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                           SCHOOL HOURS

             Grades K-5                              8:25 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.

         Pre-kindergarten                           8:25 a.m. to 10:55 a.m.

Buses will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the
school day. It is important that children arrive in their classrooms before
the 8:25 a.m. bell. School doors open at 8:10 a.m.


Students arriving after 8:25 a.m. should report to the office with a
parent/guardian to sign in. Parents will provide a note of excuse to take to
the classroom teacher. Parents picking up students early from school should
report to the school office before 2:35 p.m. There will be no child dismissed
after this time until the bell rings. When there is a planned early pick-up,
parents should send to school that morning a note of excuse with a specified
time of pick-up. Students, in turn, will be called to the office upon parent’s
arrival for pick-up.

                      INCLEMENT WEATHER

When it is decided that schools are to be closed for inclement weather,
announcements will be made by local television and radio stations. Students
and parents are therefore asked to please not call the school for this
information. These announcements are made for the cancellation of school,
as well as for delayed openings and early dismissals.


Media Announcements: The following message will be given to television and
radio stations: ―All Baltimore County Public Schools closed.‖

One hour delay – Reisterstown Elementary will open at 9:25 a.m.

Two hour delay – Reisterstown Elementary will open at 10:25 a.m.


Students in grades pre-kindergarten - 5 will be dismissed one hour earlier
than normal at 1:55 p.m.

Lunches will be served to students as usual.

Media announcements: The following message will be given to television and
radio stations: ―All Baltimore County Public Schools will close one hour


Students in grades K-5 will be dismissed two hours earlier than normal.
There will be no afternoon pre-kindergarten classes. Dismissal for
Reisterstown Elementary will be 12:55 p.m.

Lunches will be served to students as usual.

Media announcements: The following message will be given to television and
radio stations: ―All Baltimore County Public Schools will close two hours
early. There will be no afternoon pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. Morning

pre-kindergarten students will be dismissed with other elementary school


Same procedure as Two Hour Closing. Dismissal time for Reisterstown
Elementary will be 11:55 a.m.


At the beginning of each school year, parents will be asked to complete an
Emergency Early Dismissal Plan Form. This form provides the school with
specific instructions about where a child is to go in the event of an
emergency early school dismissal. If a parent chooses to have their child
follow normal dismissal procedures and ride the bus home, this choice is
limited to the child’s own bus route. We recommend that parents indicate
that the child is to ride the bus home and report to a particular neighbor’s
house if parents are not home.

                           SAFETY ISSUES

As we continue to work together to ensure the safety of our students, we
would like to call to your attention the following:

      All outside doors are locked. Everyone must enter the school through
       the front door.
      The driveway and parking lot in front of the school have been
       specifically designated for one-way traffic. Cars may not enter the
       bus circle from 8:00-8:30 a.m. and 2:30-3:00 p.m.
      Driving students to school is strongly discouraged. When it is
       necessary to drive students to school, however, students should be
       discharged on Walgrove Road and walk up the sidewalk to the school.
      Drivers are not to drop off children anywhere else other than at the
       designated area described above.
      Do not use the bus lane during arrival or dismissal time.
      Cars may not park in the bus circle at any time.

                        BUS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

Reisterstown Elementary is served by approximately 12 buses. In order to
facilitate orderly and safe dismissal, students must ride home on their
assigned buses. Students will not be allowed to ride home on any bus but
their own. Whenever a child who normally rides a bus is to be picked up, a
note should be sent to school. Students not riding the bus will meet in a
designated location in the school. Whenever your child’s transportation
routine is altered, a note must be sent to your child’s teacher to specify the

Crossing Policy

Taking into consideration that motorists all too frequently ignore a
school bus’s flashing red lights, the following procedures have been
established in the interest of safety:

• Students are to be at their designated bus stops and on the side of the
road of the bus pickup five minutes before the bus arrives.
• Except at specifically designated bus stops, the student is not to wait until
the bus stops and then cross the road to board the bus.
• Students getting off the bus are to WAIT on the side of the road
where they get off.
BUS PULLS AWAY, leaving better clearance for vision in both directions.
• When traffic is cleared and it is safe to cross, the students proceed
to the other side of the road.

                     SAFETY TIPS FOR PARENTS
• Discuss and reinforce the importance of all bus safety rules with your
child. Your support of bus safety rules will increase your child’s respect for
bus drivers and their very important job.

• Visit the bus stop with your child. This will help you explain the safest
route to take to the stop, the proper place to wait, the safest distance from
the roadway for your child to stand, and the necessity to take notice of any
unsafe situations. A young child (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten) or student
with special needs should always be accompanied by a responsible person to
and from the bus stop daily.
• Being at the bus stop on time will prevent your child from rushing and
making careless decisions. All school buses service at least four schools each
day and have schedules to keep.
• When driving on school grounds, always be alert, watch for children in
every direction, and yield the right of way to school buses. Always use the
designated drop-off and pick-up areas if you drive children to and from

Student’s Job
• Leave home early enough to arrive at your bus stop on time.
• Wait for your bus in a safe place—well off the roadway.
• Enter your bus in an orderly manner and take your seat.
• Be courteous to your school bus driver and fellow passengers.
• Follow the instructions of your school bus driver.
• Remain quiet and orderly.
• Keep the aisle clear at all times.
• Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus.

Parent’s Job
• Have children at the bus stop on time.
• Know the rules for bus riders.
• Support the driver if behavior problems occur.
• Have a plan for emergencies.
• Accompany small children and students with special needs to bus stop.

Motorist’s Job
• Know the school bus stop law and obey it. Be aware. STOP FOR FLASHING
• Watch for children.

                         SCHOOL RECORDS

At the beginning of each school year, parents will be asked to complete two
emergency cards. One is kept in the school office and the other with the
school nurse. It is extremely important that the office be informed of any
changes in your telephone number, address, your place of employment, your
spouse’s place of employment, and emergency telephone numbers. We would
not want the unfortunate situation of a child becoming ill or getting hurt and
school personnel being unable to contact parents because of outdated
records. If you get a new telephone number and wish to keep it confidential,
please let us know, and we will be happy to mark this on your child’s card.

If you have legal custody of your child, please make an appointment early in
the year to see the principal or our guidance counselor to discuss this
matter. Custody papers and other related legal documents are required to be
on file at school.

If your child’s name is changed during the year (possibly by adoption), let us
know so the records can be updated.


Baltimore County Public Schools may disclose appropriate designated
directory information regarding your child without your written consent
unless you have advised BCPS to the contrary. Directory information such as
student’s name and address, date of birth, grade placement may be withheld
from disclosure at the parent’s request. This request must be made in
writing to the school principal no later than October 1 of each school year
(or within 30 days of enrollment).

You may also refuse to permit photographing, videotaping, and audiotaping of
your child by notifying the principal in writing by October 1.

This information may be found in the BCPS Student Handbook which parents
are to review with their students and sign each year.


Good communication between parents/guardians and teachers is very
important to the educational process. There are four reporting periods
during the school year. The report cards will be distributed in November for
the first term, February for the second term, April for the third term, and
June for the fourth term.


A newsletter will be sent on the third Thursday of each month which will
keep you informed about important events in the school and community. The
newsletter will be sent home with the youngest child in the family attending
Reisterstown Elementary School. Remember to ask your child for the
newsletter on a regular basis.

                       STUDENT BEHAVIOR

The primary goal of the Baltimore County Public Schools is to help all
students reach their academic potential. In order to attain that goal, it is
important for students to assume responsibility for their actions and realize
the relationship between their behavior and learning.

The Board of Education’s disciplinary code is designed so that all students
may understand acceptable and appropriate behavior. These policies are
augmented by the administrative rules and regulations explained in the
Student Behavior Handbook.

At the beginning of each school year the school’s administrators meet with
each class to discuss the Student Behavior Handbook.

Parents are required to fill out the Student Handbook Acknowledgement
Form located in the handbook and return it to their child’s teacher.

Reisterstown Elementary has initiated this schoolwide code.

                          Code of Conduct
                      I am here to learn so:
                         I will be respectful.
                        I will be responsible.
                            I will be safe.
                          I will be prepared.
                  Nothing less than our personal best.

                   SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM

The BCPS’s Office of Food and Nutrition will provide a balanced, hot lunch
daily for students. The cost of lunch items is outlined below:

                             Hot Lunch - $2.10
                                Milk - $.40
                              Snacks - $.50

A menu will be sent home to you monthly. It may also be found at under offices – The Office of Food and Nutrition. Our
cafeteria provides computerized purchasing accounts for students buying
lunch items. One of the major advantages of this computer system is that
students may deposit funds into an account in advance for the purpose of
purchasing meals or additional food items.

A prepayment deposit form is available for your convenience. Students may
make prepayments on the first day of school. Prepayments are collected by
the classroom teacher, who will also send home additional prepayment
deposit forms upon request.

Additional money may be added to the account at anytime. We will continue
to accept daily payments at the register, although we encourage and prefer

the prepayment method and the daily use of meal cards to ensure prompt
and efficient service.

Meal cards will be individualized with the student’s name and ID number and
maintained at school. A computerized statement indicating the balance in
your child’s account will be sent home periodically.


For the safety of all, visitors must report to the office upon arrival. A
visitor’s pass must be obtained in the office and should be worn at all times.

All volunteers must also wear a visitor’s badge while working in the school.


YMCA is our before and after school child care provider for the 2005-06.
Interested parents should call 410-833-0989 for more information.

                      DRESS CODE GUIDELINES

In order to create a more positive and respectful learning environment at
Reisterstown, the School Improvement Team implemented the following
dress code guidelines. We encourage all parents to support these guidelines.
Thanks for your cooperation.
    The length of shorts or a skirt should not be shorter than the bottom
      of your hand when you are standing with your arms down at yours
      sides and making a fist.
    Muscle shirts and shirts with spaghetti straps may only be worn with a
      shirt over or under them.
    Your stomach should not show.
    Flip flops should not be worn for safety reasons. Sneakers should be
      worn during gym class.


The health and well being of your child are primary concerns while your child
is in school. In order to ensure and maintain his/her good health and safety,
please take a few minutes to review the following guidelines:

      We attempt to discourage administration of medication in the schools;
       however, if your physician decides it is necessary for your child to
       receive a medication during the school day, the approval and specific
       directions must be provided to the school. Parents must bring the
       medication to the school in the original box or bottle with the current
       prescription label on the container. All medications (even over the
       counter medications) require a written physician’s order. Students are
       not to have medications in their possession.
      Please keep all home, work, and emergency phone numbers at school
       up-to-date. When children become suddenly ill or injured at school, it
       is essential that we have current phone numbers.
      Please keep the nurse informed of significant changes in your child’s
       health. For example: changes in diet, daily medication, new allergies,
       changes in physical restrictions, vision and/or hearing impairment.
      In the event that your child experiences an injury in which he/she is
       unable to participate in the physical education program or recess, a
       parent note must be provided for up to one calendar wee. If your child
       needs to be exempt for longer than one wee, a doctor’s note is

By communicating your child’s special health and safety needs to us, we can
ensure a safer and healthier school year. Have a healthy year!

                         LOST AND FOUND

Please mark all belongings with your child’s full name. Lost and found items
will be located behind the display case in the front lobby.

                              TOY ALERT

Students are to refrain from bringing any toys including radios, walk-men,
MP3 players, electronic games, or Pokemon cards to school.

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