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FROM: Realty Professionals,
                                                        (Buyer’s Agent)

REF: Property located at
                                                       (Property Address)

Our Client:
This is to confirm our conversation on __________________________. At the time, we discussed that the above
Realty Professionals Buyer’s Agent represents the Buyer indicated above, who is interested in viewing your
Property for possible purchase. You have authorized us to show your Property to the prospective Buyer after we
coordinated the time of the showing with you. Additionally, as the Seller, you have agreed to the following:

1. You, the Seller, agree to pay Realty Professionals a brokerage a fee in the amount of $
or                % of the agreed purchase price if this Buyer purchases your Property while this Agreement is in
effect. The brokerage fee will be payable either in cash at settlement/closing, or as the Seller you authorize the
settlement/closing agent to disburse the above brokerage fee directly to Realty Professionals at settlement (even if
settlement is held after this Agreement expires.) The brokerage fee shall also be paid by Seller to Realty
Professionals in the event Seller sells, exchanges, or otherwise transfers the Property within ninety (90) days after
the expiration or termination of this Agreement to any person(s) to whom your Property has been shown or
negotiated as a part of the purchase to a prospective Buyer by the Realty Professionals Buyer’s Agent herein.

2. As the Seller, you are free to continue to market your Property and will not owe the brokerage fee to Realty
Professionals if any person other than the Buyer indicated herein purchases the Property. You have also agreed to
deal exclusively with Realty Professionals in connection with this Buyer while this Agreement is in effect.

3. You understand that although you may pay Realty Professionals a brokerage fee -- this does not mean that we
will be representing you during the transaction. This document is however, to notify you as the Seller that we
are required by law, and our ethical code, to treat all parties to any transaction honestly and fairly. Therefore, please
be advised we will only be representing the Buyer in the purchase of your Property.

4. This Agreement will remain in effect until                                                                  , 20

5. We have also agreed to the following special instructions:

Realty Professionals Buyer’s Agent:

Please indicate that you agree with the above by signing and dating below then returning one copy to Realty
Professionals. Thank you for your cooperation.

Date                                          Seller

Date                                          Seller