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									     hat is subsidized housing?                      deducted from your income. You may be             being evicted for not paying the
WThe government pays for part of a                   charged a minimum rent set by the
                                                     housing program even if you have little or
                                                                                                       minimum rent.
                                                                                                   If any of these conditions apply to you,
 family’s rent when they live in subsidized          no income. The minimum rent can be up         your rent is reduced to “$0.” However, if
 housing. The most common types of                   to $50.                                       the hardship is temporary, you will stop
 subsidized housing are Section 8 and                                                              paying minimum rent only for a while
                                                                                                   and you will have to repay the minimum
 Public Housing.                                                      be taken
                                                  What deductions canmy rent? from my
                                                   income to reduce                                rent at a later time.
    hat is the difference between Public
W   Housing and Section 8?                         There are three kinds of earnings that can be
                                                   deducted from your income:                      W   ill my rent go down if I lose my
                                                                                                       welfare benefits?
 Public Housing is owned and operated by the
 government. It is usually apartment               ‚ earnings received as part of a training       If you live in public housing, or you live
 complexes.                                          program,                                      in tenant-based Section 8, your rent will
                                                                                                   not go down if you lose your welfare
                                                   ‚ earnings received as part of subsidized
 There are two common kinds of Section 8.                                                          benefits for failure to do welfare work
                                                     employment, and
 The first is tenant-based Section 8. Tenant-                                                      requirements or a self-sufficiency
 based Section 8 gives you a “voucher”             ‚ earnings used to pay for childcare.           program. However, your rent can go
 which can be used for any kind of housing                                                         down if you lose your welfare benefits
 (house, apartment or condominium) and                                                             because your time limit has passed.
                                                   There are also deductions for children,
 with any landlord that is willing to accept       elderly or disabled people in the household,
 it.                                                                                               If you live in project-based Section 8,
                                                   and for some medical expenses. These
                                                                                                   your rent will go down if your income
                                                   things should be deducted from your
 Project-based Section 8 is a privately                                                            goes down, no matter what the reason.
                                                   family’s gross income before calculating
 owned apartment complex where some or             your rent.                                      What if I don’t agree with the amount
 all of the units are for Section 8 tenants. If
                                                                                                   of rent I am being charged?
 you don’t know which kind of Section 8
 you receive, contact the agency that
 approved you for Section 8.
                                                  What if I can’t afford minimum rent?             You can appeal to the agency if you
                                                                                                   disagree with your rent. You can also
                                                   You may not have to pay minimum rent if         contact a private attorney or Indiana
                                                   you have one or more of these hardships:
How much rent will I have to pay?                  ‚ You just lost your job or your public
                                                                                                   Legal Services for help.

                                                                                                   What are my responsibilities if I live in
 If you live in public housing or receive            benefits (like TANF or SSI),                  subsidized housing?
 Section 8, your rent is generally 30% of          ‚ You applied for public assistance, but
 your income. Certain expenses are                   you are not yet receiving it, or              Pay your part of the rent on time and
                                                                                                   report all changes in income, source of
                                                   ‚ You are being evicted or are at risk of       income, family size, and resources as
soon as possible. You also must follow
the other terms of your lease.

     hat can I do if the Public Housing          TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR
W    Authority tries to evict me?                 LEGAL ASSISTANCE, CALL ILS
                                                             INTAKE:                          Subsidized Housing
You can ask for an informal hearing. You
should also contact a private attorney or         Anderson:               Bloomington:
Indiana Legal Services for help. Your          1-877-323-6260            1-877-323-6260
housing will continue through the                 Evansville:              Fort Wayne:
informal hearing process.                      1-877-323-6260            1-877-323-6260                    Prepared by:
                                                    Gary:                  Hamm ond:
     hat can I do if my Section 8 or           (219) 886-3161            (219) 853-2360          Indiana Legal Services, Inc.
W    private landlord wants to evict me?          Indianapolis:
                                              (317) 631-9410 or
                                                                       (765) 423-5327 or
You should contact a private attorney or        1-800-869-0212           1-800-382-7581
Indiana Legal Services for help. You              New Albany:              South Bend:
should try to avoid an eviction, because it   (812) 945-4123 or        (574) 234-8121 or
                                                                                              This is for information only. It is NOT legal
can make it hard to get subsidized              1-800-892-2776           1-800-288-8121
                                                                                              advice. For legal advice, contact an attorney
housing, or to find a private landlord                                                        or a Legal Services office.
willing to rent to you.

     here do I go to apply for subsidized
W    housing?
                                                                                               The production of this pamphlet is made
                                                                                               possible by a grant from the Indiana Bar
Contact your local Public Housing              If you are not sure which office serves your                  Foundation.
Authority or Community Action Program                   area, dial 1-877-323-6260
(CAP) Office.

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