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									 Form #           Form Name                         Description                 Format

PM-1      Rental Rate Data               Form For Determination And Approval    Word
                                         Of Rental Rate
PM-7      Property Management Record     Individual Tract Record                Word

PM-7A     Property Management Record     Total Project Tract Record             Excel
PM-10     Performance                    Applicant Has Or Has Not Satisfied     Excel
          Remittance/Satisfaction Form   Requirements Of The Agreement.
RC-1      Rodent Control Form            Field Inspection Report For Rodent     Word
PM-5      Standard Lease Form            Lease For Renting Acquired             Word
                                         Properties Prior To Construction And
                                         For Lease Of State Owned Property
                                         For Housing Of Last Resort
PM-5A     Lease Form ( State As Lessee) Rentals For Use In Replacement          Word
                                        Housing Computations Or For
                                        Displaced Tenant
PM-15     Bidder’s Form                  Bid Proposal Form For Structures       Word

PM-5B     Lease Form (State As Lessee)   State Lease Of Property Subject To     Word
                                         ALDOT Acquisition
SIF1      Property Insurance Request     Form For Insuring State Owned          Word
          Form                           Structures
SJ-128    Special Work Authorization     Form For Appraisal And                 Word
          Form                           Administrative Cost

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