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									         Interests and Activities Associated with Fields of Interest
    The following list is but a small sample of the hundreds of possible interests and
    activities that may be associated with the given fields and is by no means meant
    to be an exhaustive list. Individual teachers and students are encouraged to add
    to it as needed.

                                                           Interests and Activities
 Field of Interest          Description
                                                         Associated with this Field
1. Administration     Accounting, finance,       Public speaking and debating; helping to
and Commerce          marketing,                 organize school events like dances, plays
                      management, human          and assemblies; selling tickets; playing on
                      resources, office          sports teams; being secretary of a club or
                      administration and         taking summary notes; fund-raising
                      office management,         (raising money for a school trip or grad);
                      event planning             organizing events during carnival week;
                                                 persuading others; being a leader;
                                                 counting money and keeping accurate
                                                 records; thinking outside the box; talking
                                                 to people and motivating them; finding
                                                 new cost-efficient ways.
2. Agriculture        Agriculture,               Taking care of and grooming pets and
                      aquaculture,               other animals; watching wild animals;
                      horticulture               watching nature programs on TV and
                                                 films about them; hunting, fishing and
                                                 trapping; gardening; planting vegetables,
                                                 arranging flowers; enjoying nature; being
                                                 physically active; camping; hiking;
                                                 knowing the names of different plants,
                                                 trees and flowers; making things with my
                                                 hands; fixing things; visiting a farm.
3. Arts and Culture   Theater, cinema,           Drawing, painting, sculpting; doing crafts;
                      photography, dance,        acting in the school play; dancing or social
                      painting, sculpture,       dancing; doing improvisational dance or
                      music                      ballet; making movies with a home video
                                                 camera; photography and digital editing;
                                                 making a mural; going to see a play, art
                                                 show or exhibit; taking music lessons;
                                                 singing or playing solo, in a band or in a
                                                 choir; writing songs and/or poetry;
                                                 downloading music off the internet; taking

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                                               art lessons; making people laugh and
                                               entertaining them; being in a drama club
                                               or theatre group.
4. Communication,     Radio, television, print Participating in school newspapers or
Documentation and     media, electronic news websites; reporting, writing stories and
Media                 media, publicity,        collaborating with others; watching talk
                      journalism,              shows; myspace.com; facebook.com;
                      documentation            downloading music off the internet; going
                      technology (library      to the movies; collecting sports cards or
                      services), printing,     Pokemon cards; reading comics; drawing
                      archives, web design     animation characters; 3-D visualization;
                                               journal writing; reading the newspaper or
                                               on-line news; discussing about current
                                               events; organizing my things; talking on
                                               the phone; collecting things; reading and
                                               investigating several things
                                               simultaneously; building my own website.
5. Computers and      Construction,            Playing various computer games; putting
Telecommunication     maintenance and          together new electronic equipment; taking
s                     repair of electronic     apart old computers, cell phones etc. and
                      equipment, satellites,   fixing them; curious about the latest
                      computer networking,     technology and computer software;
                      computer                 helping to troubleshoot with computers at
                      programming, cable       school or at home; fixing problems people
                      networks and             have with cell phones, blackberries, etc.
6. Construction and   Construction and         Repairing things around the house;
Public Works          maintenance of           making models of airplanes or other
                      buildings, public        vehicles; designing and drawing houses
                      infrastructure (roads    and buildings; creating objects;
                      and bridges),            landscaping; woodworking; using power
                      architecture, real       tools; measuring or monitoring; operating
                      estate, property         machines or vehicles; driving; mowing the
                      evaluation               lawn; cleaning the pool; vacuuming.
7. Education          Teaching, training,      Writing for the school yearbook or
                      psychoeducation,         newspaper; babysitting or helping take
                      educational              care of younger children; tutoring;
                      technologies             coaching; being an instructor, e.g.
                                               swimming; being a boy scout or girl scout
                                               leader; enjoys explaining things to others;
                                               finding new methods of teaching; helping
                                               others; giving verbal or written directions;
                                               listening to others’ opinions; thinking up
                                               different ideas and methods; learning new
                                               facts and ideas.

8. Engineering      Engineering:             Driving different types of vehicles;
                    mechanical, civil,       operating machinery; using power tools;
                    aerospace, plastics,     building engines and machines; Lego;
                    robotics, etc.           Lego robotics; Mechano; taking things
                                             apart to see how they work; repairing
                                             things; science fairs or robotics
                                             competition; creating objects.
9. Fashion and      Fashion, Interior        Painting and decorating your space;
Design              design, esthetics        cutting or styling hair; doing manicures or
                                             pedicures; make-up; designing sets for
                                             school plays; designing clothes; doing
                                             crafts; making jewelry; sewing; wearing
                                             eccentric styles; reading fashion and
                                             interior design magazines; curious about
                                             latest trends; taking photos or layout
                                             design for the yearbook; knowing which
                                             colors go well together; sharing advice on
                                             how to decorate different spaces.
10. Health          Medicine, psychiatry,    Good listener; enjoys helping others;
                    psychology,              baby-sitting; peer tutoring; visiting people
                    psychotherapy,           when they’re sick; assisting people when
                    nursing, health care,    they need help; helping supervise
                    homeopathy, wellness, younger students in the playground or
                    veterinary medicine      being a bus monitor.
11. Humanities      Religion, clergy,        Going to museums; visiting historical
                    history, geography,      landmarks; classifying things like pictures
                    philosophy               or stamps; reading maps; participating in
                                             church activities; meditating; reading;
                                             learning about different cultural practices
                                             and traditions; meeting new people;
                                             enjoys occasional moments of solitude.
12. Languages and   Literature, translation, Yearbook editing; school newsletter;
Letters             publishing               helping in the library or on website; peer
                                             editing (reading or correcting other
                                             students’ work); writing short stories or
                                             poetry; publishing a magazine on-line or
                                             in print.
13. Law and         Law, human rights,       Public speaking and debating; leadership;
Government          public security and      sports teams; student council; reading the
                    civil service            news on-line or in newspapers; meeting
                                             new people; making sure people know
                                             and follow rules, laws and regulations.

14. Manufacturing     Conceptualization,       Driving different types of vehicles;
                      production and           operating machinery; using power tools;
                      maintenance              building engines and machines; Lego;
                      manufacturing;           Lego robotics; Mechano; taking things
                      metallurgy               apart to see how they work; repairing
                                               things; science fair or robotics
                                               competition; creating objects; working with
                                               my hands; metallurgy.
15. Military          Non-civilian             Boy/girl scouts; air cadets; camping;
                      occupations              hiking; being outside; giving instructions
                                               and rules and helping carry them out;
                                               taking charge or helping out in an
                                               emergency; creating a plan and following
                                               it through to the end.
16. Motorized         Manufacture,             Building engines; reading technical
Equipment             maintenance and          drawings or diagrams; sketching; taking
                      repair of industrialized things apart to see how it works; repairing
                      equipment; mechanics or modifying technical equipment;
                                               understanding how engines or other
                                               mechanical equipment work; playing
                                               computer games that demand good hand-
                                               eye coordination.
17. Natural           Ecology, mines,          Camping; hiking; fishing; hunting;
Resources and the     forests, plant and       landscaping; swimming; canoeing;
Environment           animal life (non-        kayaking; collecting rocks or minerals;
                      domestic) and weather visiting caves; rock-climbing; being
                                               outside in nature.
18. Science and       Chemistry, biology,      Science fair; logic problems and puzzles;
Mathematics           physics, mathematics     doing experiments at home; chemistry
                                               set; mad science; experimenting with
                                               solids, liquids or gases.
19. Social Services   Social work, sociology Organizing and attending dances or other
                                               social events, working on fundraisers;
                                               peer counseling and tutoring; writing
                                               thoughts and feelings in a journal;
                                               answering quizzes and questionnaires
                                               about myself; helping someone at school
                                               or at home who has hurt themselves
                                               physically or whose feelings are hurt.
20. Sports and         Leisure activities,     Sports teams: playing for them and/or
Recreation            sports                   coaching; organizing camping trips; being
                                               outside; lots of physical activity.

21. Transportation   Air, ground and marine Traveling; reading maps; drawing maps;
                     transport                 orientation; driving different kinds of
                                               vehicles; car rallies.
22. Food Services    Creation, preparation, Traveling; surrounded by and meeting
and Tourism          sales and                 new people; planning trips with others;
                     consumption of            planning group hikes or camping trips;
                     foodstuffs; travel, hotel boy/girl scouts; cooking; baking; making
                     management, tourism, fancy drinks; dinner parties at your home;
                     ecotourism                entertaining friends; planning school
                                               activities like dances and shows; special
                                               events and activities involving
                                               international or cultural foods; being


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