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November 2008 Town Hall News - Fairview -- Welcome to Fairview_ Texas


									                                   Town Hall News                                   Official Publication of
                                       Keeping It Country                           The Town of Fairview
                               Celebrating Fifty Years, 1958-2008                     November 2008
                                500 S. State Highway 5, Fairview, TX 75069   Official Website:
                                            Phone: 972 562-0522                        Fax: 972 548-0268

         JC Penney Breaks Ground                                   Council Meeting Date Changed

     J. C. Penney Company broke ground on                       Because Election Day is November 4 and
October 23 in Fairview on its first store                   our town hall will be used as a polling place, the
registered and expected to obtain LEED                      regular meeting of the town council has been
certification. The LEED (Leadership in Energy               moved to Tuesday night, November 11.
and Environmental Design) Green Building
Rating System, administered by the U.S. Green
Building Council (USGBC), is the nationally                                  Thanksgiving
accepted benchmark for the design, construction
and operation of high-performance green                         Town hall will be closed Thursday and
buildings. The 115,000-square-foot JC Penney                Friday, November 27-28 to celebrate the
store will open in August 2009 as an anchor of              Thanksgiving holiday. The November 27 P&Z
Fairview’s new 1 million-square-foot lifestyle              meeting is cancelled.
center, The Village at Fairview.
     Because LEED criteria are performance-
based, LEED documentation will be submitted to                  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS
the USGBC for formal approval once the store is
complete. To receive certification, a building                  Notice is hereby given that the Fairview
must satisfy requirements and earn points in six            Planning and Zoning Commission will convene
categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency,            at 7:00 p.m. on November 13 at Town Hall, 500
Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources,                 S. State Highway 5 to conduct public hearings
Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in              and take action regarding:
     Based on its design, the Fairview JC Penney               Revised Concept Plan for the Village at
store is expected to use 41 percent less energy                 Fairview regarding a Boy Scouts of America
than the average similar building. Beyond JC                    office, generally located on the south side of
Penney’s standard new-store design features                     the intersection of Fairview Village Drive
such as a reflective white roof and energy-                     (formerly Murray Road) and the frontage
efficient lighting, additional features are                     road of Central Expressway (US 75), within
expected to contribute to reducing the store's                  the Commercial Planned Development Dis-
environmental impact.                                           trict (CPDD), Zone K.
     Additionally, the Fairview store has been
certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection                 Revised Concept Plan and Revised Site Plan
Agency as “Designed to Earn the ENERGY                          for the Village at Fairview regarding a
STAR,” making JC Penney the first national                      Whole Foods use, generally located east of
retailer to receive this designation for                        Fairview Parkway, north of Stacy Road, and
implementation of energy conservation from the                  east of Central Expressway (US 75), within
store design stage. To be eligible, building                    the CPDD, Zone K.
construction documents must be 95 percent
complete and receive an energy-efficiency rating               Amending and updating the                 adopted
of 75 or higher on a 100-point scale. The Village               Fairview Comprehensive Plan.
at Fairview store received a rating of 84.
              HOA Information                                           Polling Place

    From time to time, we need to contact the             Fairview Town Hall, 500 S. State Highway
officers of various Homeowners’ Associations in       5, is an official polling place for the Tuesday,
Fairview. Our list is old and outdated, so please     November 4 general election.
let us know the name of your association and
send us contact data for your officers. Infor-
mation should be mailed to Karen Smith, or e-                Lovejoy Electronics Recycling
mailed to
                                                          The Lovejoy High School PTSA and E-
                                                      Waste Collections are sponsoring an E-Waste
                 Veterans Day                         Recycle Day on Saturday, December 6 at
                                                      Lovejoy High School. A truck will be in the
        Please    remember      that   Tuesday,       parking area in front of the athletic facility from
        November 11 is Veterans’ Day, set aside       9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, where a team will be on
                     to honor and thank those         hand to collect and load your old electronic
                    who have and still do serve       wastes. By recycling these products instead of
                    to protect our nation.            landfilling them, materials such as copper,
                     November 11 is also              aluminum, lead, plastics, glass, parts, and chips
                     Armistice Day, celebrating       will be recovered and reused.           For more
                     the end of World War I in        information, contact Terry Shultz at 817-707-
                     1918. Thank you to all of        2448 or
our Fairview residents who served.

                                                                     Sign Regulations
              Christmas Parade
                                                           Section 3.13 of the Fairview Code of
    Fairview’s annual holiday parade will be          Ordinances (which can be found online)
Saturday, December 13 in Heritage Ranch,              regulates the construction and placement of signs
beginning at 10:30 a.m. Anyone interested in          in the town. Generally, billboards and off-
participating in the parade should complete the       premise signs are not allowed anywhere in
form at the end of this newsletter and return it to   Fairview. Therefore, with very few exceptions,
town hall. We will have Santa available after the     only one sign, up to a maximum of six square
parade for pictures with the kids. Heritage           feet in size, per residential lot, is permitted. This
Ranch will also have other indoor activities at       includes temporary real estate signs, which like
their clubhouse following the parade.                 other signs, should only be on the actual property
                                                      for sale or lease, and may not be lighted nor
                                                      include banners or flags.
         Hazardous Waste Program                           Areas zoned for businesses or schools may
                                                      have larger signs, but those too are restricted in
     The town council recently approved and           size, type, number, and location. Signs should
budgeted for an annual household hazardous            not be affixed to utility poles, tree, or fences.
waste collection program to be conducted as part           One garage sale sign (up to 5 square feet in
of our Spring Trash-Off each April. If you have       size) is allowed at the site of an event and up to
hazardous wastes, do not dispose of them in your      two directional signs at intersections. These
regular trash, or place them outside on the           signs may go up one day prior to the garage sale
ground, in creekways, or a ditch. This is very        and must come down upon conclusion of the
dangerous and illegal. If you have materials that     sale.
cannot be safely stored until April, there are              Political signs are generally not regulated by
several private disposal sites in the area that are   the town, though they may not be placed on town
trained and licensed to take of these wastes          property, be illuminated, or have moving parts.
    Lovejoy HS Choir Needs Your Help                   property from Highway 5 to Meandering Way, to
                                                       help facilitate the widening of Stacy Road. In
                       Don’t miss your chance to       2001, he donated land to the town along
                  support the Lovejoy High             Meandering Way to allow for the eventual
                  School Choir as they raise           widening of the street at its intersection with
                  money for their New York trip        Stacy Road. That project is currently underway.
                  by selling Little Caesar’s Pizza         We are thankful to Mr. Goodman for the
                  Kits, Cookie Dough, Pies and         contributions he made to our community.
                  more! For more information,
                  talk to your favorite Lovejoy
                  High School choir student or                       Fairview Honored
                  contact Bethany Green at
                     For the third time in five years, the Town of
                  Orders will be taken through         Fairview was selected as a winner of one of ten
                  November 5th and delivered           excellence awards presented annually by the
after November 13th.                                   Texas Municipal League. With over 1,200 local
    In addition, if you’re looking for a babysitter,   governments in Texas, to be one of ten honorees
yard work, pet sitting, etc., check out the choir’s    is a significant accomplishment. We are espec-
“I’m for Hire” flyer. This listing includes the        ially proud to have received awards three times
names, contact information, and services that          since 2004, when most municipalities have never
some students are available to do as they              received such an award at all.
personally raise money for their New York trip.             This year, TML presented the town an award
For a copy of the flyer, please contact Vicki          for its work on historic and cultural preservation,
Northcutt at               including the creation of an historical commis-
                                                       sion, the compilation of a detailed local history
                                                       (available on the town’s website), and much
                IN MEMORY                              more. Previous awards were given to Fairview
            Mr. J. D. Goodman, Jr.                     for excellence in public safety and for manage-
                 (1912 – 2008)                         ment innovations.

     One of Fairview’s original founding citizens,
Mr. J. D. Goodman, Jr., passed away peacefully                            Apologies
at his home on October 7th. He was 96.
     Mr. Goodman was very proud to have been                To those of you inconvenienced by recent
one of the 38 original signatories who petitioned      construction projects in Fairview – from Stacy
for and helped bring about Fairview’s incur-           Road being torn up and Stoddard Road being
poration as a town in 1958.                            reduced to one lane, to the new TXDOT signal at
     Mr. Goodman and his wife moved to                 Country Club & Old Stacy and the gas line being
Fairview from Dallas in 1950 after purchasing          hit on Meandering Way (not to mention a
their Stacy Road home. He was known for his            washed away bridge over Roberts Branch) – we
enthusiastic zest for life. Mr. Goodman began          offer our sincerest apologies. We try our best to
his adult life by enlisting in the U.S. National       anticipate problems, and always try to plan for
Guard, at the age of 16, and served in the Texas       the worst when it comes to public safety, as we
112th Cavalry, the last active horse cavalry unit.     all know that when it comes to construction,
Never slowing down, he raised a family,                something WILL go awry.
created/owned various businesses ranging from               We ask your continued patience as we move
an early Dallas shoeshine stand to successful          forward. The inconvenience and the frustration
auto dealerships. He was involved in both civic        will have an end, and we believe you will be
and church activities; he continued to greet           more than satisfied with the finished products.
church visitors and chaperone youth activities         And though it may look otherwise some days, we
well into his 90’s.                                    never forget who our bosses truly are – YOU, the
     Mr. Goodman truly loved Fairview. During          voters and taxpayers of Fairview. We thank you
the late 1970s, he donated land along his              for the opportunity to serve such a great town.
                        CHRISTMAS PARADE ENTRY FORM

       Fairview’s annual holiday parade will be Saturday, December 13 beginning
     at 10:30 a.m. in the Heritage Ranch subdivision off eastern Stacy Road. To enter
     the parade (there is no entry fee) simply fax, mail, drop off, or e-mail the entry
     form below.

Name of Group: ___________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________

Contact Person: ____________________________________

Phone Number: __________________ E-mail address: _______________________

Check which categories you will be entering:

Band ________       Float ________      Bicycle ________   Horses ________

Golf Carts _______ Antique Car/Truck _______               Other ________
Town of Fairview
500 S. Highway 5
Fairview, Texas 75069

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