bands are introduced to the marketplace.”

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