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					                                      STAFF REPORT
                         Brunswick Hills Township Text Amendment
                                    App. #209-2007 TA
                                     December 5, 2007

Applicant:                                    Brunswick Hills Twp. Zoning Commission
Zoning Commission Meeting Date:
Planning Commission Meeting Date:             December 9, 2007
Section of Amendment Request:                 Article II Definitions, Article V Sign Regulations

Background: The proposed amendments are a part of an overall revision of Brunswick Hills
Township’s Zoning Resolution that evolved from the Townships comprehensive planning

The definition for Institutional sign was deleted.

The following signs definitions were added:

   1. Sign, Access– A permanent sign located on private property and located at the entrance
       and/or exit of the property.
   2. Sign, Address – A sign indicating the address of a property to easily allow identification.
   3. Sign/Banner – Sign made of fabric or any non-rigid material supported to retain its shape
       but with no enclosing framework.
   4. Sign, Changeable Copy Sign – A Ground Sign or Free Standing Sign, such as a bulletin
       board or announcement board, where the message or graphics is not permanently affixed to
       the structure, framing, or background and may be periodically replaced or covered over
       manually or by electronic or mechanical devices.
   5. Sign, Flag – Any sign of cloth or similar material, anchored along one side, displayed on a
       single pole, either freestanding or attached to a building.
   6. Sign/Ground Sign – A sign which has a supporting base designed as an integral part of the
       sign resting totally or primarily on the ground.
   7. Sign, Non-Conforming – Any sign existing on or after the effective date of Article V, and
       any revisions, which does not conform to the stated regulations in their entirety.
   8. Sign, Portable – A sign similar to a Free Standing Sign but designed to be moved easily.
   9. Sign, Projecting – A sign attached to a building or wall which extends perpendicular or at
       an angle to the wall or the building.
   10. Sign, Roof – Any sign erected, constructed or maintained upon or over the roof or parapet
       wall of a building and having its principal support on the roof or walls of the building.
   11. Sign, Sandwich Board – A sign consisting of two rigid panels affixed at the top and with its
       base resting on the ground/sidewalk and positioned to not impede sidewalk traffic.
   12. Sign, Temporary – Any sign designed to be displayed for a limited period of time.
Brunswick Hills Twp.
App. #209-2007ta
December 5, 2007

The following revisions were made to Article V:
            A. Permanent signs limited to the following:
                      1. Signs incident to legal process and necessary to the public safety and welfare.
                           No Zoning Certificate or fee shall be required.
                      2. Memorial signs or tablets, names of buildings, and date erection. Memorial
                           signs or tablets shall have an area not to exceed six (6) square feet facing each
                           street and shall be affixed flat against the building. Signs under this subsection
                           shall not be illuminated. No Zoning Certificate or fee shall be required.
                      3. Size of signs permitted appropriate to a public or semipublic building be twenty
                           (20) square feet for building(s) with up to and including five (5) tenants or
                      4. Size of signs permitted appropriate to a public or semipublic building be forty
                           (40) square feet for building(s) with up to and including six (6) or more tenants
                           or occupants.
                      5. One (1) non-illuminated sign not to exceed two (2) square feet in area is
                           permitted when in direct relation to a permitted home occupation or indicating
                           the name of the occupant. Such sign shall be not closer than twenty (20) feet to
                           either side lot line.
                      6. Sign, Institutional is a church, school, community center or other public or
                           institutional building for its own use: an announcement sign or bulletin board
                           not exceeding thirty two (32) square feet in area, six (6) feet in height and not to
                           be located closer than ten (10) feet to any road right-of-way.
Article V Sec. 502B2 Special Event Signs
                     The Zoning Inspector may issue a permit in any district the placement of not more
                     than four (4) temporary signs within the Township for a period not to exceed thirty
                     (30) days. advertising activities within the Township. No fee shall be required, but a
                     financial guarantee of one hundred ($100) dollars shall be deposited with the Zoning
                     Inspector by any profit making organization placing a sign or signs, which financial
                     guarantee shall be refundable upon the removal of all signs and supporting materials.
                     Upon failure to remove signs within the thirty (30) day period, the financial
                     guarantee shall be forfeited to the Township to defray the costs of removing the
                     No sign shall be posted in any place or in any manner that is destructive to public
                     property upon posting or removal. No sign(s) shall be posted on Township property,
                     with the exception of the road right of way.

Staff Comments: Staff comments on the proposed amendments:

    1. Staff would suggest the term “Directional sign” rather than “Access Sign”. A permanent
       directional sign located at the entrances or exits of a property, including information
       assisting in the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, would be suitable language.
    2. An “Address Sign” would not necessarily allow “easy” identification. The word “easily” is
    3. Referencing the effective date of Article V in the definition for a “Nonconforming Sign”
       could be problematic in the future if amendments to Article V or other articles that refer
       to signage, have caused the section to be renumbered, or eliminated. Perhaps more
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2fed5c78-7943-4a2c-8234-c92c4afc3179.doc                              P. Theken
Brunswick Hills Twp.
App. #209-2007ta
December 5, 2007

       general wording, such as “on or after the effective date of this Resolution”, may be
    4. The definition for “Portable Sign” is compared to a “Free Standing Sign”. The “Portable
       Sign” should have a definition that reflects specifically what it is without references to
       another type of sign. For example, “a sign that is not permanently affixed to a structure
       of the ground” would identify more clearly a sign that is portable.
    5. The definition for “Outdoor Advertising Sign” (not one of the proposed additions)
       references “temporary political and special events signs”. It would be appropriate to
       remove these references as they are not content neutral.
    6. Article V Section 502B2 “Special Event Signs” should be renamed “Temporary Signs” to
       reflect the intent of the paragraph to regulate temporary signs. A temporary sign, such
       as a real estate sign, would be subject to the 30 day time limitation, which would not be
       practical for the advertisement of a property for sale.

Staff recommends to the Medina County Planning Commission that the above text amendments
to Article II Definitions, and Article V Signs in the Brunswick Hills Zoning Resolution be
APPROVED WITH MODIFICATIONS according to Staff Comments. Staff strongly
recommends that Brunswick Hills Township request that the Medina County Prosecutor’s office
review the proposed text to ensure accuracy.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2fed5c78-7943-4a2c-8234-c92c4afc3179.doc                   P. Theken