FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES


                                     SEPTEMBER 23, 2002

                                     TRUSTEES PRESENT

Edwin A. Goodman, Chairman
                           Peter G. Scotese (emeritus)
Jerome A. Chazen, Vice Chairman

George S. Kaufman

Christina Davis

Yazmet Hernandez

Todd Leibowitz

                                     OFFICERS PRESENT

Joyce F. Brown, President

Harvey W. Spector, Treasurer and VP for Finance and Operations
Jeffrey I. Slonim, General Counsel and Secretary of the College

                                    PRESIDENT’S CABINET

Herbert A. Cohen, Vice President for Student Affairs

Loretta Lawrence Keane, Vice President for Communications and External Relations

Jacqueline L. Venable, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Annette Piecora, Acting Vice President for Faculty and Staff Relations

                                       OTHERS PRESENT

Carol Adelson, Fashion Design - Apparel 
             Concetta Passarella, Career Services

Maria Ann Conelli, Graduate Studies
                  Dawn Petty, Art and Design 

Dympna Bowles, Academic Affairs
                      Carol Poll, Social Sciences

Ellen Conovitz, President’s Office
                   Mary Rhatigan, Museum, Exhibition Galleries

Howard Dillon, Academic Affairs
                      Juliette Romano, UCE of FIT

Roberta Elins, AMC
                                   Caroline Ryland, Internl. Trade & Marketing

Eric Feinblatt, Photography
                          Spencer Schein, Social Sciences

Ellen Goldstein, Accessories
                         Stephen Sierra , Jewelry Design

Reginetta Haboucha, Liberal Arts
                     Laura Solomon, Personnel Administration

Judy Kornberg, Continuing Professional Studies
       Arlene Spivack, President’s Office

Joe Lewis, Art and Design
                            Valerie Steele, Museum

Ellen Litzas, Internship Center
                      Elaine Stone, Enterprise Center

Joseph O’Brien, Information Technology
               Ingrid Valentin-Reyes, General Counsel’s Off. 

Lisa Okubo, General Counsel’s Office
                 Joan Volpe, FFM

N.J. Wolfe, Library

Colette Wong, Fashion Design

Judy Wood, Library/UCE of FIT

Maria Zervos, Illustration Department

Steven Zucker, History of Art



                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES


                                  SEPTEMBER 23, 2002


     Edwin A. Goodman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, welcomed everyone and
     called the meeting to order.

     Mr. Goodman informed the Trustees of an invitation the Board had received from
     the New York Community College Trustees, Inc., to attend its annual meeting.
     The group seeks to make more effective the boards of trustees of colleges in the
     SUNY system. The Secretary distributed to each Trustee the invitations that had
     been received. The Chairman remarked that, for Trustees who had the time, it
     could be beneficial to develop relationships throughout the system at these
     meetings. Each Trustee should decide individually whether to attend.

     The Chairman reminded the Board of the importance of the annual campaign. We
     aspire to 100% participation and are now at 57%. Mr. Goodman asked those who
     have not yet contributed to do what they can.

     The first order of business was the installation of the new student trustee, Todd
     Leibowitz. Mr. Goodman welcomed Mr. Leibowitz and invited him to stand
     before the Board. Dr. Brown then administered the oath of office to Mr.

     The Chairman reviewed the agenda. There will be a public session, with one
     speaker registered. That will be followed by the President’s report. In the
     business session, the Board will be presented with four action items, ranging from
     approval of the minutes of the June 17, 2002 meeting, to ratification of certain
     resolutions and endorsing certificates of permanent tenure. The Board will then
     go into executive session to discuss the collective bargaining negotiations. It will
     then reconvene publicly to formally consider approval of the proposed collective
     bargaining agreement, to consider salary increases for certain executives and
     administrators, and to consider a modification of the budget approved for Fiscal
     Year 2003 in light of the prospect of reductions in support from the City of New
     York. The Board will then take up old or new business, if there is any, and then
     will adjourn.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                          Minutes Page - 2 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       The Chairman called for comments or questions on the agenda. There were


       The Chairman opened the public session by inviting Juliette Romano to address
       the Board on the subject of “collective bargaining”.

       Ms Romano thanked Mr. Goodman and introduced herself as the Executive Vice
       President of the UCE at FIT.

       “As we all knew, this day would come. It has been a long and winding road, and
       sometimes it seemed like we would never reach the end of our journey. As you
       may know, the members of the UCE have ratified the contract by an overwhelm-
       ing 98%. Today, the Board will consider and we expect will ratify the collective
       bargaining agreement as well. The union leadership and all of our members are
       ready and willing to work with the administration of the college, to rebuild
       relationships that were strained during our protracted contract negotiations. As
       we start this new academic year, it is our hope that once again we can work
       together in a collegial manner to renew and rebuild the positive spirit that has
       always characterized the working environment here at FIT. Thank you.”

       The Chairman remarked that the Board shared the sentiment and looks forward to
       a very productive year.

       Mr. Goodman asked Dr. Brown for her report.


       Dr. Brown welcomed everyone back and hoped everyone had a refreshing sum-
       mer. Those of us who seem to be here 24/7 and twelve months of the year can tell
       you that our summer, while refreshing, was not exactly relaxing – which is not a
       complaint, since I think you will see some of the progress we made since the
       Board last met in June.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                              Minutes Page - 3 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

               New Members of the FIT Community

       The President introduced two new members of the FIT community. Thomas L.
       Thomas is the new Dean of Student Development. He will oversee career
       services, counseling, health services, and residential and student life functions,
       among many others responsibilities. Dr. Thomas is well prepared to take on these
       demands with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Most recently he
       was dean of students at the Manhattan campus of the New York Institute of
       Technology. Prior to that, he served for ten years as director of career develop-
       ment at Hunter College. He has also worked at Pace University, Swarthmore
       College and the University of Kansas, where he earned his PhD in higher educa-
       tion organizational studies.

       Dr. Brown also welcomed N. J. Wolfe, FIT’s new Library Director. Mr. Wolfe
       has more than 20 years’ experience in his field and arrived here from his post as
       director of the Bergen Community College Library in New Jersey. For most of
       his career he served the needs of a specialized clientele, the health science
       community. For eight years he was at the NYU Medical Center’s Library, where
       he rose to the position of associate director and associate curator. Mr. Wolfe
       holds an M.S. in Information Studies from Drexel University, and Dr. Brown
       expressed her belief that his ability to appreciate and work effectively with the
       needs of specialized institutions will serve us especially well here at FIT.

               Facility Construction

       As promised at the last Board meeting, this summer the College finally started
       construction on the pavilion between buildings A and B. As you know, we are
       simultaneously erecting a new conference center in the east courtyard and a new
       food pavilion in the west courtyard, all as part of the first stage of the College’s
       facilities master plan. For the next two years, the campus will be under occupa-
       tion, surrounded by teams of construction workers and their equipment. The
       Trustees will all receive invitations to the groundbreaking, which will take place
       on Thursday, October 17 between 1:00 and 2:00 pm on the pavilion between
       Buildings A and B. Dr. Brown hoped that everyone would be able to attend.

       Our plans for Streetscape, regretably, continue to be held up due to legal chal-
       lenges, as to which we will await the outcome.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                             Minutes Page - 4 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

               Approved Programs and Department Name Changes

       We had a particularly productive summer here on curricular manners, receiving
       approvals from SUNY and the State Department of Education on numerous
       programs. As of this semester, FIT has a bachelor of fine arts program in
       accessories design and fabrication. Dr. Brown thanked Ellen Goldstein, depart-
       ment chair, for all her hard work.

       The College also received approvals on major curricular revisions and name
       changes in two programs. The Advertising Design Department is now called the
       Communication Design Department. Its associate degree program will also be
       known as Communication Design and its students will receive degrees with that
       name as well.

       Folded into all of this are curricular changes that, among other things, provide our
       AAS students with earlier exposure to the technology they will need in their
       fields. At the same time, the BFA program in Packaging Design will now be
       housed in a separate, stand-alone Packaging Design Department.

       Manufacturing Management has a new name as well. Its degree programs will
       now be called Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries. We have
       also done important work to enhance and to streamline the program offerings.

       These name changes are really more than just semantics. Rather, they reflect
       industry realities in terms of usage and industry demands, including the ever-
       changing areas of expertise that are expected from our students.

       The College also submitted a proposal to SUNY for a new BFA program in Fine
       Arts this summer. At the same time, SUNY gave the College the go-ahead to
       develop a new certificate program in haute couture. In addition, we submitted a
       letter of intent for a new master’s program in illustration. This will be the first
       such program in the SUNY system and it is another of the many ways that our
       graduate program continues to grow under the leadership of Dean Maria Ann

               Collective Bargaining

       As Juliette Romano mentioned to you, we happily came to an agreement with the
       UCE on a contract. Earlier this month the union ratified that settlement. It covers
       a 27-month period and reflect the terms established by the City in its pattern-
       bargaining and in its agreement with DC37. It includes a salary increase of
       8.16% compounded, plus a 1% equity payment for a total of 9.1%.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                                Minutes Page - 5 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       We will be asking you to formally approve the agreement later in the meeting.
       But before we do, I will ask you to meet in executive session briefly so that we
       can review the details of the negotiations. While the settlement was long in
       coming, I believe it is a fair settlement to all involved. It was arrived at as a result
       of good faith, hard bargaining, and a strong joint commitment to FIT on all sides.

       Assuming you approve the settlement once we are back in public session, we will
       also request that you allow the College to continue its historic practice of allotting
       the same salary increases to those full-time FIT employees, largely administrative
       and executive, who are not covered by the collective bargaining agreement.

       After the Board meeting concludes we will reconvene as the FIT Staff Housing
       Corporation and the FIT Student Housing Corporation. We will ask you to
       approve the same salary increases for employees of each of those corporations.
       We will also ask you to allow the housing corporations to extend to their employ-
       ees the benefit of the retirement incentive program that you have already ap-
       proved for college employees.

       At both this meeting and the housing corporation meetings, we will also be asking
       you to ratify certain items that were approved at the June meetings subject to later
       ratification. This is because one of our members had to leave prior to these votes
       so we lacked a quorum at the time we discussed them.

               Budget Reduction

       Over the past year, the College was faced with a series of potential budget cuts
       which required us to develop several contingency plans. Now Mayor Bloomberg
       has again asked us, and all agencies, to prepare for a 7.5% cut. This is a very
       painful prospect. We responded by submitting an impact statement to the City’s
       budget director and, last Friday, Chairman Goodman, Vice President for Finance
       and Operations Harvey Spector and President Brown met with Deputy Mayor
       Shaw to discuss the 7.5% cut.

       We will continue to lobby as aggressively as possible at City Hall to spare FIT
       from these cuts. It was a good dialogue, and President Brown told the Trustees
       that she thought the Deputy Mayor was open to hearing our case. However, we
       all know from the press what the fiscal realities are today in the country and
       certainly in the City and the State. While the Mayor was beneficent to a certain
       extent to public education in his last round of reductions, Dr. Brown could not
       make any predictions at this time but thought that the outlook did not appear very
       promising for the foreseeable future.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                              Minutes Page - 6 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

               Fund Raising and Gifts

       Even with these challenges and the knowledge that budgetary constraints might
       force us to adapt further, Dr. Brown remains committed to moving forward with
       the College’s long range plans. Financially, the College will be aided by some of
       our fund- raising initiatives. We completed the initial phase of our capital
       campaign early and, as a result, we are creating an interim campaign to raise $10
       million for scholarships, of which $2.3 million dollars has already been raised.

       The College has also received some exciting new gifts. Bill Blass remembered
       the College in his will with a gift of one million dollars. We still have to receive
       final word from the lawyers representing his estate, and his will is subject to
       probate, so we do not yet know what restrictions might have been placed on the
       gift, although it was reported in the press that it was for general purposes.
       Whatever the outcome and whatever the restrictions, it is most gratifying. Mr.
       Blass was always known for his generosity and it is very, very special that he
       remembered FIT in this way.

       The College also received a gift of $300,000 from the Retail Brand Alliance to
       establish a scholarship fund. This gift was a response to the September 11 attacks
       and was made at the behest of one of our Foundation board members, Carol Lee
       Friedlander, who saw that this money came to FIT. Established in perpetuity, the
       fund will provide five full-tuition scholarships, first to students who were directly
       affected by the attacks and then to others who might be eligible.

       We are also the recipient of a gift valued at $800,000. This is quite special. It
       comes from George Dorsch, an art historian on our faculty who passed away two
       years ago. Professor Dorsch left his entire estate to the College. He asked that
       the money be used for the Art History department and we have now established a
       fund in his name for that department. We were deeply moved, of course, when
       we learned about the gift and remain most grateful to Professor Dorsch for his
       exceptional devotion to the College.

       The College received a grant in the amount of $85,000 from the State, thanks to
       Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. That money is very valuable to us and we will
       use it in part to create space in the B Building to house our Center for Excellence
       in Teaching.

       Dr. Brown was also pleased to report that FIT has received its very first grant
       from the National Endowment for the Arts. This grant supports our master
       facilities plan and gives the College the funds to mount an architectural competi-
       tion to design the structure we refer to as the extension of the C building. We
       foresee a 50,000 square foot, six-story building opening out to West 28th Street
FIT Board of Trustees                                                              Minutes Page - 7 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       that will provide the kind of flexible academic space appropriate to our Twenty-
       First Century needs. A distinguished group of architects has been selected to
       submit plans and we expect to see a stimulating array of designs, which will be
       displayed in a formal exhibition next spring. A competition of this scope has the
       potential to stimulate thoughtful, high quality and influential public design on a
       national scale, which of course puts FIT in the forefront of this kind of design. It
       was a competitive process and a very prestigious one, and we are very pleased to
       have been selected for it. (Of course, we still have to raise the money to raise the
       building – this was simply a competition for the design of the building.)

       The Fall semester is under way, classes opened on September 3 and we have at
       last count more than 11,200 full- and part-time students, which is a record high.
       The terrorist attacks clearly did not shrink or otherwise discourage enrollment
       here. Although enrollment figures typically fluctuate at the start of the semester,
       our growth trend is strong. Our summer enrollment was also larger this year than
       last. As much as we welcome the growth, we have deliberately kept it limited
       because we continue to struggle for space and for all of the other resources
       needed to provide for increased numbers. That is why our enrollment manage-
       ment is such a critical issue for us right now.

       Part of our increased growth is also, Dr. Brown suspects, a result of our continued
       strong showing in the US News and World Report “Best Colleges” ranking. The
       magazine’s annual “Colleges” issue has just been released and FIT did exception-
       ally well. We placed number one in the “Top Public Comprehensive Undergradu-
       ate Colleges” ranking in the north, which is very impressive. By “comprehen-
       sive” they mean institutions that focus on undergraduate education and offer a
       range of degree programs which could include professional programs. When
       combined with public and private colleges, FIT ranked number eight in the list of
       “Top Northern Comprehensive Undergraduate Colleges”. In that same category,
       we ranked fourth for the percentage of graduates leaving college with the least
       amount of debt. We also excelled in categories looking at numbers of interna-
       tional students, campus diversity and graduation rates. It is all very good news
       and Dr. Brown was sure that we all share a great deal of pride in those kind of

       We recently started to re-engage in the strategic planning process we had
       launched five years ago, one that will allow us to review the goals we originally
       established in light of where we are today and in light of today’s fiscal realities.
       It is Dr. Brown’s goal to create a more formal system of dialogue this time, one
       that encourages a more dynamic and active communication throughout the
       College and at the same time allows us to maintain a coherent integrated focus on
       institutional priorities.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                            Minutes Page - 8 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       You may remember that when we started our first strategic planning efforts in
       1999, we determined that the College needed a visual identity overhaul. Under
       the guidance of the Office of College Relations, headed by Vice President for
       Communications and External Relations Loretta Lawrence Keane, we have been
       busily at work on this, with participation from a hands-on ad hoc committee, as
       well as with input from the entire community. You have seen some of the results
       of this effort. Dr. Brown was pleased to tell the Trustees now that the College has
       received a series of top honors from some of the nation’s most important educa-
       tional marketing organizations. Our website, advertising and print publications,
       as well as our admissions video, have been singled out for excellence, winning
       gold, silver and bronze awards in four different competitions. All of them were
       extremely competitive, with hundreds, and in some instances thousands, of entries
       from colleges and universities around the country. Selection was based on
       excellence in content, as well as design. Dr. Brown congratulated Loretta Law-
       rence Keane and her staff for a job well done.

       Finally, the President reminded the Trustees that a new exhibit would be opening
       in the Museum at FIT on November 14. We will be displaying more than 80
       cocktail dresses and evening gowns designed by Arnold Scaasi in an exhibition
       called “Exuberant Fashion – A Celebration of an American Couturier”. It will be
       up through early January. Dr. Brown invited the Trustees to see it and to congrat-
       ulate Dr. Valerie Steele, chief curator and acting director of the Museum, on a job
       well done.

       The Chairman called for questions or comments for Dr. Brown. There were

       Mr. Goodman announced that the Staff Housing and Student Housing Corpora-
       tions would meet at the end of the Trustees’ meeting. Those company meetings
       should be very brief.

       The agenda for the present meeting next called for consideration of four action
       items: approval of the minutes of June 17, 2002; ratification of resolutions
       approved at the June 17, 2002 meeting, because we did not have a quorum at that
       meeting; account signatory resolution with respect to Albert Place; and
       certificates of permanent tenure for Lauren Cummings, Donna Lehmann, Caroline
       Ryland, Clare Sauro and Hazel Turner.

       The Chairman invited questions or comments or a blanket resolution to approve
       those resolutions. Mr. Chazen so moved and Mr. Kaufman seconded the motion.
       The Chairman called for discussion but there was none. The motion was unani-
       mously approved by voice vote.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                           Minutes Page - 9 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       The Chairman then invited a motion to go into executive session to discuss the
       collective bargaining negotiations. Mr. Chazen so moved and Ms Davis seconded
       the motion. The motion was approved by voice vote and without opposition.

       The Chairman thanked everyone in the audience and invited everyone to return in
       approximately twenty minutes. The audience left the room and the doors were


       The Trustees discussed the status of collective bargaining negotiations. No action
       was taken by formal vote. The executive session was adjourned.


       Chairman Goodman reconvened the public session and invited anyone waiting in
       the hallway to return to the meeting.

       The first of the remaining action items was the approval of the Collective
       Bargaining Agreement with the United College Employees of FIT for the period
       March 1, 2000 to May 31, 2002. Mr. Goodman invited questions or comments
       but there were none. The Chairman called for a motion to approve. Mr. Chazen
       so moved and Ms Davis seconded. The Chairman called for discussion but there
       was none. On voice vote, the motion was approved without opposition.

       The Chairman invited comments from Vice President Spector on the next resolu-
       tion, regarding salary increases for executive and administrative employees.
       Mr. Spector stated that, as Dr. Brown had mentioned, the resolution authorizes the
       President to implement salary changes for administrators who are not members of
       the bargaining unit in an amount equal to, and for the same time periods as, the
       increases provided to members of the bargaining unit in the new contract.

       The Chairman called for a vote on the resolution. Ms Davis so moved, and the
       motion was seconded by Mr. Kaufman. The Chairman asked for discussion but
       there was none. On voice vote, the motion was approved without opposition.

       Mr. Goodman called for a motion as to the remaining resolution, regarding
       modification of the Fiscal Yeal 2003 Budget to account for potential reductions in
       city support. Mr. Chazen so moved, and Ms Davis seconded. The Chairman
       called for discussion but there was none. On voice vote, the motion was approved
       without opposition.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                           Minutes Page - 10 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       Consequently, the following resolutions were approved:

       1.1     Approval of Minutes of the September 23, 2002 Meeting                379.1

               It was

               RESOLVED, That the minutes of the three hundred and seventy-
               eighth meeting of the Board of Trustees, held on September 23,
               2002, were approved.

       1.2     Ratification of Resolutions Approved at June 17, 2002 Meeting 379.2

               At its meeting held on June 17, 2002, the Board of Trustees
               approved resolutions including the following:

                        1.1   Approval of Minutes of the           378.1
                              May 13, 2002 Meeting

                        1.2   Amendment to Minutes of the          378.2
                              April 8, 2002 Meeting

                        1.3   Schedule of Meeting Dates for        378.3
                              Academic Year 2002-2003

                        1.7   Certificates of Permanent Tenure     378.7

               Those resolutions were approved subject to ratification by the
               Board at a subsequent meeting having a quorum present.

               Therefore, it was

               RESOLVED, That the actions taken by the Board at the June 17,
               2002 meeting as to the above-described resolutions were ratified.

       1.3     Bank Account Signatory: Albert Place                                 379.3

               Albert Place has been appointed Deputy Controller of the College
               effective July 22, 2002, and will become a signatory on all bank
               accounts and legal documents of the College. All accounts require
FIT Board of Trustees                                                           Minutes Page - 11 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

               two signatures which can be executed manually or by facsimile

               Therefore, it was

               RESOLVED, That the Treasurer and Vice President for Finance
               and Operations was authorized to take whatever steps are
               necessary to have Albert Place added as signatory on the accounts
               of FIT, effective immediately.

       1.4     Certificates of Permanent Tenure                                     379.4

               The below-listed personnel of the College have met the necessary
               requirements for tenure as set forth in the Bylaws of the Fashion
               Institute of Technology. The President has recommended the
               granting of tenure effective on the dates set forth below.

               Therefore, it was

               RESOLVED, that Certificates of Permanent Tenure be Issued to:

                      Lauren Cummings               Secretary III

                                                    Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing

                                                    January 1, 2003

                      Donna Lehmann                 Web Content Coordinator

                                                    College Relations

                                                    November 1, 2002

                      Caroline Ryland               Department Secretary

                                                    International Trade

                                                    November 16, 2002

                      Clare Sauro                   Museum Preparator

                                                    Museum at FIT

                                                    January 3, 2003

                      Hazel Turner                  Personnel Associate

                                                    Personnel Administration

                                                    December 27, 2002

FIT Board of Trustees                                                           Minutes Page - 12 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

       1.5	    Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement with                       379.5
               UCE of FIT for the period March 1, 2000 to May 31, 2002

               Negotiations for the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the
               Fashion Institute of Technology and the United College
               Employees of FIT have been concluded, and agreement has been
               reached in principle on the terms of a proposed Collective
               Bargaining Agreement for the period March 1, 2000 to May 31,
               2002. The President of the UCE has notified the College that the
               proposal has been ratified by its membership.

               Therefore, it was

               RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees approved the Collective
               Bargaining Agreement between the Fashion Institute of Technol-
               ogy and the United College Employees of FIT, Local 3457, Amer-
               ican Federation of Teachers, for the period March 1, 2000 through
               May 31, 2002, and it was further

               RESOLVED, That the President was authorized to sign the Col-
               lective Bargaining Agreement between the Fashion Institute of
               Technology and the United College Employees of FIT, Local
               3457, American Federation of Teachers, for the period March 1,
               2000 through May 31, 2002.

       1.6     Salary Increases for Executive and Administrative Employees            379.6

               The Board of Trustees has approved a proposed Collective
               Bargaining Agreement between the Fashion Institute of Technol-
               ogy and the United College Employees of FIT, Local 3457, Amer-
               ican Federation of Teachers, for the period March 1, 2000 through
               May 31, 2002. The collective bargaining agreement provides for a
               4% increase effective March 1, 2000, followed by a second 4%
               increase effective March 1, 2001, in the salary schedules for all
               positions represented by the United College Employees of FIT, as
               set forth in section 5.0 of the collective bargaining agreement.

               Historically, the salary schedules of other full-time FIT employees,
               including the Treasurer of the College, have been increased by the
               same amounts and for the same time periods as provided in previ-
               ous collective bargaining agreements. The President has recom-
               mended that the salary schedules of other full-time FIT employees,
FIT Board of Trustees                                                             Minutes Page - 13 -
Monday, September 23, 2002

               including the Treasurer, be increased by the same amounts and for
               the same time periods as provided in the collective bargaining
               agreement for the period March 1, 2000 through May 31, 2002.
               Funding for these increases has been included in the College’s
               budget and accruals for the prior years covered by the collective
               bargaining agreement.

               Therefore, it was

               RESOLVED, That the President is authorized to increase the
               salary schedules of all full-time FIT employees not represented by
               the United College Employees of FIT, including the Treasurer, by
               4% effective March 1, 2000 and a second 4% effective March 1,

       1.7	    Modification to FY`03 Budget to Account                                  379.7
               for Potential Reductions in City Support

               At its meeting held on June 17, 2002, the Board of Trustees adopt-
               ed a budget for Fiscal Year 2003 in an amount not to exceed $107
               million, including $ 28.7 million in support from the City of New
               York. On July 19, 2002, the college received notification from the
               budget director of the City of New York that the City’s appropria-
               tion might be reduced by as much as 7.5%, or $2.2 million.

               Therefore, it was

               RESOLVED, That the President is directed to assess the impact of
               a reduction in City funding and to discuss those impacts with
               appropriate city officials to attempt to reduce the size of the reduc-
               tion; and it was further

               RESOLVED, That the President is directed to implement all final
               decisions made by the City of New York in respect of the City’s
               appropriation to FIT for Fiscal Year 2003 and to present to the
               Board a modified budget for Fiscal Year 2003 as necessary.

       The Chairman invited the Board’s attention to the information items. He then
       called for any old business or any new business to come to the Board for this
       meeting. There was no response.
FIT Board of Trustees                                                        Minutes Page - 14 -
Monday, September 23, 2002


       Ms Davis moved to adjourn. Mr. Kaufman seconded the motion. Mr. Goodman
       called for discussion but there was none. On voice vote, the motion was approved
       without opposition. The meeting adjourned.

       Respectfully submitted,

       Jeffrey I. Slonim
       Secretary of the College

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