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									Round Rock TX Chiropractor Dr. Eric Murphy Offers Natural Solutions For
Back Pain

Roughly ninety percent of all adults will experience back pain at some
point in their lives. There are many different causes for this pain.
Traditional medicine focuses on providing pain killers and muscle
relaxers that can impair one's ability to function. Chiropractic takes a
different approach to providing relief by offering natural solutions for
back pain.

Round Rock, TX 02/05/10 ' Dr. Eric Murphy and Murphy Family Chiropractic
are pleased to announce that Dr. Murphy offers safe, natural solutions
for back pain that do not involve drugs or surgical procedures. Pain is
addressed at its cause and chiropractic adjustments made that grant
relief quickly.

Most back pain is caused by slight shifts in the vertebrae that cause
them to pinch nerve rootlets that leave the spinal column at that level.
These slight shifts, known as subluxations, can be adjusted manually by a
chiropractor to bring the spine back into normal alignment and relieve
the pain.

For more serious forms of back pain, such as that caused by slipped or
herniated discs, new technologies have made new procedures possible.
Spinal decompression is one such procedure that can help by creating a
vacuum in the disc space and the disc itself that can pull it back into
place and release the pressure on the nerves.

Chiropractic care is also good for those who have been injured in a car
accident and suffer from the condition commonly referred to as whiplash.
Migraine pain has been successfully relieved by chiropractic manipulation
as well as the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

For more information about how Dr. Murphy and Murphy Family Chiropractic
can help the residents of the Round Rock area, they are encouraged to
visit on the web or to contact the clinic at

Murphy Family Chiropractic

1930 Rawhide Dr Ste 308

Round Rock, TX 78681

Phone: 512-255-9887

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