Demilitarized Zone by yaha3851


									Demilitarized Zone

A defined area in which the stationing or concentrating of military forces, or the
retention or establishment of military installations of any description is prohibited.

In military terms, a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an area, usually the frontier or
boundary between two or more groups, where military activity is not permitted,
usually by treaty or other agreement. Often the demilitarized zone lies upon a line
of control and forms a de-facto international border.

Demilitarized zones have also unintentionally become wildlife preserves as they
cause the land which they sit on to be too dangerous for construction.

Generally, "demilitarized" means converted to non-military use or purpose,
returned to a civilian field. In such meaning the term is often used in former Soviet
countries both in Western and local (transliterated) languages.

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