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					          Make Money via Internet
        How to Make Real Money via Internet?
  How to start your own Internet Business with a little
 Learn the real way to Start Internet Based Business in
                      Easy Steps!

STEP-BY-STEP: Guidance & Tips for Starting your
own Internet Business & Making Money Online!
       By Syed Najam Ahmed, Qualified Google Advertising

If I had to start over again today, from scratch, this is
how I would do it...

                                   Step 1:
Think... what you want to do?

       What are your interests?

       What are your passions?

       What are your areas of expertise?


       What you don't want to do?

       What you don't like at your current job?

       What are the things and situations you avoid?

                                   Step 2:
Think... about an easily targetable niche market...

Finding a niche market is about finding a specific and highly focused
group of people who are looking for something on the internet, but not
finding it.
About 50% of Internet start-ups fail because they do not do this!

Web sites to explore potential niche markets:
   Overture Keyword Selector Tool

      iWebTool Keyword Tool

   Important Tip: Do not just look for products or services... look for a
   problem to solve.
                                   Step 3:
   Decide... what you are going to sell

          Physical product (e.g. home decoration items, furniture,
           antiques, or whatever you want to sell)

          Information product (e.g. how-to ebooks, training material

          Service (e.g. training lessons, training classes etc.)

          Affiliate product (recommend some specialty web sites for a

          Resellership (selling quality brand products for a higher

          Freelancing / Consulting (contract with some company to
           provide them your services on a particular topic)

   By the way, Information product is the most profitable thing you can
   sell online! because it almost costs you nothing to develop it,
   manufacture it, warehouse it and to ship it. You earn big profit selling
   information products.
                                   Step 4:
   Write you sales copy (sales letter)

   Do it yourself

          Most affordable

          You'll learn marketing skills

          You can do it!
Hire a Sales letter writer (copywriter)

      No sales letter writer (copywriter) will work for under US$100

Sales Letter - Search on the web

      Try finding some sample Sales Letters through the web - that
       you can customize accordingly.

You can write a better sales letter for your own product. You need to
concentrate on the problem of your target market and the solution
your product provide them.
                               Step 5:
Choose a Domain Name

Choose a domain name that reflects what products or services you

For example,






    etc.

You can use other variations and choose a .Net or .Biz domain if your
favorite domain is not available with .com.

      Visit to look for your required domain.

      Avail Free .COM for 1 year with Free Web Hosting for 3

                             Step 6:
Design your web site...

Do it yourself:

      You should have some working knowledge of HTML and
       Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

      You should enjoy the process of web design; if you would like to
       do it yourself.

Hire a Web Designer:

      You may have a web designer make a web site for you, but it may
       cost you in between $40 to $200 or more

Buy a web site template:

      Affordable ($5 - $40 or more)

      Fabulous selection of design

      Saves your time that you can devote somewhere else.

      You may check these sites for templates:




    etc.

Buy a web hosting package:

      Avail Free .COM for 1 year with Free Web Hosting for 3 months

      Important: Click Here to read 50 Tips regarding web designing that
       increase your sales too!

                               Step 7:
Start accepting Payments via all major Credit Cards (Master, Visa,
American Express, Discover etc.)

Merchant Account:
      Very expensive for most startups

      Lengthy application process

      Not suitable for small businesses and economical products/services

Pay Pal:

      No setup fees

      Inexpensive per transaction fees

      Recognized and trusted name by users

      but, PayPal is NOT acceptable / supported in Pakistan and many
       other countries.

Best Option "2CO": - Click Here to apply now and start accepting payments
within few hours!

      50$ setup fee

      Inexpensive per transaction fees

      Recognized and trusted name by users

      I'm personally satisfied with their services and payment procedure.

      Accepted in Pakistan and all other countries.

                                  Step 8:
   Buy Pay-per-Click (PPC) Traffic from Yahoo Search Marketing
   and Google AdWords...

   At first, identify your top 100 keyword / phrases by visiting:

          Overture Keyword Selector Tool

          iWebTool Keyword Tool
   then, buy PPC traffic for your selected keywords from the following

          Bring targeted traffic to your site with Google AdWords


                                Step 9:
Test, Test and Test again

Test everything once, test everything again, once again and repeat this
testing process until you are fully satisfied with your working.
                                Step 10:
NEVER STOP, try new marketing strategies all the time...

Once your new business / new web site is generating a profit, start
focusing on new marketing strategies to enhance and expend your
business. You should focus on the following topics:

      Permission based Email Marketing

      Affiliate Programs

      New business opportunities like Google AdSense

      Linking Partnership

      Other possible Joint Ventures

      Natural (Organic) Search Engine Optimization

      Word-of-Mouth Marketing

      Offline Marketing (ads in local newspapers, magazines etc.)

      And many many more...

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